Ayoze: “Disastrous Management” Killed Off Reboot Cosmos



A mainstay of the reboot New York Cosmos has gone on the record with some serious criticisms of the NASL team’s ownership.

Ayoze, who was only one of two players to surpass 100 appearances for the Cosmos in the modern era, spoke to MARCA about the team’s downward spiral, laying the blame for the turmoil squarely at the feet of the front office leadership.

“It was painful, unfortunate … they have left to die a historical club which has had some of the best players of all time from the past,” Ayoze told MARCA. “Everything has been because of a disastrous management, I don’t know if they realize what they have done.”

EoS’ initial report last week that front office staff had been placed on furlough and players had gone unpaid in the final weeks of the season caught many by surprise, but the veteran Ayoze claims everyone involved with the team saw the warning signs all year.

“We did not think that [the Cosmos]would disappear, but it did not catch us by surprise,’ he said. “Word during the year was the club was looking for a new owner to move on.”

According to Ayoze, the severity of the situation finally crystallized for him and his teammates as they were preparing to battle for their third NASL title in four years.

“I think this team had incredible merit. Two irreplaceable players like Marcos Senna and Raul left,  and a thousand off-field issues emerged… but we were able to move forward despite the situation because we believed it would benefit us individually.”

Ayoze believes the way ownership has handled the financial difficulties has lacked professionalism. He says that multiple MLS teams are interested in his services at left back, but that his situation is unclear as he has yet to received any communication from the Cosmos, who apparently still have him under contract for next year.

“The way [ownership] has done everything, after four years, is a great disappointment. We think they have been playing with the feelings of professionals and their families … There are guys who are really in a bad situation.”

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