NYCFC announce “major player” acquisition; Lampard likely


New York City F.C. put the American soccer landscape on notice with an announcement of a “major player signing” to be unveiled in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon.

That man will likely be Frank Lampard.

According to several reports, including GoalUK, the longtime Chelsea legend will be introduced as NYCFC’s second Designated Player, and fourth overall roster signing.

Lampard, 36, finished off a strong season with the Blues last year, appearing in 26 matches while scoring six goals and adding three assists. That served to boost an already impressive tally of 211 goals throughout all competitions in a Chelsea shirt. The three-time club player of the year helped Chelsea towards three EPL titles, four FA Cups, a Europa championship and a UEFA trophy as well.

The veteran midfielder is reportedly set to make a whopping $153.4k a week with NYCFC, making him the league’s top earner at just shy of $8 million a year ($7,977 million). To put that into context, Seattle Sounders’ Clint Dempsey, 31, earns $6.695 million.

Lampard does fulfill several checkoff items for NYCFC as far as a Designated Player signing goes. He is a natural leader on the field with a lethal ability to score. He is a keen distributor who can fill in NYCFC’s high press role masterfully. Lampard is also a draw. Chelsea enjoys healthy support in New York City, and Lampard will certainly serve to draw those fans in, further distancing the fledgling MLS side as a “satellite club” of Manchester City.

Age will be a concern, of course. The solidity of the temporary Yankees Stadium turf has yet to be tested over a prolonged period. However, it is a risk worth taking for a team that is looking to make a splash in year one.

New York City F.C. kick off their MLS play in March of 2015.

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  • Anthony

    Lampard announced his plans to celebrate by going bowling in Amsterdam and mocking Malaysian Air Flight 17 families.

  • I would understand if this was a quality on the field move for a younger player who will put butt’s in the seats but this is not what i envisioned for MLS NY2 squad. Old ,Expensive, just repulsive on the NY end with his history. Get what you deserve with this fabrication i guess.

  • I’d be disappointed and surprised if the NY Post doesn’t run a feature on him.

  • Rufus T firefly

    Bang, bang, bang bang! Hear that noise? That’s the undertaker hammering another nail into the cardboard cosmos coffin.

    Disappointed in Lampard? Fake cosmos fanboys crack me up. Here’s the difference between an organization that CAN and one that CAN’T.

    NYCFC gets players like Villa, Lampard on the roster and is connected with guys like Xavi and others.

    The cosmos and their fanboys beat the drums and try to convince everyone how relevant they are in the soccer world then go spluge their load all over the internet because they sign Andres Flores…….you know, the Lionel Messi of El Salvador.


    Can wait for the that **** storm out in Nassau County to go belly up.

    • Enjoy your your Lamp-Shade because that about all he is going to do on the field.
      A Lampshade is a fixture that covers the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. Conical, cylindrical and other forms on floor-, desk- or table top-mounted as well as suspended lamp models are the most common and are made in a wide range of materials. The term can also apply to the glass hung under many designs of ceiling lamp. Beyond its practical purpose, significant emphasis is also usually given to decorative and aesthetic features.

      • Rufus T firefly

        dont be mad punk. i mean its only a matter of time before the world’s most famous club and most iconic brand of all time will sign someone of note. i hear the lionel messi of uzbekistan is on his way to nassau county!

        • I am not mad, how can i be mad, we have SILVERWARE.

          • Rufus T firefly

            so does my daughters little league team and nasl trophies hold the same importance

            • Oh god i forgot idiots do occasionally spawn don’t they, we are all doomed.

  • This should get those season ticket “ACCOUNTS” up to 3010 !

    • Rufus T firefly

      which is about 3005 more than they get out at the lacrosse stadium.

      • But wait aren’t we just a lowly 2nd div team, how can you compare Man Shitty NYCFC which is 1 st Div loaded with all that money, money they can’t spend in MLS by the way. I would think they would have 4x maybe 5x times more than the Cosmos who play in 2nd div !

        Amazing how my jack holes follow this NYCFC thing.

        • Rufus T firefly

          poor punk. it really does suck to be a cardboard cosmos fan doesn’t it? as i said there are those who can and those who can’t. fake cosmos = epic fail. boo hoo hoo

          • Cardboard Cosmos fan? I am an original fan of the team so your cardboard crap doesn’t work with me. Grow up a bit, if your the type of fan this abomination is attracting then this team is going to need all the support it can get.

            • Rufus T firefly

              why so bitter? just because the faux cosmos have totally flopped is no reason to let it eat your soul punkie. get professional help. face it the fake cosmos are a terrible punch line. we all know that, so just let it go. it will be good for your mental health.

              • i am fine with my CLUB, your just part of a group of fools that live off the scraps MLS provides you with & thinks it’s a great product. Even a rag tag PK era Carnival Cosmos didn’t lose as bad as LA did last night in that friendly. Face it, you may need more serious help because your being duped every step of the way.

                • Rufus T Firefly

                  too funny punkie! scraps from mls? funny stuff coming from you considering the carboard cosmos are full of mls rejects, an old guy from spain who was duped and had no idea the f.cosmos were division 2 and of course…………the lionel messi of el salvador!!!

                  how long before the fake cosmos sign pele to a one game deal? i mean they have to do something to get more than 1,000 people to pay their way into that college lacrosse stadium.

                  • Your a clown go to Yankee Stadium & we will see how many you draw in year 1 > should be hilarious.

  • Newbold

    Not a Chelsea fan but this is a great move for NYCFC and the league.

    Went to the Red Bulls game on Saturday and it was another garbage performance. They didn’t bother to tell me the PATH was closed at WTC when I bought the tickets on Saturday. Last time I go to Red Bull Arena.

    P.s. Cosmos is a joke.

    • Anthony

      NYCFC is going to really attract exactly the types of people you see here posting, placing worth and value on the soul of a football club based on what aging star they can sign. These are the same people that woke up United fans, or Barca fans or Chelsea fans a couple years ago. They would probably be the first guy to have a go at a Stoke City fan for following such a “joke” team. Sad really.

      Cosmos have history and success in the city, are not a marketing gimmick for an EPL team or energy drink and bring far more legitimate credibility to the game here than Red Bull or this farm team in Yankee Stadium.

      Plastic fan’s dream – Man city USA

  • Ne Cede Malis

    Hey Ru-dawg, soccer in a baseball stadium is gonna be awesome! Can’t wait.

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