Arango brace gives Cosmos historic win over 10-man Indy



The New York Cosmos showed no signs of distress over the shocking announcement that longtime defender Hunter Freeman was on his way to Miami FC. Instead, the Cosmos put in one of their most compete performances of the year and rolled over the vistors 3-0, erasing any lingering demons from their heartbreaking loss to the Spring Champions back in April.

A Ruben Bover goal and Juan Arango brace put New York past Indy Eleven, earning their first win against the club in team history.

A pair of rapid-fire chances for Indy threatened to put the Cosmos in an early hole for the fifth straight match, but keeper Jimmy Maurer came up with saves on forward Souleymane Youla in the first five minutes to keep the match scoreless.

The Cosmos returned the favor for their keeper in the 8th minute when Jairo Arrieta and Ruben Bover combined for a precise sequence inside the box. Arrieta drew multiple defenders toward him in the center of the field before flicking a pass with the outside of his right foot toward Bover, who caught Brad Ring flat-footed with a quick touch and shot to take the lead.

Juan Arango challenged Indy’s net only three minutes later with a tremendous curling free kick from 20 yards, but keeper Jon Busch read the play well and dove left to knock the attempt wide of the net.

The Venuzuelan would not be denied in the 17th minute, though, when he calmy converted from the penalty spot after defender Nemanja Vukovic bumped Danny Szetela in the back to draw the referee’s whistle.

The Cosmos coasted into the halftime break with the two-goal lead but had to stave off Indy in the opening moments of the second half with another standout save by Maurer. A well executed passing sequence by Indy left an unmarked Don Smart with a look on goal. Smart hit his attempt with all he could muster but Maurer stood tall to stymie the opportunity.

Less than a minute after Maurer’s save, the Cosmos earned another shot from the penalty spot when Indy’s Cory Miller took down David Diosa with a late challenge to earn himself an early exit. Arango skied his penalty attempt well over the bar, but the Cosmos still took something from the sequence as the red card left Indy a man down.

After sending two gift wrapped chances wide of the mark, Arango finally recorded his second of the night in the 73rd minute. Bover sprinted toward the left corner to keep the attack going and fired an inch-perfect cross for Arango to head past a helpless Busch.

Arango’s second straight brace put the attacker in the thick of the NASL’s Golden Boot race with 11 goals. He now only trails Minnesota’s Christian Ramirez by two and Indy’s Eamon Zayed by one.

With a man advantage in hand the Cosmos were free to ride out the result and strengthen their grip on the top spot in the Fall Season and Combined standings. Heading into the weekend the club has a three-point and four-point advantage over FC Edmonton in the fall and combined standings respectively.

The Cosmos next travel to South Florida to take on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

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  • Hernando Peralta

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  • Lex

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  • Eric B

    I went on youtube yesterday to watch some soccer at 9:00 PM. The livestream for this game had 212 viewers. By comparison, the livestream for the Houston-Boston NWSL game had 2,322 viewers. Clearly women’s soccer has a very bright future if they can get 10x the number of viewers compared to the biggest, most recognizable team in American soccer.

    • KVBT

      I watched on the OWS app, not sure if those numbers are counted. Also the game would have been almost over at 9pm…

      • Eric B

        Don’t think those numbers are counted. I’m guessing the app requires you to be a subscriber? OWS is available in approx 30M homes (prior to being dropped from Dish) – by comparison, ESPN is in 90M+, so there’s a significant portion of people (like myself) who won’t be able to use the app if it’s subscriber-based. Of those who can’t use the app, streaming on youtube is the only (legal) option.

        7:30 start time – ended around 9:30. Game was in the 65th minute when I checked in on it.

  • CosmosSoccerRules

    The fans for this team are a joke. Complete losers.

  • John

    There is no way there were 2,900 at Hofstra last night, about 1,200 people were there look at pictures of the crowd it looks empty. Too bad you can’t post pictures because I would so you can see the actual attendance.

    NASL is in big trouble. 3 teams might not be around next year.

    • Eric

      it was about that last nite. Stop spreading lies John Boy

      • John

        look at the pictures there was no one there max 1,200. I know you don;t like the truth but no too many fans go to the games , Cosmos attendance is a disaster. Very sad but at leas they beat the strikers – 455 fans at that game.

        NASL is going out of business.

        • james w

          yeah, Pro-Rel champ Relegated rayo will be first, financial trouble Ft. Lauderdale next, then the cos-shmos…