Bover Reflects on His New York Adventure



Ex-New York Red Bull and Cosmos winger Ruben Bover spoke with The Sun about his influences and gushed over his time with superstars while in New York. Bover played for both the New York Red Bulls and New York Cosmos.

“Thierry [Henry] is the best player I ever played with,” said Bover who played with the Red Bulls from 2013-15. “He is top level, a different class. All he has done is work hard at it.”

Bover, 24, made only 22 appearances over the two years he was with the Red Bulls and many of those were off the bench. But he sees that time as a chance to sit under the learning tree. Not only did he have the opportunity to play with Thierry Henry but also Tim Cahill, Juninho and others while wearing the red and white.

“Most of the guys in New York, him, Juninho, Cahill, all these superstar players, they would mess around with you but also work as hard as anyone there,” Bover told The Sun of Britain. “I had the luck to play with top players, people who I wanted to be like one day.”

Bover’s learning didn’t stop there; he moved on to the New York Cosmos in 2015, spending two years with the Spanish stars Marcos Senna and Raúl. While there he appeared in 38 games as a contributor to two NASL championships for the club.

“Raúl is another legend,” said Bover. “Especially for me as a Spanish guy watching him play for the national team. Being able to play next to him every day was amazing. I also shared a room with Marcos Senna, another Spanish football legend who won the Euros. He had the biggest impact on my game as a midfielder.”

After the Cosmos’ tumultuous off-season, Bover moved to England with the League 2 side Barnet F.C. Thus far he has only made one appearance but he is coming into his prime and could be on the verge of a breakout sweason. According to Bover, Barnet matches his personal ambitions as the club looks to move up the English pyramid.