A New Year, a New U.S. (Third) Jersey

2017 US Soccer Red Jersey rel


The United States’ newest jersey has something that the New York Red Bulls’ does not: The color red.

U.S. Soccer unveiled the new 2017 U.S national team uniform that features a “bold red color palette with the lightweight mobility and engineered breathability of Nike AeroSwift Technology.”

Similar to the country’s home and away uniforms, the newest jersey has a simple design that screams red. The only component that doesn’t have the “bold red color palette” are the sleeves, which are a darker shade of red.

On each sleeve there is writing. On one sleeve it says “1 Nation.” On the other, it says “1 Team.”

2017 US Soccer Red Jersey rel sleeves

The release of the jersey drew criticism for its lack of flair and similarity to England’s red, Serbia’s home and Portugal’s uniforms.