More on Carmelo Anthony’s interest in purchasing an NASL franchise

Carmelo Anthony Cuba

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony enjoyed the high life in Cuba, riding classic cars, enjoying fine cigars and taking in the unique night life that only Havana can offer.

Now back in New York, his quest for a North American Soccer League team in Puerto Rico continues.

As reported by EoS earlier this week, Anthony has been in talks with the NASL about the possibility of owning and operating a club in Puerto Rico.

“Carmelo came down as a guest of the Cosmos and has obviously been following and has some interest in the NASL,” league Commissioner Bill Peterson told EoS. “But that is all I can comment on at this time.”

Anthony is taking the lead in bringing a club to Puerto Rico. In fact, sources tell EoS Anthony initiated conversations with the league, planting the idea of resurrecting soccer in the NASL’s long lost market and bringing a league footprint to the territory for the first time since 2012. In his several months of communication with the league, Anthony has managed to travel to Puerto Rico, speak to local politicians and explore stadium options.

NASL officials are said to be impressed with Anthony’s business acumen and soccer knowledge, remaining hopeful that the Syracuse product can take the lead in bringing soccer back to the Isle of Enchantment.

While talks have been on-going for months, the process is still in its infancy stage. Anthony remains the lone investor in this quest for an NASL team. However, he has begun vetting potential partners, seeking guidance from the league on the financial investment of ownership.

Away from the business end of his trip, Anthony showed a political acumen as well, serving as an exemplary sports ambassador, happily greeting fans throughout his travels and consistently taking pictures and signing autographs with the Cuban people.

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  • Ned

    Excellent to hear about investment in the NASL. Kinda wondering why Puerto Rico, though. A Syracuse team could’ve been fun.

    • His mom is from PR … has family roots.

      • anonymous

        Carmelo’s mom isn’t from Puerto Rico and isn’t Puerto Rican. It was his father that was Puerto Rican and was from Puerto Rico

  • sexy soccer

    He loves new york and his wife is a new york business lady.
    If I was him, I would talk to garber and get an ownership group with the power and connections like LA2 or like the nycfc group and make a bid at red bull.
    He has the money, friends,connections and if garber would take him serious, why not add the Knicks owner.
    His agent must give him some inside or something, its a no brainer melo.

    • Jin Old-Boy

      Every good thing must not always go to MLS. We need potentially good owners on every level of the soccer pyramid in order for American soccer to grow. I’m happy the NASL is having a increase of intrerest in their league. Hopefully they can start announcing a Western team soon for next year.

      • slowleftarm

        Nah, it makes more sense this way. A legend and all-time great like LeBron buys into MLS while a wannabe scrub like Carmelo buys into NASL. That’s the natural order of things.

        • sexy soccer

          Well I personally think melo is a tool but isn’t LeBron part of the Miami Beckham show.
          If he isn’t, LeBron should definitely look into buying red bull.
          If melo has connections then LeBron has more and garber would easily get him partners.
          Im surprised Knicks owner or NJdevils, dont buy red bull.

          • R

            LeBron should buy a USL team for Akron. That would be kind of neat.

          • Yes, soccer in the USA needs more investors like the Dolans. They do such a great job with the Knicks and MSG!

  • Shia LaBeouf

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

  • terry

    I feel a requirement for all new NASL franchises should be a minimum of 5000 season ticket deposits { perhaps $50 } …If a franchise in San Juan can have 5000 or more season ticket deposits – great – go forward… How do we know that the 2 possible new franchises – Miami and Hartford may not end up with tiny attendances { like Edmonton } which reduces the validity on the entire league !

    • John

      If that was the case the cosmos would not be able to be an NASL franchise they do t have 5,000 season ticket holders they barely get 4,000 a game.

      • Hector Perez

        4000 a game? hum probably no more than 3000 if so..

  • Sam U El

    MLS Snobs strike again.

  • WSW

    NASL don’t fold teams like MLS, no single entity.

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