No Banter Needed: NYCFC take high road ahead of Red Bulls match

New York City FC have maintained radio silence ahead of their much-anticipated showdown against the New York Red Bulls this weekend in Harrison, NJ.

In fact, until they released their match preview Friday afternoon, there have been zero mentions of the ‘Hudson Derby’ from the club all week long.

No tweets, no Facebook banter, no articles on their site.


As it turns out, that silence was intended.

While the Red Bulls have taken great joy in chiding their crosstown rivals with cheeky tweets and subversive messages within match stories, NYCFC have purposefully ignored the bait and taken the high road — leaving their fans to the banter.

“[NYCFC] are not really looking to play this up and manufacture it as a rivalry – our supporters will develop rivalries organically,” a well placed team source tells EoS.

“We have approximately 1,500 [fans] crossing the Hudson to go to the match. Our team knows that it’s an important game for the fans because of geography and they will play hard for those supporters.”

Speaking to Red Bull front office members this week, there certainly is an air of disappointment that the playful banter was not reciprocated. That didn’t stop the MLS ’96ers from continuing to focus on this weekend’s derby with videos, interviews — and yes — even more playful poking of their “noisy neighbors” ahead of the big match.

For NYCFC, that was never a part of their plans. An organization that is conscious and cautious of their image, doing so would go against the very close-to-the-vest culture they have developed in their short MLS existence.

Instead, they have chosen to stay above the fray — and let their team do the talking on the field.

Whether the Red Bulls like it or not.

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  • JP

    NYCFC is a manufacture team. City Group is probably more worry about Manchester City

  • Taco monster

    C’mon, a team with villa, disk, Lampard coming, an over average MLS coach and possibly another big DP coming will win New York BUT…….
    if red bull get their head out of the gutter, then we can expect a different outcome, IN TYE NEXT 5 YEARS.
    I say red bull has till 2020 to sell or prove they can be in the New York hunger games.

  • Anonymous

    NYC is a manufactured team? Better look closer at the Jersey and Arena’s name in JERSEY next time you’re there.

  • alistair

    A. Garber created this team for this sole purpose

    B. The Sheik and cohorts probably too busy looking for a Pellegrinni replacement to be bothered

    C. Does anyone brag about having .222 batting average?

  • Anonymous

    NYCFC probably doesn’t believe they rule the city after the way they have been performing, which is why they have not said anything.

  • Resguard

    Well if they say something and lose they are going to look really bad, so its better to take the high road and not say anything.

  • Chris

    Looking forward to a great atmosphere at RBA today!

  • Gruff and Manly Bob

    Not true at all. Their social media twibbons and other itmes said NY vs NJ, while RB said NY vs NY. RBNY calling it a NY clash while FC calling it a Hudson clash. Don’t let them fool you they were very subtle in their digs. They were making digs before this game was near also. Anyone remember Mix saying he hates RB? I think had they been higher int the table and playing better we would have heard much more from them.

  • slowleftarm

    They can make all the NJ digs they want. RBA is closer to most locations in the city than Yankee Stadium, plus it’s a SSS, not a baseball stadium. Only 1,500 fanboys coming to RBA?

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