Josue Soto Suspended by San Antonio for Allegedly Sharing Strategic Information, NASL investigating



San Antonio Scorpions midfielder Josue Soto has only played a little over 700 minutes for his club this season.

That hasn’t stopped the NASL and MLS veteran from making headlines — in a surprising way.

A report from this afternoon revealed that Soto has been suspended from all team activities for allegedly providing privileged information to former teammates.

The NASL provided a statement to stating that the league has begun an investigation into the misconduct. The depth of Soto’s alleged sharing of strategic information isn’t known at this time. The original report cites a source that includes the example of sharing starting lineups with opposition.

The allegations could stem from a one-off situation, or they could be part of a pattern that the Scorpions only recently became aware of. Soto has been with the Scorpions for two and a half years (2012, 2014-present), but he has potential ties across the entire league. A perusal of the league rosters shows that Soto has at least one ex-teammate on eight of ten NASL clubs.

There is no telling right now whether or not there could be any possible fallout for any of the players or clubs who may have received information from Soto.

All this comes as the NASL is winding down an incredibly unpredictable regular season playoff race. The first three playoff spots have been booked by New York, Minnesota, and Ottawa but the eight teams below them are all still mathematically alive in the chase for the final spot.

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  • Smith

    I love the NASL. It’s like the wild west.

  • i am the nacho man

    The NASL is a great young league

  • Joey

    Criticize the NASL all you want, but even the negative news it quite a bit interesting. The Champs are just have a horrendous year. I don’t know how I would feel if I were a Scorpions fan right now. You ride the high of a title and the following year, you are one of the worst teams in the league, your future in the league is in doubt, solid owner might sell the club and now this scandal. A roller coaster indeed.

  • REAL OpenCupFan Knows mls fans are Suckers

    2 reasons this would never happen in #bushleaguemls – one is #bushleaguemls specific and one is true in any franchise league
    1 – there are no tactics in #bushleaguemls to disclose, – every play is a long boot to a high paid striker and than the over paid striker tries to get by #bushleaguemls minimum wage defenders – ZERO tactics (like ZERO player development)
    2 – franchise leagues don’t care about cheating – here’s three examples
    ……1-MLB – steroids
    ……2-NFL – Deflategate, not to mention Spygate and steroids
    ……3- #bushleaguemls – SJ McWendys trade Landon Donovan to LA McWendys for ZERO, then GM of SJ gets job as GM of LA next year – conflict of interest? no problem in a franchise league!

  • Smith

    Whose says I was criticizing NASL? I like the crazy “anything can happen” aspect of it.

    I like MLS but sometimes it reeks of Big. Corporate Soccer.

    My comment wasn’t intended as a knock. I like the Wild West aspect of the NASL.

    • Joey

      I wasn’t replying you when I said that! I just made a general comment. I somewhat agree with you about the “wild west” nature of the NASL. I also like parity, so when the champs could nearly be last the following year, I think that shows the league is pretty dynamic. Look at what Ottawa is doing this year, nearly last in the Spring season and now they one of the favorites for The Championship!

      • Smith

        Ah, ok. Gotcha. I’m a little slow on weekend mornings.

  • We need bear wrestling at halftime at cosmos games…that may help

  • REAL OpenCupFans know nasl teams are bad

    maybe if there was bear wrestling someone would actually show up to the cosmos games, b/c for now no one comes to watch the soccer – maybe some when there are bobble head giveaways…

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