Breaking Down The New York Red Bulls Salary List

Money Tifo

One of the main themes emanating from the New York Red Bulls front office this offseason was their difficulty in maneuvering a tight salary cap.

Now, you can judge the numbers for yourself.

The first salary release of the season has been issued by the MLS Players’ Union, and as always, there is plenty to analyze on the Red Bull front:


  • Bobby Convey comes to New York for a reasonable $147.5k.  That is down from the previous year at Toronto ($215k)
  • Armando brings New York a veteran at over a third less cost of Holgersson ($130k)
  • Maligned fullback Richard Eckersley is listed at $373,333.33, but as EOS reported in February, the Red Bulls will only pay a fraction of that, somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-150k.


While turnover was minimal year to year, some key players were lost in the roster shuffle. Here is what that means for New York:

  • Markus Holgersson is no longer on the books.  That is $199,500 cleared.  However, the team did buy him out of his final guaranteed year contract.  What that cost may be remains a mystery.
  • Brandon Barklage maintained his base salary to head to San Jose ($65k).  He also took less in guaranteed money with the move.
  • Fabian Espindola maintained his salary at $150k in joining D.C. United.
  • David Carney’s departure saved New York $167k this season.
  • New York never paid the full burden of Heath Pearce’s $340,736 salary.  In fact, they paid less than half of that amount.  Now, Pearce has joined Montreal for a flat $100k.


  1. Thierry Henry ($4.35 million)
  2. Tim Cahill ($3.63 million)
  3. Bradley Wright-Phillips ($372.5k)
  4. Richard Eckersley ($373,3k)
  5. Jamison Olave ($290k)


The Red Bulls are paying the league minimum ($36.5k) to Ambroise Bitolo, Ruben Bover, Santiago Castano, Chris Duvall and Eric Stevenson.


    • How much do the Red Bulls value Roy Miller?  He went from $123,745 to $200k this year.
    • Bradley Wright-Phillips makes an outstanding jump, paid $92.5k for half a seasons work to a whopping $372.5k this year.
    • 2014 hero Luis Robles also earns a sizable raise, going from $77.5k to $125k.
    • Petke favorite Eric Alexander also received a healthy reward for last season, up from $70,867 to $128,750
    • Jonny Steele earns a well deserved raise from $107,746 to $134,996.
    • Peguy Luyindula remains a bargain at $90k, up from $79.9.
    • Lloyd Sam earns a small increase, from $130k to $136,500.
    • Dax McCarty also sees a bump from $222.5 to $242.5.
    • Kosuke Kimura’s restructured contract means he gains a 5% raise, from $100k to 105k.
    • Most other players received small, standard bonuses year to year.
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