Behind The Bello’s Brawl Between NYCFC, RBNY Supporters


A melee erupted in Newark shortly before the start of the Red Bulls, New York City FC encounter, pitting supporters from both teams in an English style hooligan clash.

The brouhaha, which lasted all of a few minutes, involved fans tossing garbage bags at each other, engaging in fisticuffs and using restaurant signs as weapons before New Jersey Transit cops broke up the fracas.

Why did it happen? As it turns out, there is a bit of history behind the scrap.

It all began in the second ever Hudson River Derby at Yankee Stadium. Both the Red Bulls and NYCFC franchises planned a secure arrival for the traveling Red Bull fan contingent in the Bronx that would include, amongst other things, an awaiting security detail at 3 p.m. at the River Avenue subway stop.

The Red Bulls supporters arrived in timely fashion. The security detail, however, was nowhere to be found.

That set off an ugly scene as members of the Garden State Ultras, a European fashioned Red Bulls supporters group consisting of several English and Irish transplants, found themselves thick in the territory of NYCFC supporters where fans of the opposing club began some friendly banter at the arriving GSU.

That friendly spirit didn’t last. Tempers flared quickly with both groups engaging in a small melee before GSU members made their way through the City supporters and into the stadium.

Word of the ruckus spread quickly in NYCFC fan circles. A European styled NYCFC supporters’ group who made a name for themselves in an incident involving alleged nazi chants at Yankee Stadium earlier this year caught wind of the confrontation, setting the stage for Sunday’s melee.

A small group of NYCFC Ultras came into Bello’s, the home of the Garden State Ultras, to “size up” the group in hopes of exacting revenge.

“They came looking for us,” one GSU insider tells EoS.

Once comfortable with the competition, the group engaged GSU outside of the establishment. What they didn’t account for, however, was the second floor of the establishment, which housed the majority of the Red Bull support.

What ensued was captured on video by Associated Press writer Rob Harris, featuring a flood of GSU members chasing away the NYCFC Ultras with trash bags and sandwich signs before transit officers broke up the melee.

Interestingly enough, the quick response from Newark officials was no coincidence. As one source shares, law enforcement officials were on “high alert” prior to the match, catching wind of a possible retaliation at the very location of the encounter.

Following the encounter, several media outlets questioned whether this was the beginning of European style hooliganism in American soccer circles. That may be a bit far fetched. An isolated incident hardly reflects a movement of violence in the larger American landscape. The issues were personal. Both groups run in similar circles outside of the soccer realm, bringing a certain familiarity to the confrontations.

That could mean problems at future New York City, Red Bulls matches. As one source tells EoS, “I think for the derby match next year, [they] will bring their clips fully loaded.”

In other words — this may not be over.

  • slowleftarm

    NYCFC fans are a bunch of dudes who with issues regarding their masculinity who just discovered soccer existed a few months ago. Their own reference for how to behave is Green Street Hooligans. That’s why they decided to go to a RBNY supporters pub. Seriously, these guys are complete clowns.

    Two guys with NYCFC shirts sat next to us yesterday and asked one of the people I went with how many time outs per quarter there are. Can’t make this stuff up. When the South Ward held up the upside down “Third Fail” sign they kept yelling how dumb they were to hold the sign upside down.

    • MNJ

      What you don’t know is that group of NYCFC fans that came to Bello’s were composed of South American and polish dudes. Little research before making statements .

      • Kaba

        That doesn’t mean jack. There has been a crew of South American/Hispanic Nazis in the area. I have had some run-ins with them. Nazi tattoos and everything. It’s twisted out there.

  • Smith

    Jackasses on both sides.

    As much as you may love your team, it’s a game.

    Calm down.

    • Anonymous

      It’s more than just a game

      • Smith

        It’s a game we love, but it’s still a game.

        The key to sports is sportsmanship.

        Lose that and we’re just like the snimals in the wild.

        Love your team, but respect your neighbor.

        Let’s try to keep sports in its proper perspective. It’s a release from the world’s problems and our own; not another problem of its own.

        And I’m speaker as a lover of the game who hits 15 matches nearly.

        Let’s not think we’re hooligans. Let’s be better than that.

        • Smith

          Damn auto correct!

          I meant “lover of the game who hits 15 matches yearly.”

  • Nice piece of reporting.

    In my opinion this is one of my biggest concerns for the league as they expand and grow. MLS cultivated hooliganism-lite to make the sport edgier than it’s past reputation of soccer moms and suburbs. As we grow, those groups are now taking the passion out of the stadium and making it personal. There are groups who want Hooliganism-lite to mature into pure hooliganism and it is one of the uglier aspects of the sport and could hinder growth. I touched on it in my article Eurosnobs and Plastic Fans (

    Thanks for raising the history behind this ugliness.

  • cosmosfan

    My McDonalds is better than your Burger King!

    • Say that to my face you Burgersnob!

    • Dave

      Calm down Wendy’s

  • BleedingRed

    Here is the group allegedly responsible for instigating the fight:
    – a Latino, neo-Nazi(I know, what a contradiction!)group that has been tring to establish themselves as one of NYCFC’s supporter groups.

    • BleedingRed

      They are not wanna-be hooligans. They should be taken seriously and avoided at all costs.

      • slowleftarm

        More representatives from the two inch crowd. Using soccer as an outlet for their angst regarding their masculinity. Bunch of losers/petty criminals. If someone is really that hard you don’t have to spend every second advertising it.

  • Wegotyourscarfandflag


  • Tim

    I agree with Smith, It is a game. I’m all about cheering and supporting your team, but, fighting is ridiculous.

  • Freddie Football

    I promise you this ISN’T what Don G had in mind…

  • Max

    slow left – that is so funny if some NYCFC “fans” really did say that to you about timeouts, that is so good I hope you are not making it up – true soccer fans in this area have been bleeding red for years!

    although I have to say that if NYCFC, being a new team, grows the sport and brings in more new fans (even if they just don’t have much of a clue yet), that is a good thing overall for US soccer and the league in general, etc…

    • slowleftarm

      I agree with you and I can assure you I am not making up that story. I’m not saying all City fans are that clueless but I do sense that many of their fans just discovered soccer/MLS existed.

      One of my in-laws is Italian (as in from Italy, not Italian-American) and of course he watches Serie A/Champions League religiously. I took him to RBA a couple of years ago and he had no idea RBNY existed or that Henry played there. That’s primarily down to lack of marketing from RBNY but not being in the city, it was difficult to really crack that market.

      This year my in-law is following NYCFC closely even texting me yesterday during the game crying about the ref. If having a team in the five boroughs helps grow the sport and the league, that’s great. The skinhead element needs to be banned though.

      • Andrew Bissonette

        That’s fantastic stuff. We’ve still got to keep bringing new faces to the Arena and spread the word on a grassroots level. I had 5 people with me at their first MLS game last night along with 2 others who are in their first year watching RBNY. They all had a blast. I’m telling you, if you bring new people to that stadium for the right games, there is no way they don’t walk out as Red Bull fans.

        • Red Bull promotion n NYNJ is joke

          Most don’t know nyrb exist BC nyrb doesn’t advertise. NYC does. So do cosmos. Damn, even saw Cosmos TV commercial during man utd game. Red Bull only TV ads on MSG. I did see an Henry billboard on NJTpk 6 years ago. Why did Cosmos have billboard on rt280 but red bull can’t?!?!? Stupid.

      • Rip

        I’m sure you aren’t making it up as I (a NYCFC fan) get infuriated every game when fans at our stadium are constantly getting up in the middle of play to take selfies right in front of the action.

        But the fans are a work in progress. I was a DC United transplant so I never could have been a Red Bull fan so I was thrilled when NYCFC came along. The Red Bulls got a lot of the more hard-core soccer fans in the area particularly because of the fact that it wasn’t easy to be a fan trekking out to NJ to see a subpar product in a massive stadium.

        Now that the Red Bulls have a beautiful stadium, and are getting not only more consistent results but have been doing well with their academy products….there’s a real opportunity for soccer to be a massive part of the NYC sport’s landscape. Already, by having a cross town rival that they can deride….the Red Bulls best crowds have been against us. The TV ratings for those games have been great. This has been everything that MLS had hoped for LA/Chivas that never came to pass. The only way I could be more thrilled with the way it’s playing out….is if my team was winning.

        • Anonymous

          is that selfie story for real?

          • Rip

            Oh yes….not only real….but has happened often. Absolutely drives me crazy how many people are there just to say they went and barely watch the game. But it has slowly been getting better. Many don’t even know some of the rules of soccer, but they keep coming back so it’s good.

        • DCDILLIDIE


          You are a damn traitor!!
          It makes me sick!!
          I have been and always will be a DCU Supporter..
          How can you switch support??

  • Matt Rasmussen

    Dirtbag NYCFC fans. Obviously they’re not *all* like these idiots but I’m tired of a couple dozen NYCFC fans starting arguments online or in person just because they live in one of tue five boroughs. Get real, losers.

  • sal

    GSU aren’t saints brother in this! They instigated things in the Bronx, so this group decided we are not pushovers. It’s like this with gangs. Machismo at its best.

  • Dave, I think you’re dignifying these numbskulls by calling them Euro style and saying there’s history. How about this: Dumbasses walk into a bar filled with other dumbasses, handbags start flying.

  • Nova

    I think this is all a bit over blown… been to both of the RBA “derby” matches, most fans get along fine, a few stupid ones on both sides getting into people’s faces but most treat it for what it is… a soccer game…

  • Stop It

    English & Irish transplants!!!!! LOL GTFOH

  • Al jalikeakick

    That Facebook page has a picture of an idiot with a mask on and holding a knife. Really?
    What a waste of human space.

  • Tibor

    The GSU were having a nice afternooon when out of nowhere a group of Communist filth NYCFC fans showed up to prove how gay they are. Thank goodness they were chased away. We Red Bull fans are working class patriots!

    • Roger Galarga

      WTF?? Comunist filth!! Are you retarded? The NYCFC ULTRAS are mostly Latino right wing scumbags, excons looking for excuse for violence!! Some of those have a real criminal background



  • tim

    City Scum should be banned from the planet. lol.. they started crap at Hofstra with the 5 Points as well. scum scum scum.. go away and let the rest of us enjoy some local soccer. English farm team and wanabe 80’s dick heads.. hooligans? I laugh

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      gee thats a hoot since it was all the f.cosmos wannabe tough guys who were arrested and banned for life from shuart stadium. guess they’ll never realize the fcosmos did them a favor.

  • Anonymous


    Nazi Chants?

    at Sheikh Mansour’s franchise?

    That’s impossible!

  • Fabio

    Very interesting. Go NYCFC, **** off Kreis !!!

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      **** you fabio. kries has forgotten more about football then youll ever know. shouldnt you be with the other idiots over on big soccer wondering why 10000 fans dont travel to away matches?

  • Thomas Binkley

    Thanks for actually covering the incident rather than quoting a goalie who wasn’t there about why this happened and publishing it.


    What looks strange to me is that none of the two groups have shirts from their favorite team .

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  • MLS may need to end its tacit approval of supporters’ groups. Sad as that is, it might be the only way to stop idiots like these guys.

    As for the neo-Nazi group, The FBI classifies neo-Nazis as gangs, so both NYCFC and RBNY could easily ban the wearing of gang related attire and keep those guys out,

  • Toni

    I lost all respect for NYCFC fans when I saw their men wearing Amy Wambach Jerseys at a game. What proper firm would do this? You guys are a joke. A quarter of their fans must come from Williamsburg. US soccer has been turned gay and you NYCFC are a big reason.

    • Rip

      Really? Your problem is that a soccer fan who is male supports a female athlete that represents our nation. What a douchebag you are. I suppose if a female is wearing a male athlete’s jersey you assume she’s lesbian? I’m sorry your dick is too small that you can’t feel like a man unless you’re being a homophobic prick. Grow up.

      • Toni

        I don’t support that lifestyle being marketed to little girls so deal with it. Also, yes you are a douche if you are a man and wear a lesbians jersey.

        • slowleftarm

          Toni has some serious issues just like the clowns fighting at Bello’s. What a loser.

          • Toni

            Serious issues really? No I have common sense. A disorder is not to be elevated to equality.

            • slowleftarm

              Fortunately, in 2015, the vast majority of people disagree with you. So on this issue, you lost. Time to get over it. Your stance is also surprising considering that you no doubt suffer from numerous disorders.

              • Toni

                It depends on the question that is asked. If you took a group of red blooded Americans ans asked them if they think if it is a disorder, a percentage surprising to you would say yes. Anyhow, I still think NYCFC guys wearing Wambach kits are a joke so ha ha.

                • slowleftarm

                  I doubt the percentage would be surprising. I’m aware a minority of people share your bigoted view. Fortunately that percentage continues to shrink as people realize how dumb folks like you sound.


        You Rip are a disgrace to all soccer supporters..

        Keep your ulta lefty **** for your mid town snobs…

        Yes Toni, NYCFC are gentrified and very passive (bottoms).. you (Rip) are typical of capitulating New Yorkers (who funny enough mostly hail from other US States).. for that alone I am coming to loathe NYCFC.. initially I thought “enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but I now have a hell of a lot more respect for Red Bull supporters than for you people.

        At least we and the NYRB love our teams and have been through hell.. we earned our rights to exist .. what have you Blue “smurfs” done to earn our respect??

        • Anonymous

          They’ve done nothing except for one thing….make me as Red Bull fan root for DC when they play boy city.

    • BleedingRed

      Toni (a feminine way to spell a guy’s name but I’m cool with that), by any chance do you like to Goose Step, say Oi! alot, and believe that the Jews are ruining your racial purity? I believe several law enforcement agencies are looking to have a “chat” with you. So take yourself down to the local precinct promptly, drop your pants, and bend over.

  • Julio

    Yo listen My friend told me that he saw those Battalion 49 guys on the train and he said they were eating raw chicken out of plastic bags before the fight. These guys are loco.

    • slowleftarm

      Yes, either loco or complete morons. Time to ban these clowns from MLS stadiums and let them act out their dysfunctions somewhere else. Like in prison.

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  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Hahaha! Shitbag NYC “hooligans” not only get their asses kicked in Long Island, but New Jersey as well! Hahaha!

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  • Was Gino Smith at Bello’s??

    Broken jaw! LMFAO

    • slowleftarm

      Nah no punches were thrown by the fake hooligans in that “brawl”

  • Pendo

    If this story of the Battalion 49 guys eating raw chicken before the fight is true then we really have something to fear. The only reason to do something like this is to obtain super natural powers. In hispanic culture there is a belief that raw meat will give you powers.
    This can explain how the won the fight. I am afraid that we are in for dark times indeed. We must fight their dark magic with happy things like Amy Wombat jerseys.

  • Ivan

    I love how some want to turn this sport into a lame family friendly affair. It’s not tennis you dopes. A punch up occured and noone was seriously hurt. Get over it. This is the only sport where the fans have such passion. Its politics, culture, and machismo. Deal with it!
    Shall we talk about our feelings, shall me wear man capris, shall we talk about men wearing dresses?

    • slowleftarm

      The latest from the two inch crowd. It’s not “politics and culture.” It’s a bunch of fake tough guys with masculinity hangups like “Battalion 49” pretending to be hard men by throwing some garbage bags at opposing fans.

      • Ivan

        Your pathological altruism is showing.

        • slowleftarm

          Not sure what means. Sounds like you’re compensating for something.

  • Hooligan Harry


    Let’s people up because they root for a different colored shirt!

    • Hooligan Harry

      I mean “BEAT” people up!

      I’m so overwhelmed with bloodlust that I can’t even type!

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