Red Bulls coach Mike Petke addresses Tim Cahill, Sydney FC rumors

Reports out of Australia suggest Sydney FC are looking to make a surprising swoop for legendary Australian striker — and current New York Red Bulls player — Tim Cahill.

Red Bulls boss Mike Petke was asked about the rumors during his weekly conference call, shedding very little light on the topic.

“I’m the head coach,” he began. “There’s definitely nobody contacting me directly. You would have to get in touch with our media, with [Director of Communications] Brian Tsao or [Communications Officer] Corey Hanlon here or [Sporting Director] Andy Roxburgh, who answers that as our sporting director.

“As far as I know, I have read the reports but I’ve also read a million reports over the last week about speculation about many things. There’s no doubt in my mind that a team in Australia, or all of them, would be interested in Tim. Just like I’m sure teams around the world are interested in Tim.

“He’s a Red Bulls player right now,” he asserts. “Like I said, I’ve only read the reports you have. I have not been contacted or have not been told about any contact made but that would definitely be something you’d have to talk to Andy Roxburgh about.”

Cahill is coming off of an outstanding World Cup performance with his underdog Socceroos. Though Australia has been eliminated, Cahill proved to be every bit the talisman for the national team that he is for the Red Bulls, scoring two goals in two games. His second goal was of the highlight variety; a one-time blast against the Netherlands.

That moment of class put Cahill’s name on the lips of World Cup observers everywhere, and likely whet the appetite of his countrymen for a return home.

“From a goal scoring standpoint, his work rate and what he brings to the team, he’s had a phenomenal World Cup, it doesn’t matter what Australia’s record is,” Petke noted. “He’s shown that he has it, that he has what it takes. Of course it’s flattering for Tim, I’m sure, and it’s flattering for the Red Bulls to have a player like that.

“At the end of the day, it’s not my decision,” he concludes. “It could be part Tim, it could be part our organization, if this is all true. To keep talking about it, being that it’s a rumor as far as I’m concerned, it’s just speculation right now. But like I said before, of course there are going to be teams that are interested.”

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