Curtis: Red Bulls will not be affected by Oyongo, Impact situation


While the New York Red Bulls may be lamenting the continued lag in Felipe’s visa situation, it pales in comparison to what the Impact have dealt with in regards to Ambroise Oyongo.

The Cameroonian international has found himself the subject of controversy, with his country’s governing soccer body, FECAFOOT, protesting his recent transfer to Montreal.  They argue his contract status is null and void, contending he was on a loan from Rainbow FC to the Red Bulls — without an option to buy.   That is an interesting twist if true, since the Red Bulls announced the purchase of his loan from Rainbow on January 9th.

If the accusations are true, it would be a Red Bull oversight to purchase the contract in the first place igniting the storm, with Montreal suffering the brunt of that decision.  Nevertheless, Sporting Director Ali Curtis assured media members that Oyongo’s playing future in Montreal, and the status of his deal, will not affect the Red Bulls in any way.

“The trade was approved by the league,” he explained at Tuesday’s Sacha Kljestan press conference.

Curtis is a product of the Major League Soccer front office, and has intimate knowledge and understanding of the league’s byzantine player acquisition model.  “Everything that was done was consistent with every other trade that has ever happened in the league office, so in terms of whether or not he plays for Montreal, that is a question between Montreal and the league office.”

In an interview with, Impact Technical Director Adam Braz echoed those statements, offering “[Oyongo] is clearly under contract with MLS and, subsequent to the trade, he’s our player.  On our end, we’re calm, and it’s clear he’s in breach of contract.”

The Impact have since suspended Oyongo without pay.

  • Anonymous

    MLS continues to try to run soccer their way without ever defining how player acquisitions work, it’s a complete joke of a league from top to bottom and they deserve every bit of laughter that goes their way.

  • Perhaps Curtis,knowing the ins and outs of the league purportedly,wasn’t telling the league everything about the true status of the loan and/or buyout? Might be interesting,stay tuned….

    • Smith

      That doesn’t make sense. If the contract is with the league (& all players are owned by the league), how would the league not know the true status?

  • dvlv#rbo

    This is exactly why I’ve lost trust in RBNY and MLS.

  • jonny99

    The league is really only a titular owners of the players. That is they have relinquished a fair amount of control to some of the owners(really investors) over player decisions. Hence the lack of transparency over some of the big name deals and supposed surprise by some of the other investors. Although under ordinary circumstances the league would know presumably be all knowing, I’m not sure that is the case in many instances.

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