LI Labor Union To Hold Rally At Belmont In Support of Cosmos Stadium



The Long Island Federation of Labor won’t give up on the New York Cosmos stadium bid without a fight.

Long Island’s largest union shop will be holding a rally on October 29th, joined by State Senator Jack Martins, demanding answers on the State’s RFP for the redevelopment of land in Elmont.

“The purpose of this rally is to ask for the ESD to respond on the proposal of the Cosmos,” Roger Clayman, Executive Director of Long Island Federation of Labor tells EoS. “It has been three years with no response and we think we need to get this process moving. If it takes longer, the Cosmos will look elsewhere for the development.”

The Long Island labor union has been a staunch supporter of the Cosmos bid for the better part of two years — and with good reason. The project promises full union participation in the $400 million redevelopment project, with thousands of job opening for skilled tradesman from the construction of the stadium to the adjoining retail and hotel land therein.

“Its a very good project,” Clayman said. “We have a relationship with the Cosmos who agree they will do construction under union contracts. They have made a proposal that is valuable for the community.”


This motion comes days after Congressman Gregory Meeks warned of a possible rebid by Empire State Development Corp.; the entity in charge of making the final decision on the proposal.

Clayman is aware of the Congressman’s warning, but labeled his take premature.

“I am aware he said it and he had no basis to say that. It is unfortunate he make a comment about something when there is no public knowledge about a rebid,” Clayman offers. “There is no knowledge of anything … Our problem is there is no knowledge why ESD is not responding to the community. This is a question about creating a valuable resource for the community and good jobs!

“Projects like these are few and far between,” Clayman concludes. “We need to hear from New York State as to why this isn’t moving forward.”

Asked to comment on the rally, New York Cosmos COO Erik Stover offered that the club “stands by the merits of our proposal and are ready to move forward whenever the State is ready.

“Regardless of whomever the State selects, the Elmont area is in dire need of private investment, tax relief and job creation,” Stover said.

The rally will be held next Thursday at the Belmont Racetrack Gate 5 entrance starting at 11 am.

  • Resguard

    Yay Union support! getting the mob behind it!

  • William

    We are the richest team in all of sports. We could buy Real Madrid and Barcelona and blow up their stadiums to build a Cosmos shop. We don’t even need approval. We will buy the US and do what we want. Our ticket revenue alone makes Donald Trump puke.

    • Resguard

      They really are the richest team? I didn’t know that! That is awesome! ^^ They should buy Barcelona and just import the team to NY.

    • slowleftarm

      I like this William a lot better than angry bill

  • soccer

    I’m sure this project will become a reality

  • DanGerman

    These kinds of things rarely work. Politicians have already made up their minds and the Cosmos project is not it. The OTB rumor in my mind is the new bidder and Albany I think wants to do that project.

    • Resguard

      Unions are usually a big factor when it comes to these things, if you can get a union behind you a lot can happen.

      • DanGerman

        Unions aren’t a factor at all really. There were union rallies for the west side stadium and the soccer stadium at flushing both failed. The line about creating jobs is also a joke those same union people will work on any of the other projects.

        • Resguard


        • Dan, let me just say, as someone who is not sure at all what’s going to happen in Belmont, you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.

          • DanGerman

            So Leo you’re telling me that not hearing anything for 3 years and then recently being told that they may reopen the bidding is a good thing? It certainly doesn’t look good to me and the union rally is just an empty ploy in my opinion. If this was going to happen it would of already.

  • MTF

    The site is going to be a Home Depot.

    • Smith

      Don’t they already have a Home Depot in nearby Elmont?

      • Resguard

        But whats better then one Home Depot…. Two Home Depots

      • Alan Smithee

        They want a supermarket because there are only three in the town already.

  • slowleftarm

    LOL….the global brand. I’m sure this making news in Sweden and Brazil where Hempstead Cosmos have huge fanbases apparently. Or at least one guy in each place who has heard of them.

    • Resguard

      Well here in Sweden it has been taken the news by storm!

  • New York empire fc

    Cosmos should just join red bull ownership.
    It’s a win win situation for both parties.

    • OpenCupFan

      The Cosmos wealth and power is unmatched in the universe. If we opened our books the avalanche of wealth would crush wimpy girls like you. We will buy NYCFC because we are filthy rich and can get a stadium, unlike your powder sissy blue squad. We will buy you and the rest of the Petke cry babies in the Bronx. We are the Cosmos, our wealth is larger than Gates and Buffet combined.

  • Again, why must ignoramuses come on here with nothing of value to add? Why does this happen every time with any Cosmos news. The jealousy is nuts.

    First, don’t be stupid, this is NY. Unions are politically powerful, but not all-powerful.

    Second, the more construction projects there are, the more construction jobs there are. To say otherwise is to deny 2+2=4.

    Third, almost every politician in the area is in favor of the Cosmos project. Senator Martins, Senate President Flanagan, Senator Skelos, Assembly member cook, County Executive Guy Mangano, to name a few, have all come out publicly for the Cosmos at Belmont. Does that mean the Cosmos will get the project? No. It’s all down to one politician, Andrew Cuomo. But to say “all the politicians have come out against this” is beyond stupid.

    Fourth, legally, there can be no “new bids”. There are three bidders. The ESDC (ie Cuomo) can pick one of them, or pick none and start the whole process again down the road. They cannot give this to a “new bidder”.

    Fifth, more people in Sweden and Brazil know who the Cosmos are than the Red Bulls. The Cosmos certainly get more media hits world wide than the nj red bulls. Not that it matters, just setting the record straight.

    • slowleftarm

      “More people in Sweden and Brazil know who the Cosmos are than the Red Bulls.”

      Any facts to back up that statement or just speculation? I’ll give you that older Brazilians may know the Cosmos “brand” because of Pele but that’s a different and now defunct team that played in a long defunct league. I’m talking about today’s Cosmos. Who in Brazil knows anything about them? Do US soccer fans know about Brazilian second division teams? Maybe some do but not many.

      • trollleftarm

        And the avenging angel swoops down with . . . nothing.

  • ty

    How dare anyone question what the COSMOS do? We are the best club in the world. We invented the freaking sport in America

  • You got it wrong Ty, the fans of the team question them every day. The issue is, do your questions derive from reality and fact, or are they mere trolling or ignorance? Here, we have seen only trolling and ignorance. And what the hell Red Bull fans are doing on the Cosmos comments section when their team can win the supporters shield on sunday is beyond me. Maybe the RBs are just not as interesting to them as the Cosmos.

  • Ricky

    I hope all this imbalance in the force doesn’t affect Cosmos’ performance. I like the way they’ve been playing, sometimes that is the only think that matters. In the short term, politics do nothing.

  • rebel fighter

    Yeah, those labor unions are essentially mercenaries. They’ll love the Cosmos project, a housing project, racetrack project etc…. Whatever gets built at Elmont they already got their hands on it. Just smoke Cosmos Country.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s amusing how Leo bitches about supporters of other teams posting in Cosmos articles as if it’s somehow a unique phenomenon involving the Cosmos. Just a quick look across the website will show that everyone around here trolls everyone else (Leo included).