Bloodbath: Red Bulls paint Yankee Stadium red in NYCFC romp




The New York Red Bulls beat NYCFC by a touchdown.

Oh wait. Wrong football.

The visiting Red Bulls blasted seven goals past Josh Saunders in a thoroughly dominating victory over host, New York City FC. Dax McCarty scored two goals to open the first and second half and Bradley Wright-Phillips scored a brace as well. Alex Muyl net the very first professional goal of his career, while Gonzalo Veron and Gideon Baah rounded out the scoring in a 7-0 demolition of NYCFC.

With the victory, the Red Bulls are now 4-0 all time against NYCFC.

The Red Bulls got on the board first just four minutes into the match. Unmarked on a corner kick, captain Dax McCarty sent a booming header over Ronald Matarrita and through Josh Saunders to open the scoring.

The Red Bulls thoroughly dominated play in the opening 20 minutes, but NYCFC managed to regain the tempo and possession of the match. However, where the Red Bulls created several chances on net, NYCFC looked toothless in the final third, relying heavily on the heroics of David Villa to carry them home.

Villa could not break through — but the Red Bulls did. Bradley Wright-Phillips scored two in the span of three minutes to close the first half, including a picture-perfect bicycle kick to send his team into the locker room with a three goal lead.

Things didn’t get any better for NYCFC in the second. Once again, a booming header from Dax McCarty quieted a surging NYCFC in the 51st minute. That goal was followed by Alex Muyl’s first ever professional goal in the 56th minute to round out the scoring.

Of note: Jack Harrison and Frank Lampard made their 2016 NYCFC debuts. Harrison entered the match in the 57th minute for Tommy McNamara and Lampard replaced Pirlo in the 75th. Lampard was roundly booed as he entered the fray. Gideon Baah also returned for the Red Bulls, replacing Sacha Kljestan in the 81st minute, scoring the final goal of the match for the Red Bulls.

With the result, NYCFC temporarily falls to second in the East with 17 pts. — one behind the Philadelphia Union. The Red Bulls, meanwhile, close the gap to one with their Bronx rivals with 16 points in 13 matches.

Both NYCFC and the Red Bulls will now remain in New York as the Red Bulls host Toronto FC on Saturday and NYCFC host Orlando on Sunday.

  • T T

    Hmm don’t you need to have two teams to have a rivalry :)

  • Ken Reeves

    Hey man city light fans. Can we chat? It’s time to shut the hell up, ok? Your team is beyond pathetic. The amount of **** you talk is a joke x 1000. Please beat, no, actually be somewhat competitive with RB and then you can talk. What happened today should never happen on a home teams field. To anybody. Time to put your tail between your legs and keep your big mouths shut. You have nothing to say. Nothing.
    New York is Red. And it’s not even close.
    Not by miles.

    • Nick Chavez

      The issue here is not whether we won or lost but rsather that we are part of the global phenomena that is City Football Group. We are TRUE New Yorkers who live in Westchester and CT. We are hip and COSMOpolitan!

  • Hrvat

    Embarrassing. I don’t want to hear anything from fake, man city B fans until they can actually do something. I give them little credit for booing Lampard. If in fact they were booing

  • Ralph

    This is a very embarrassing result for Team Glam. At least Mix’s hair looked damn good!

  • The only garber

    I’m a cosmos fan but to be honest I saw this coming. Small ugly field, no team chemistry with pirlo or lampard.
    Villa needs help and if I was nycfc i would trade lampard or pirlo, and go for zlatan or Mexicos Carlos vela and look for a cheap #10.
    By the way I can’t recall another MLS expansion team with so much PRESSURE AND HATE.
    The next expansion team with this huge pressure will be LAFC and Miami will have the worst pressure to perform.
    At least Nycfc have fans :)

    • Alex

      Cosmos World..

  • NYisRed

    $21 million payroll and you don’t have a single first division backline player. Your GK should be a backup, 2 of your 3 DP’s are in the top 5 worst big name signings in MLS history and your coach is in over his head. Your fans are as much a disgrace as your playing field. Other than that, well done Blue!

  • Alex Muyl is the first player from the five boroughs to score in the derby. Pretty cool!

  • Bob

    I hope Mansour doesn’t take this out on his slaves

  • i wonder how much money NYCFC got from this deal, this doesnt even look like a football match, it looks more like a fake match, especially the goalkepper seems to be a poor actor, they arent that bad to lose 7 – 0 and that in front of their own fans.

    • Laughing at Nick Chavez

      No, they are that bad.

      • i have seen them playing, and im not saying that they are one of the best teams in MLS, but this result is ridiculous, and even the players didnt look like they were playing seriously in this match you can clearly see that they took the goals way to easy.

        • Laughing at Nick Chavez

          They can’t defend corner kicks and they don’t run hard. The Red Bulls exposed their weaknesses. If you keep going at boy city’s two biggest weaknesses, they really are that bad.

  • Laughing at Nick Chavez
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