Bloomberg walks back NYCFC to Yankee Stadium talk


Shortly after EOS reported the contents of Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s radio address Sunday evening, City administrative officials scurried to re-word their official release, scrubbing any mention of the much ballyhooed NYCFC to Yankee Stadium move.

What once read “Yankee Stadium will become the home of the New York City Football Club, the first soccer club in the five boroughs since the 1970s,” now simply stated “And soon a new stadium will become home to the New York City Football Club.”

An official statement from the Mayor’s office followed explaining the “error” in question.

“The script for the mayor’s radio address on Sunday overstated the possibility that the New York Football Club could play some games at Yankee Stadium while they search for a permanent home,” Deputy press secretary Julie Wood said. “No decision has been made on where they will play. Wherever they end up, we are thrilled to welcome Major League Soccer to New York City, where pro sports are creating jobs and pumping millions into our economy.”

While club officials from Director of Football Claudio Reyna to co-owner Hal Steinbrenner have openly spoken about the possibility of the move, neither the club nor the City were willing to confirm Yankee Stadium to be NYCFC’s temporary or permanent home.

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  • HaywoodJablome

    The mask slipped.

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