Arsenal’s Theo Walcott Links Jens Lehmann With New York Red Bulls Move

The New York Red Bulls may be coming back from the Emirates Cup a man up. According to Arsenal striker Theo Walcott, Gunner legend and veteran goalkeeper “Mad” Jens Lehmann may be joining his former teammate Thierry Henry and the New York Red Bulls at the conclusion of the Emirates Cup. reported Walcott’s assertion while asking the striker about Arsenal’s pending Asian tour. He stated “I’ve heard rumors that Jens will probably be joining them [with Henry in the Red Bulls]. But I do not know if that was true or not, but that obviously if true then it would be a good move.”

Lehmann, 41, is a highly decorated back stop, with a reputation for insanity. The three time World Cup veteran made his name in Arsenal, guiding the Gunners to their memorable undefeated season of ’03-’04. From there on out, he became a beloved player not only for his play, but also for his volatility.

Lehmann came out of retirement for a game last season for when Arsenal’s Manuel Almunia was injured in pregame warmups. He would go on to lead the Gunners to victory over Blackpool 3-1, earning his 200th win with Arsenal and becoming the oldest keeper to start in the clubs Premier League history.

Walcott’s words come as Red Bull is deeply immersed in the transfer market for a quality backstop. Hamburg’s Frank Rost was said to be a target as well, joining the short lived rumor of Red Bulls pursuit of Danish keeper Brian Jensen’s services. Keep in mind as well that this is not the first time Lehmann’s name has been linked to the team; he has been a steady part of New York’s rumor mill for the past two years. Will this be the year he joins?

Should the Red Bulls look towards Jens as a one season stop gap? Are Bouna or Sutton better options? Let your opinions be known after the jump.

  • Christian

    He’s a bit too much of a headcase for my liking. I’d rather go with Rost at this point who seems a bit more even-keeled and doesn’t seem to be as prone to silly mistakes as Lehmann. Either way, they’re solid options for replacements to Bouna & Sutton.

  • Mike From Linden

    Maybe he will be the guy that will really affect opposing strikers. The guy that gets in their heads (i.e Steven Lenhart)

  • RBNY4Life

    I don’t mind the headcase…. the same thing was said about Rodgers and look what he’s doing for us.

    We need a solid GK right now! I don’t care if he’s crazy, gay, black or green.

    • I like the Rodgers analogy. Well done. But I think Jens makes Luke Rodgers look like a Sister of the Poor.

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