Red Bulls are not in race for Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski


Are the New York Red Bulls in the hunt for Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski?

It doesn’t look like it.

Sources tell EOS reports linking the club to a Podolski swoop are simply not true, stating there is “no way” New York had or will pursue the 29-year-old German star.

Reports surfaced over the weekend linking the Red Bulls with Podolski. Arsenal are shopping the striker after acquiring Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy during the offseason. The English club set a reported £9.5m transfer fee for his services, and the Red Bulls were a reported suitor, alongside New York City F.C. and Italian giants Juventus.

Reports as early as Monday continued to link Juventus and the Red Bulls with Podolski, adding Galatasaray, Wolfsburg and Olympiakos to the mix. Juventus reportedly have an agreement in place with the striker, but all four clubs mentioned, including the Red Bulls, have supposedly placed offers for Podolski.

Those claims were categorically denied by a league source.

  • Ives

    Red Bulls are not in the race for anyone.
    They’re going to allow ManCity USA to do all the marketing and heavy lifting.
    They’ll use that momentum to market their soda without having to spend too much money. Maybe sell a few shirts

    • Anonymous

      Name another team that has spent more money than Red Bull NY on players, facilities and academy development? I rather they spend millions on that than putting billboards up to satisfy people.

      • MP Vaughan

        I’d rather they do both. Increasing awareness of the team within the NYC metro area is necessary and important and it will help them do everything else they want to do better.


    I hate these stupid non-stories. It might as well have said “Red Bulls are not in race for Real Madrid’s Ronaldo” or “Red Bulls are not in race for Barcelona’s Messi.”

    • DVLVRBFAN — it isn’t a non-story. Both Goal and multiple other European outlets have reported RB interest. Does it sound far fetched? Absolutely. But shouldn’t someone address it? That is why I am here.

      • MP Vaughan

        Don’t listen to them Dave, most fans appreciate the news. Thanks as well for Seeing Red, you guys do a great job every week.

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    Dave M – Agreed. In reality, my comment was about the writing of the story, it’s really about what RB is NOT doing. As I’ve said in the past, and you unfortunately have to report, the Red Bulls seem to throw out alot of stuff that doesn’t give the fans any real basis for hope. They are starting to feel alot like the Mets from that standpoint.

  • JP

    Stories are not confirmed until Dave Martinez reports it, Period!