A Look at Salaries For NYCFC in 2016



It’s that time of the year again.

The MLS Player’s Union has once again released the salary information of their members, revealing the player’s base salary and guaranteed compensation.

As per usual, the rundown of NYCFC‘s player salaries is quite predictable. Having three European stars as the club’s Designated Players, one should believe that they are the highest earning players at the club.

And they would be right.

Headlining as New York’s top earning player is none other than Frank Lampard, who is set to make $6 million this season, which is $391,000 more than the second-highest earning player, David Villa, who makes a base salary of $5.61 million. Coming in third is the Italian legend Andre Pirlo, who earns a base salary of $5.6 million, a total that sees the 37-year-old make $3.6 million more than he did last season.

Making up the lowest base salary at the club is midfielder Mikey Lopez, who makes a base total of $51,5000. Only four cents behind Lopez is defender Shannon Gomez, who is  then followed by the ever-injured Connor Brandt who is making a sum of $53,472.

Another notable earner is the Luxemburg International newcomer Maxime Chanot, who is reported to have made a grand total of $350,004. Another distinct earner is USMNT international midfielder Mix Diskerud, who rarely plays now and days, makes an abundant amount of $761,250.

Here is a complete breakdown of the team salary information:


  1. FRANK LAMPARD ($6 million)
  2. DAVID VILLA ($5.61 million)
  3. ANDREA PIRLO ($5.6 million)
  4. MIX DISKERUD ($761,250)
  5. MAXIME CHANOT ($350.004)


  1. MIKEY LOPEZ ($51,500)
  2. SHANNON GOMEZ ($51,500.04)
  3. CONNOR BRANDT ($53,472)
  4. ETHAN WHITE ($62,500)
  5. ANDRE RAWLS ($62,508)




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  • rest of world

    Stay in school kids….unless you are a former international player. Then you will make money in the MLS.

  • Pancho villa

    This is ridiculous . MLS is a joke , and people talk about the NASL …. Kids stay in school , really , stay in school ….or go play somewhere else where they will value your skills …

  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    Nothing funnier (sadder?) than NASL fanboys. You bros mad?

    Interesting fact: The $6 million they pay Lampard is more than the entire worth of the NASL.

    • Rest of world

      must be the weekend. Larry has nothing better to do that troll. See everyone else outside today!!! Enjoy the basement larry.

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        you going out to stuart stadium tomorrow? if so, you’re going to be lonely.


  • Colin Kaepershit

    BWP might want to have a chat with his agent. Mix makes more than him! LMFAO!!

  • CosmosLoser

    I can’t believe RJ Allen makes more in salary then the Cosmos make it ticket sales for the year. Unbelievable.