NASL to announce West Coast expansion within 1-2 months; multiple cities possible

West Coast


West Coast expansion has long been on the “to-do” list of the North American Soccer League. In fact, NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson told EoS West Coast expansion conversations have been happening “since my first week on the job.”

Well, those conversations are about to become a reality.

According to Peterson, one ownership group is near the point of announcing a new West Coast market based team — and there are several others ready to follow.

“We will be on the West Coast soon,” Peterson tells EoS. “We will start making announcements as early as four weeks or as long as eight weeks … At least one market … could be more.”

In fact, Peterson reveals that as many as four new expansion teams and markets could be announced almost simultaneously. “The groups we have been in discussions with have been fantastic,” he said. “It has worked out organically that we could have multiple teams out there all at the same time. It could be as many as four [but] it is still early days.”

Peterson would not reveal the location of the coming expansion side, explaining that the ownership group is “still trying to get some things accomplished behind the scenes before making public announcements.” However, several sources tell EoS that potential ownership groups are eyeing a home in either the San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego or Las Vegas markets.

“There is interest,” he said. “There are cities all in play but it is just a matter of this happening.”

Another trend in recent NASL expansion is the dawning of the celebrity owner. Paolo Maldini in Miami and Carmelo Anthony in Puerto Rico are two such examples of this movement.

Of the coming expansion teams, at least one has a high-profile owner leading the charge — much to the delight of Peterson.

“We like that trend quite honestly, bringing in someone like Maldini, Nesta and Carmelo into the mix,” he explains. “These guys have been at the top of their game. They have been champions. They understand what it takes to build a championship organization. They know when it isn’t a championship organization as well! Business people dont know what that is unlesss they have been there and very few people have actually been there.

“These are guys helping their clubs ramp up to the point that they win championships, building championship organizations top to bottom much quicker than without having people like that,” Peterson stressed. “Personally I love it. I think it will help the entire league push itself to be the best it can be every day because that is who those guys are.”


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  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    just like NASL1. elton john, the bee gees. lol big name celebs that dont give a ****.

    carmelo pulls the plug as soon as things go south. that is if pr ever takes the field

    • Resguard

      Melo wants to build something for the community in PR, he will blow money if he has to, he didn’t do this to make money, he got that part of his life down.

    • Anonymous

      The celebs are buying into NASL because it’ cheap and low maintenance…much, much cheaper than buying into MLS and having to work to build a permanent home that can seat 18,000+. Paolo Maldini, Carmelo Anthony, how much skin do you thing they really have in the game? $1 million? They make/lose that much in a day with their stock investments. It’s a cheap toy…if it doesn’t work out after a season or two just pull the plug. A little different than putting together a $100 million ownership group. Now, this isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just a different level of commitment investing in the NASL as compared to MLS. That’s why MLS has contracted three teams in 20 years and now has 20+ different ownership groups. NASL had how much movement this offseason alone?

      • Hernando Peralta

        You don’t know what are you talking about. For starters Oscar de la Hoya invested US $ 7.5 for 25% of the Dynamo and now is worth about US $ 40 millions.. Bad investment?. The Saputo people paid about $ 30 millions for the Montreal franchise and now? Just about $ 150 millions . Another bad investments?

        • MTF

          You are talking about investments in MLS that require a bit more commitment than an investment in the NASL. The point being made is that Paolo Maldini, Carmelo Anthony…they’ll have a little fun with their NASL team (not to say that they don’t take the commitment lightly), but they likely have much, much less capital invested than they would have if they invested in MLS. Thus, it’s a lot easier to pull the plug, walk away or sell, if the going gets tough. To your point, de la Hoya invested $7.5 million (is that correct?), significantly more than he would’ve put up for an NASL franchise (sorry, independent football club).

      • Hernando Peralta

        Bill Paterson or Erik Stover? Like I said.. Puerto Rico F.C , is no no , Miami F.C is another no, no.. Rayo F.C. is another no, no. Edmonton is bankrupt, Carolina wants to leave, Jacksonville: probably, Carolina Railhawks in the same line and IndyEleven well the sooner the better..

  • CosmosFan

    Grow the game and all that…..right Larry?

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      mls and usl are doing quite fine. get rid of the nasl. that bush league opeartion is an albatross and is killing the sport.

      • CosmosFan


        You’re clearly a very sharp person.

  • HydraHamster

    The singer Sting is trying to start an Orange County team and there’s also a well known ownership group trying to start a team in San Francisco. After that, everything else is just rumors, but Chicago. There is rumors of an ownership group in Los Vegas, Detroit, Boston and San Diago. In the mid-west, there is an ex-Indy Eleven person trying to start the Chicago Stings with other ownership groups.

    Things are looking up for the NASL if they play their cards right.

    • Hernando Peralta

      Orange County? hahahaha, did you know how many people went and got out in the last 10 years? Probably you don’t know..

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  • Anonymous

    Which city is the better soccer market from these, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco.
    Is there a reason why MLS went with San Jose and not San Francisco.
    I actually think, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento can each have an MLS team but the “rights” and all that BS in MLS is crazy.
    For example, why would 49ers billionaire support Sacramento when he can have his own MLS team.
    If i was garber I wouldn’t mind San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento had an MLS team besides LA and San Jose.
    Which other cities in the west are serious about MLS?
    Phoenix is never serious and they need a indoor stadium.
    MLS is afraid of Vegas.
    San Antonio has to go against Austin.
    Okc needs to gain fans and lots of momentum.
    MLS will be a 32 team league and California is gold for MLS.

    • Anonymous

      This is an article about nasl not mls, although you’ve highlighted some of the reasons why mls is garbage

    • Hernando Peralta

      Guys do not forget that Bill Paterson and Erik Stover are here.. Names? well goes as far as 50 each.. So, ..

    • Anonymous

      Was San Fran even an option when MLS first started? Also what’s wrong with San Jose? The Clash had a pretty good attendance when they started out.

      Why Sacramento? Because there’s already an ass load of support and a great stadium site that’s been approved with renderings. It’s a lot easier to own a team when the most important things are already set. One could start their own team, but which one seems easier and more likely to last? SacRepubFc audience has been growing over the years. They have over 11,000 fans at their games. Orlando City had nowhere near that number when they were in the USL. But you see the amount Orlando City has gathered to MLS games. It’s easier to be successful when there’s already a team that has success.

  • Anonymous


    • Resguard

      Anchorage, Honolulu Derby!

  • Mrs Garber

    Larry S you need to get out of your mother’s basement.
    There is so much to life once you get a job and talk to people with your mouth.

    • Dr. FREUD

      Larry is a very sick man. Try to show him the pity he deserves.

  • Cosmo

    Probably I’ll be dead once MLS1 makes a MLS2 and possibly 3.
    San Francisco, San Diego, Vegas, Phoenix and another Texan city should be in MLS.
    Why Sacramento? Move the team to San Francisco

    • Cirris

      Pfft, you’re just bitter cause the Republic easily outdraws your precious Pinto’s Dusty Attic FC.

      You should be happy that SRFC invite your Cosmos out during the preseason to play a friendly. At least then the Cosmos players can see what a sell out looks like.

  • Las Vegas is in Nevada Dave. That’s the state that starts as a square at the top but ends in a triangle. It should be red.


  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    puerto rico = one and done. melo will pull the plug after one season of sub-1000 attendances.

    oops. correction. melo pulls the plug after HALF a season of sub-1000 attendances. keep forgetting the nasl allows teams to skip parts of the season. how bush league can you get?

    Grow the game? MLS and the USL are doing fine. the nasl is like an anchor around the sports neck. tye sooner it disappears the better.

    • Mrs. Garber

      Go away Don Garber Bot

    • HydraHamster

      What are you going on about? Do you want attention THAT bad? Is mommy not giving you the attention you want at home? Poor thing.

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  • Soapy & Sal

    Does anyone know answers to the below? Thanks.

    Range of salary per player and team?
    Avg ticket price across the league?

    • Hernando Peralta

      As far as I know is $ 25K to $ 35K per player overall.

      Ticket prices very confusing but.. about $ 10 to $ 35 a game.

  • Hernando Peralta

    If is going to be like Puerto Rico F.C., Miami F.C. and Rayo F.C. would be a disaster to the NASL. Those 3 teams won’t last one year if so..

    • Dr. FREUD

      I see the multiple personalities are returning, Larry. You need to go back on your meds and get some rest.

      • Hernando Peralta

        hi,, are you Bill or Erik? please do not confuse me..

        • Dr. FREUD

          I am Dr. FREUD and you need hrlp. It is time to move out of your mother’s basement, Larry, and get a job.

        • Larry’s A Simpleton

          nah. dr fraud is opencupfan-jsprech-onionsack. this dooshbag was exposed as the fraud he is on sites like big soccer and metro fanatic.

  • Hernando Peralta

    Anyway, Edmonton is almost bankrupt and ready to go, Carolina Railhawks
    looking for a facility in downtown Raleigh and ready to jump to the MLS, IndyEleven ready to do the same, the F. Laudardele Strikers are bleeding money and don’t know what is next and finally with the Cosmos averaging less than 4000 a game , well you got the answer.. right?

  • Hernando Peralta

    FINALLY I SHOULD SAY ” WHO CARES ” .. right..?

  • Seth

    You forgot to mention Brazil Renaldo who owns Fort Lauderdale Strikes.

    • Hernando Peralta

      NOPE,, he never invest any money, he just accept the strikers use his name for that purpose. His investment was ‘ F R E E ” just his name.

  • Terry

    A second New York team in NASL probably in Yonkers would create a real rivalry for Cosmos…Also Cosmos need to get some dates at Citifield as it’s right near Corona and Jackson Heights – Real futbol hotbeds

  • Two pro leagues in this country ? No way…and expansion ad nauseous will ultimately be the downfall of both mls and NASL. Read Bruce arenas interview on the subject…the only sane voice in the wilderness,although generally I can’t stand him.

    • Jspech

      I agree with caution of over expansion as MLS expand not for better smarter growth, but defensive moves to block competition.

      NASL w/ the mis step that was OKC at first & Virginia have slowed to get things right. With the lack of debt burden from not requiring SSS first a 20 team robust league will be fine. With or without the Canadian teams NASL should full stop at 20. They also not be afraid of going into major markets like Chicago, MLS have fairly new SSS in the Suburbs.

  • Jspech

    how pleasurable it is to see the naysayers react to NASL news about growth, but not its demise

  • Kevin

    I love the guy who makes up the information on what teams are leaving or are bankrupt. After awhile I guess its just easier to believe whatever you say.

    • Dr. Freud

      Larry’s emotional problems run very deep. The sad thing is that he truly believes everything he says.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        whatever you say opencupfan-jsprech-onionsack. oh and btw kev, its public knowledge and not fantasy about the nasl dying out.

        Minnesota bails out for MLS
        San antonio bails out hoping for MLS
        Atlanta dead
        Virginia dead
        OKC1 dead
        Carolina owner on public record saying he wants MLS.

        yeah, but lets keep pretending the nasl is relevant.

        • Dr. Freud

          Ah, “pretending.” Its what you do so well. You have created a world in your mind where MLS is quality, NASL is going under, you are employed as well as thin and not living in your mom’s basement.

          Keep doing that, Larry.

          I will bring you your meds.

        • Jspech

          I get your desire for wanting to be known & popular. I suggest you date a Kardasian

          • Dr. FREUD

            They dony appeal to Larry’s alternative lifestyle.

  • Kevin

    Funny thing Larry,I actually wasn’t talking about u. But let’s go with ur argument. Minnesota wanted MLS because the owner of the Vikings wanted to jump into the Mls business. I have no problem jumping ship. If Cosmos could be MLS I’d love it..San Antonio was literally built to go to the MLS. Virginia never started so they don’t matter. OKC dead? Yet there’s a team there now. If Carolina goes they go but they aren’t prepared to go now and that’s public knowledge as well…I’d love for the Cosmos to be MLS, but I like the NASL .I don’t have a problem with it,teams come and go..u keep saying they r on life support,but now going I to season 5 they r still there

    • Arsenal 10023

      I have no problem with two top level leagues in the US/Canada. Its a really big place that could support plenty of teams.

      There clearly is a philosophical difference between MLS and NASL regarding how best to run a soccer league. MLS = NFL model, and NASL is adopting the global soccer model (eventually including pro/rel).

      MLS is a closed system which limits true competition. Personally I like the global model and hope to see it succeed here in our country. It is fascinating see how this evolves.

    • Dr. FREUD

      Don’t try to argue logically with Larry. He is a very unbalanced individual with multiple personality disorders and considerable learning disabilities. On top of thst, he’s off his meds. He needs help.

  • Edwin

    I prefer nasl style of playing over mls. MLS=rugby=NCAA. NASL=style magic and soccer. Give the league some time. Is only 3 years old.

    • DivintyHope

      Stop smoking crack.

      • Dr. FREUD

        Larry … please take your meds.

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  • kahkakew Yawassanay

    Once MLS expansion greed grab ends at 32 teams, watch several USL clubs jump ship to the NASL because it will also have expanded by then, it will also be at D1 level and will have established pro/rel with the NPSL and eventually with a national league in Canada that has pro/rel with an all Canuck NASL division.
    The MLS will never have pro/rel as it would interfere in their one and only goal of planned profits targets for each owner-investor. Owning 32 more clubs in the USL would severely cut into their profits through the unwanted expenditures of running a D2 league that is full of their reserve squads, has no opportunity for promotion, television and advertising revenues. It is actually the USL that is destined for extinction or at the very least irrelevancy as it languishes under the MLS SES. Once NASL announces its western expansion cities, its request to become D1 status will be impossible for the pro MLS USSF to ignore. Competition will be the best thing for football in North America and fortunately the non SES NASL will be the driving force behind this increase in quality

    • slowleftarm

      What other country has multiple first divisions? Why does this sound like a good idea to anyone?

      • The Truth

        What other country doesn’t have relegation/promotion?

        If we can have US exceptionalism in terms of pro/rel, we can have two 1st Divisions theoretically. (Not that that I am advocating for the latter. I prefer the former)

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