Antonio Conte suggests Miazga will head out on loan



In an interview with Chelsea TV, newly appointed Chelsea FC head coach Antonio Conte discussed the possibility of sending United States international Matt Miazga out on loan.

The former New York Red Bulls’ academy product originally joined the London club in late January, signing a contract that would keep him at Stamford Bridge for four-and-a-half years.

Following his move to Chelsea, Miazga was only able to appear in two matches. The 21-year-old struggled to grab consistent minutes due to the club’s competition in defense. In spite of little game time, Miazga has grabbed plenty of praise, especially from Conte, but the Italian manager believes the American needs more game time to improve.

“I think in this moment it is good if he plays to improve, to go and get experience to improve… You can improve only if you play,” he said. “You play every game or a lot of games during the season. But he is a good guy and I am very happy about him.

“Miazga is a young player, he has a good technique and I think that he is working very well under the physical aspect, but the tactical aspect he can improve a lot and I think that he is improving with the work.”


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  • James Blue

    Him playing had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the “competition” at CB. They were playing FBs at CB over him because he’s not good enough to play in the PL or even League 2. What a horrible mistake this man has made.

    • MTF

      What mistake? He just turned 21 and he cashed in. I understand his decision. He has his Polish passport so he’ll be loaned out to a team in the Championship or to a team in another European league that’s a higher caliber than MLS. In three years when he still hasn’t cracked Chelsea’s first team, he’ll return to MLS as a DP (or whatever they’ll be calling it then) for a hefty payday and a chance to be a star in the league…and he’ll still only be 24 or 25 It was cash in now or stay with the Red Bulls one more year, play a lot but risk getting hurt.

      • Jonathan

        Why don’t u shut up for a change long winded moron

      • slowleftarm

        I don’t know what Miazga is earning but I’m sure it’s a lot more than the $70k he was getting at RBNY. Can’t blame him in the least. No shock that he can’t crack the first-team in his first few months at a huge team like Chelsea. He’ll go out on loan and have to earn his place.

        James and Jonathan are just jealous Cosmos fans (actually I think they are both angry bill posting under other names). It hurts them that RBNY produced a player that one of the biggest clubs in the world wanted to buy. Not just Miazga but Olosunde went to Man U. Meanwhile, Cosmos are tenants in a lacrosse stadium, get 3-4k a game and can’t beat the likes of Edmonton.

    • Maybe not good enough right now but he can improve.

      He is earning more then you ever will and playing a game to boot. So he goes on loan to a club in another league and gets a chance to improve just like lots of players. No big deal

  • Mike Jones

    That report of Miazga being, as one would say, “Dumber than the donkey” is clearly very appropriate.

  • Angry Bill

    I only wish we could get this caliber of player out at Shuart Stadium. Maybe if we had top flight players rather than rejects and castoffs in our lineup we’d get more than 3,000 fans per game.

    If we got more than 3,000 fans per game, management wouldn’t have to close off half the building to make our lacrosse stadium appear to have fans in attendance.

    I wish our stadium out in Elmont would open. Wait, that’s not going to happen. Maybe when Raul gets our world famous academy up and running. No that’s not happening either. What to do? What to do?

    • find a stadium that can serve alcohol.

  • Leo Glickman

    I actually looked at the comments with the hope of seeing an RB fan who’s actually knowledgeable about their franchise and its players to comment on this. I would have loved to have read someone who has some understanding of what they are watching on a soccer field to talk about Conte’s comment on his need to improve on the technical side of his game. After all, Miazga is probably the best American prospect to come out of the franchise since Tim Howard.

    Instead, Red Bull fans are somehow using Matt Miazga to talk about the Cosmos. Do you all do that because you don’t actually know anything about the game of soccer, or because you are mentally deranged? Both maybe?

    • slowleftarm

      No Leo, we do that because Cosmos fans come on here and denigrate Miazga because they’re upset their team can only play homes games when it suits the Hofstra lacrosse team while RBNY produces players that Chelsea wants to buy.

      Yedlin wasn’t good enough when he went over to Spurs but now he’s an established EPL player. There’s no reason Miazga can’t do the same.

      Let me provide my perspective on Miazga and Conte’s comments.

      The biggest issues I saw with Miazga last year were 1) a tendency to ball watch (see for example Columbus’s second goal in the first leg of the Eastern Conference final last year) and 2) he needed to be quicker with decision making and reading the game. That said, everyone that moves from MLS to the EPL or a top European league is going to have to speed up their decision making.

      I actually think he’s pretty adept technically for a 21 year old center back and if you look at the quote from Conte he acknowledges this. It’s the tactical side of his game that needs improvement according to Conte and I agree. He needs to read the game better. I think that goes hand in hand with the decision making issue I mentioned earlier.

      In MLS Miazga was able to compensate for the lack of tactical awareness with his athleticism but he won’t be able to do that to the same extent against better players. If he can improve in those areas he has tremendous potential. I think he has the potential to be a starter for a club like Chelsea. But he mas to make those improvements. Going out on loan, likely to a team in the Championship, will give him a chance to do that.

    • Angry Bill

      No Leo. We’re just mystified how Cosmos fans can see the way MLS, RBNY and NYCFC have advanced the game in the metro area and the US, while delusional people such as yourself still desperately cling to the notion that worthless, dead as a door nail “brand” out there in Nassau County is somehow relevant.

      You can bloviate all you want about being authentic or any other BS you want to shovel, but it will never change the fact Cosmos2 has been a colossal failure.

      • Leo Glickman

        We disagree about what MLS, RBNY and NYCFC have done for the game in the metro area (the latter two earning Zero trophies in a combined 22 years of futility), but this is an article about Matt Miazga, and you want to talk about the Cosmos.

        PS, that’s some “rivalry” you guys have, holding each in equal regard,

        • Angry Bill

          27,000 and 19,000 per game says NYCFC and RBNY have done a ton more for the game in NYC than those worthless NASL trophies the mighty Cosmos have won.

          People in the stands, tv contracts with major networks and coverage in all the major newspapers. All the things the mighty Cosmos can’t come close to achieving. Get a grip on reality Leo. All the worthless nonsense you cling onto isn’t changing the fact NYC doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass about the mighty Cosmos, independent soccer or any of the other worthless crap you fanboys try to convince each other is important.

          Admit it Leo, it kills you that MLS, RBNY and NYCFC are trending up and the mighty Cosmos are on life support.

          • Leo Glickman

            uhmmmm. I don’t care about NYCFC or RB or MLS, I care about the Cosmos winning games. You’re the one talking about the Cosmos, I don’t talk about Red Bull or NYCFC, again, because I don’t care. All I care about is that we are three wins and one loss against our local rivals. If the Cosmos fold, I still won’t care about Red Bull or NYCFC. I’ll go back to just watching Arsenal and spending my weeknight evenings doing something else.

            And one reason is that fans of Red Bull and fans of NYCFC talk about the game like they’re on the same side, because they are on the same side. They share the same owner. But hey, that’s ok for you fine. I’m not going to bother you. Do you have anything to say about Matt Miazga or do you not know who he is?

            • james w

              Red Bulls and NYCFC would win a ton of games if they were playing in the minor leagues too. Just like the Mets and Yankees would probably do really well against the likes of the Omaha Storm Chasers (the cosmos of baseball). But I am a pure Omaha fan no matter what b/c MLB is just too corporate and they pool money thru the salary cap tax and their league website so I DO NOT follow them, also they are LLCs and not S corps, so again I just cannot be a fan b/c this negatively affects the level of baseball being played!

    • slowleftarm

      And of course Leo says RBNY have won zero trophies when he knows they have won two supporters shields in the last three years. And he claims he wants someone who watched Miazga at RBNY to provide an assessment, yet when I do that he goes on and on about Cosmos. The only mention of Cosmos on this article before Leo was my statement that commenters saying how Miazga is terrible are just Cosmos fans hating on a player just because he was developed by RBNY.

      • Leo Glickman

        Actually, I did post about Miazga yesterday in response to your post, but I don’t see it here. I think the site might have been having issues or something. I asked you why it was assumed he would be loaned out to a team in the championship rather than staying in the premiership with a less stacked club. Surely he’s a better prospect than say a De Andre Yedlin.

        And no, you weren’t the only Cosmos obsessed loon who talked about the Cosmos, Angry Bill did too. All in response to a guy who calls himself James “Blue”, which sounds like an nycfc fan to me.

        And of course, you’re STILL talking about the Cosmos.

        • slowleftarm

          Jonathan is another name that “William” goes by. He is a Cosmos fan and he is the only reason that the Cosmos were mentioned in this thread (along with you of course).

          You’re right that it might not be a championship club for Miazga. Another EPL club or a club in a different country are both possible. Chelsea has guys on loan all over Europe.

          I do think he’s a better prospect than Yedlin although I do think both are eventually capable of starting for Champions League caliber clubs. Not Real, Barca, Bayern type clubs but other UCL caliber teams, like their current teams (Spurs and Chelsea) for example.

          • Leo Glickman

            First paragraph, WHA…HUH??? Never mind, I don’t care, maybe you shouldn’t either.

            I am wholly unimpressed with Yedlin, I think he is the stereotypical American player, all athleticism and work rate, no tactical ability and no vision. Miazga, who I have not seen but have heard good things about from people I trust, is starting at a higher level. At any rate, as much as I hate to admit it Red Bull supporters should feel bad that he’s no longer playing for you, feel good that you’ve helped along a player with real potential.

            Personally, I’m happy because he can’t help you win a trophy, and I’m not talking about the unofficial unsanctioned fan appreciation award called the supporters shield, which is not a trophy per se.

            • slowleftarm

              Come on Leo – the Supporters Shield is It’s not “unofficial.” Maybe it was in the early years but not any longer. MLS has games on the last day of the season start at the same time, like they do in Europe so that a team in the SS race playing later doesn’t have an advantage in knowing what result it needs etc. More importantly, the SS winner get a CCL berth so MLS clearly recognizes this as a real trophy.

              Your position is pure pettiness. Just admit RBNY has won two trophies. You can still say that’s a sorry haul for 20+ years but pretending it’s not real is silly.

  • OpenCupFan

    Difference is the Yanks/Mets don’t have to play the Storm Chasers, but mls teams have to play he Cosmos. And you know what? Cosmos have better record against mls teams than teams in the mls play-offs.
    U know what would help mls? If it followed MLB’s model and pulled out of all international competition after getting spanked by little Latin Am countries at the WBC. If mls didn’t have to play anyone but other sh!t mls teams then it could get away with saying it was good, too bad they get spanked by everyone they play.
    Support local INDEPENDENT soccer CLUBS!

    • Smith

      Allow me to get back on topic…

      Any move to any club in Europe if Matt actually gets ti play is good. Any move that causes him to pick splinters out of his butt is bad for his career and the national team.

      I don’t blame any player for going to Europe. The play and the pay are both better than MLS,.. BUT sometimes it is short sighted in terms of one’s USMNT career if they move and don’t play or even play for a lower division side.

      • MTF

        I would expect that Miazga will play wherever he gets sent. He is a big talent, physically strong, and positions himself well. In just about any European league, be it the Championship, the Primeira Liga in Portugal, the Eredivisie, etc., he will get better coaching than he would in MLS. He’ll become a better player with the ball at his feet, in tighter spaces and with less time to react. As long as he’s playing regularly his UMNT time will come. He’s only 21. I predict he goes out on loan for a year or two and Conte will then determine if he has a future with Chelsea. If not, they’ll sell him to a lesser Premier League side, and he’ll eventually come back to MLS as an improved player making a lot more money than when he left. I think he’s too strong a prospect to just vanish over there in Europe…barring major injury of course.

        • Leo Glickman

          two questions MTF. 1. Why do you think he won’t go to a lower down premiership team? and 2. How many players on the books with English clubs have been loaned out to the portuguese league? I can’t think of one.

        • Leo Glickman

          I mean last Fall, 166 players were on loan from premiership sides, and only one was on loan to a portuguese team, Aly Cissokho of Aston Villa. And, you know, he had previously played for and been on the books at Porto, so that made it more natural I’m sure. What makes you think Portugal is a possibility?

          • MTF

            Leo, just throwing out examples. My point is that while he’s not likely to be loaned out to another of the top leagues (Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, or Ligue One), many of the other continental leagues are still higher than MLS and his development as a player should continue, so long as he gets regular playing time. I have no real idea if Portugal is a possibility. Perhaps he goes to a lower team in the Premiership…that would be the best scenario for him in my opinion, but we’ll have to wait and see. As a Red Bull supporter, I wish Chelsea had purchased him and immediately loaned him back to us, but not sure they would have viewed that as the best use of their new asset. In sum, if I were Miazga I would’ve followed the same course of action; no need to stay another year in MLS and risk career ending injury.

    • slowleftarm

      I thought the plan for Cosmos was to win the Open Cup and then the CCL to show that they are the true global brand and/or the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead, they’ve been beaten each year by the first MLS team to take them seriously while RBNY are actually playing in the CCL by virtue of winning another supporters shield last season. Meanwhile 3k show up at the lacrosse stadium to watch a Cosmos team that can’t beat the likes of Edmonton.

      • james w

        the cos-shmos have done much better than that, they have won some tourney title in china and played a game in Cuba, and some people “know about them” in Sweden! -where all their fans are evidently, since there are only 2000 in the NYC area – that’s why attendance is so low and they only use half the bleachers at the college lacrosse field.

        • Smith

          I’m going to get back to Miazga here as this article has nothing to do with the Cosmos. I can’t see Matt moving anywhere other than a bottom half EPL club or a Championship club.

          He is athletic but he does ball watch some times and his soccer IQ doesnt seem too high.

          • Leo Glickman

            Well if he stays in the premiership and plays 15 or more games this year, that’s a pretty solid achievement for a 21 year old American center back.

        • Leo Glickman

          I’m sorry dude, obsessive compulsive disorder is a bitch.

          • Smith

            Who has obsessive compulsive disorder? Did I miss something?

            And I agree that there is no shame in getting games in with a lesser EPL team.

            Key is he needs to play.

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