Red Bulls’ Marsch believes NYCFC rivalry can set new derby standard in MLS


Throughout the rush that led to his installment as the new Red Bulls’ head coach this winter — and through the turmoil that followed — Jesse Marsch found his eyes wandering irresistibly to the second week of May.

That wait is now over.

This weekend, the Red Bulls host a floundering New York City FC at Red Bull Arena, kicking off an MLS dream rivalry 20 years in the making.

And in the eyes of Marsch, this match will be well worth the wait.

“When the schedule came out, this was the first game that I looked at,” Marsch told Jason Davis of Soccer Morning on his new SiriusXM show. “For me, the passion that will be in the stadium, on the field, the excitement for the game I think will be at a huge level — maybe even more so than anything we have seen [in MLS].

“For New York, for both clubs, it’s huge.”

Even after a rollercoaster offseason, the Red Bulls have surpassed expectations, going 3-1-4 in their opening eight matches, four points from the top of the Eastern Conference standings and four points from the Supporters’ Shield race. Meanwhile, the much-hyped NYCFC have succumbed to injury, a seven-game winless streak — and a bit of bad luck — limping their way to a 1-3-5 record, good for six points — next to last in the overall league standings.

Despite their deviating paths, both teams have an emotional investment in the match which Marsch believes will produce a memorable encounter.

“This game is going to have emotion, it’s going to have a spirit, it’s going to be competitive, it has potential to be nasty!” he said.

“This is what derbies are like. Even though it hasn’t even started, I think the energy will be in the air this week, and once that first whistle blows, I think there will be a lot of energy on the field and a competitive game, maybe unlike anything that we’ve seen.”

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  • paul

    not only in MLS. In American sports in general.

  • Taco monster

    Wow, does he know about Seattle vs Portland or the whole northwest soccer scene, and why does he think red bull can be a real rivalry with nycfc.
    They need a real owner first :)

    • og_skin

      Do you just not know what the word “derby” means?

      • Taco monster

        Yes, and red bull play in New Jersey and nycfc in New York and that’s not a derby, but very similar to a derby due to the US being huge. I got you there but as for the rivalry part, I think it’s there but they need a real owner.
        If done right, nycfc vs red bull will grow to be a huge game but as long as cosmos live, I will see the nycfc vs cosmos as a bigger name, even though red bull has the stadium and MLS credentials.

        • Leo Ramirez

          Omg Harrison NJ is 15 mins out the NYC I’m from LONGISLAND NY and hour and half from the arena and the NYRB are my team plenty of 1st generation MLS newyork fans still support this team. This is a Derby it will become a rivalry and it is going to be as big as the NW rivalries. Stop being a hater can’t u see this is good for the league.

        • Kraftownzrevs

          Cosmos, LOL!

        • og_skin

          Cosmos are essentially a minor league team. They play at a college in a stadium filled with bleachers and far removed from the pitch. Not the same team Pele played for. And they play in Long Island, which is more than half an hour farther from the BX than Harrison is. So I’m assuming that you’re not from around here, probably some DC Scum troll.

          I’m not sure what you mean by ‘real owners’, because Red Bull GmbH owns football clubs overseas that aren’t just feeder teams for any other team….which can’t be said for NYCFC. Not even their partial owners the Yankees care to have them play at Yankee Stadium. Honestly, with the horrible record(1 win and a 9 loss streak?), dicking around fans by straight up lying to them, and international stars being signed just to be put ‘on loan’ to Man City, I feel like NYCFC will go the way of Chivas USA.

          You talk a big talk about not knowing the Northwest Soccer scene, but obviously you don’t know ANYTHING at all about the New York soccer scene. NY96 has the best supportership, the best stadium, and the best atmosphere in the whole of MLS.

  • Resguard

    Yeah the northwest has the rivalry thing down, NY has nothing not even a grain of a hope to create the sort of rivalry

  • willy wonka

    Is red bull arena a 25thousand seater or 28thousand and why isnt red bull arena sold out by now.
    Will red bull arena full of nycfc blue.

    • RBA

      TO anwers your question, NO,

  • Tim

    He’s just happy not to face the Cosmos. The scum they just might be able to beat but I say 0-0 snooze fest.

  • Jones

    Cosmos play on Long Island. The New York Giants and Jets of the NFL play in New Jersey. Nerds who never got laid say the Red Bulls play in NJ and are NJ but before they played in the Meadowlands and they didn’t say that. Mike Petke is gone and so is your loser movement. Get a life.

  • Buckley

    I like Marsch, he seems like a good guy.

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