New York Cosmos sign Argentine striker Gastón Cellerino


The New York Cosmos have added some depth to their striker pool, signing Argentine forward Gastón Cellerino pending receipt of his P-1 Visa and International Transfer Clearance (ITC).

As per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We’re really pleased to have added another quality attacking option,” said Cosmos head coach and sporting director Giovanni Savarese. “Gastón is a dynamic forward who is very dangerous and clever in the box and someone that will put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses.”

Cellerino, 29, joins the Cosmos from Chilean Primera Division club Santiago Wanderers. There, he scored 17 league goals in 57 appearances over the course of two seasons. Cellerino joined Serie B side Livorno in 2009 where he played 24 league matches, scoring a pair of goals.

A Boca Juniors Academy product, Cellerino moved on to Peruvian first league side Universidad San Martin, helping them to a league title, before joining Rangers of the Chilean first division where he finished runner-up in the Torneo Clausura top scorers table with 16 goals.

“I’ve had some really positive conversations with Gio about the team’s philosophy and the style of play really appeals to me,” said Cellerino. “I’m looking forward to getting to New York and starting training and doing whatever it takes to help this team win another championship.”

  • Anthony

    dont know much about him bit seems to have a good attitude, we shall see…Cosmos have needed a leading line striker since they came back.

  • of soccer

    Cosmos need to get out that stadium and league.
    They don’t even scrimmage MLS teams or European teams.
    Is it NASL holding them back or cosmos front office.
    We see all over the world, the biggest division 2 team play the big boys of D1.
    Cosmos should be a special invite for next international champions cup.

    • slowleftarm

      Nah, ICC involves big clubs, not minor league outfits.

      • OpenCupFan

        Actually you’re wrong, they invite bush league mls McWendys.

      • Luis

        Please seek help. Your obsession with the Cosmos is worrisome.

  • Kevin

    Oh go the non cosmos fans are back with their same old lines. Just when I thought we’d b talking about the actual players on the field.

  • Editor in Chief

    Why Don’t Open Cup fan

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    guess he mustve heard the rumors that the fcosmos will be in ligamx next season

    • trollleftarm

      surely you don’t think mls is better than mx?

  • Editor in Chief

    As I was saying:

    Why don’t Open Cup Fan, Slow Left Arm & Larry’s a Retarded Man just PM each other so the rest of us can talk about soccer?

    • Brooks

      This might be the best comment I’ve seen here in a long time.

    • slowleftarm

      Why don’t you let people post what they want or ignore what you don’t want to read?

      • OpenCupFan

        Wait – I can ignore you?

    • :O

      ::actually clapping::

  • chepe pedos

    Icc is marketed by s.u.m / mls …

    • of soccer

      No wonder cosmos is not invited.

  • Shy as a clam

    I just came for the comments. I’m a shy person but I read em all. Thank you.

    • Larry’s slow left arm is a simpleton

      I used to be shy too!

      Then I learned to accepy myself as the acid housing loving, twister playing fan of NYCFC that I am and now I’m so happy and have so many bvuddies it’s great!

      Join us in Throggs Neck sometime.

      In the words of Slade, “Stomp your hands, clap your feet, get down and get with it!”

  • Kevin

    so did we give up on Mads just for another guy to take his spot on the bench?

    • OpenCupFan

      I think it became clear Madds wasn’t producing so they’re taking a chance on this other guy – fingers crossed for a consistent striker.