A Soccer Team Grows In Brooklyn? Borough Prez Wants Cosmos In Coney Island – Permanently


BROOKLYN, N.Y. – If Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams had his way, the New York Cosmos would be calling Coney Island their home.

Speaking to Empire of Soccer at a press conference promoting this Saturday’s Cosmos encounter in Coney Island’s MCU Park, Adams made no bones about his desire to lure the NASL side to his borough.

“I would love to have a team here in Brooklyn,” Adams said. “Soccer has grown over the years. Some of the experiments decades ago may have failed because we didn’t have the population. We were smart this time, starting children playing at an early age and they have grown up playing soccer.

“Soccer is no longer a strange sport only played in foreign lands.  It has a domestic appeal.”

In fact, Adams thinks the Cosmos would be a perfect fixture for the very place they will visit this weekend — Coney Island.

“There are still parcels of land we can build out in the Coney Island area that can hold a soccer team,” he explained. “We are looking to make Coney Island a year long destination and this can be a great start to that.”

Adams says there have been “many discussions” about bringing the team to Brooklyn.  “This [Saturday’s match] can be a great way to take it to the next level,” he said.

As Adams points out, the demographics of his borough are made for the global sport. One in five Brooklynites are Hispanic, Spanish and Latino based. Further, a young generation of “hipsters” have taken on the sport of soccer as their own, crowding busy bars and markets for matches on a weekly basis.

Those numbers are not lost on the Cosmos. While the team continues to push for approval on their “Elmont Crossing” bid — a New York State RFP meant to revitalize the downtrodden Elmont area with a 25,000 seat soccer stadium at the heart of the project — they have also revealed their initiative to look for other suitable locations in case their proposal falls through.

This Saturday serves as a social experiment that can sway the team away from their Nassau County roots.

“We are committed to being able to build a stadium. The borough that makes that happen is the one we will decide to be,” declared Cosmos’ coach Giovanni Savarese. “Brooklyn is welcoming us here. We do have a project. We have to wait for the right procedure. You are all aware of what we have done so far. We have to first understand that part [of the deal], but the team is ready to have a stadium.”

“[Soccer] will continue to grow if we bring a sports team [to Brooklyn] that young people can look on TV and see their players and wear their jerseys,” Adams adds. “That is a great way of growing it here.”



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  • Prez


    • facebook_deepblack67

      Love is in the air.

  • facebook_deepblack67

    MTA is my Cosmos future friend?

  • Willy wonka

    Interesting, I guess ny will have 3 teams. (Including NJ)

  • meh

    Pretty awful location for the team.

    Difficult to get to by car, and by subway it would take forever unless you live around prospect park and areas south of that or east (flatbush).

    From any point in northern Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or the Bronx, forget it.

    • Smith

      It’s right off the Belt Parkway and the D train is an express train.

      • tj keller

        So is the F, but to get to coney island on those trains end to end takes well over an hour and a half. Plus, if you dont live along those train lines getting to them is also annoying as living hell. As for by car driving along the belt at that point is seldom easy or fun and parking is a nightmare.
        Nonetheless itn ould be a great oppurtunity if they can snag it.

        • Smith

          Depends where you’re coming from. If you live in Sunset Par, for example. It’s a breeze.

          No matter where it is, it’ll be a struggle for someone. I live in Bay Ridge. I make it out to Hofstra.

          Annoying, but it can be done

  • CosmosUniverse

    Yes please!!!

  • It’s about an hour on the subway from midtown manhattan, 35 minutes from the Barclay’s center. Plenty of parking. Plus there’s planned ferry service. Not that I think this is going to happen, but it would be plenty convenient.

  • jspech

    If anyone has been to Coney Island on a weekend, they know this is a slam dunk. Put a roof on it to, it’s cold after labor day. The alternative site I wanted some badly. Former & present BP wanted this. Sweet, Green Peepers, make it so!

  • I’m sold! Lets ditch Belmont and get the ball rolling on Coney Island!

  • Kevin

    I hope this isn’t just more political rhetoric… long island is a long drive from the Jersey shore. Let’s go Brooklyn!

  • Willy wonka

    It’s just talk, I don’t believe it will happen.
    Then if we talking serious business, what’s better for cosmos, Brooklyn Coney Island or next to Barclays, queens or elmont.
    I hear too much this and that and probably nothing will happen and fans say this is better than elmont. Why?
    One very good option is to buy out red bull and probably be cheaper. Not only that but cosmos might even have money left after buying red bull to change the seats to green and yellow.
    Money talks just ask maywheather and pacman

    • green side

      We would spend 400 mill on a stadium and surrounding development of our own pocket no sweat, what makes you think we’re looking to “save money”. Nothing is getting built by Barclays forget it.

      • slowleftarm

        Lol, 400 million for a minor league soccer stadium?!

        • Kevin

          a minor league team that you seem very obsessed about

        • Smith

          You spend far too much time thinking about the Cosmos. I am concerned for your well being.

          • slowleftarm

            Nah just killing time at work and checking this site for news on RBNY but sometimes the Hempstead fanboys make me chuckle.

            • Smith

              The crowd at Red Bull Arena is chuckle worthy tonight. I’m here right now and I can practically count heads

              • Larry’s A Simpleton

                cosmos fanboys laughing at another teams attendance #’s. man o man you cant make this stuff up. for a team thats so organic, grassroots and authentic you could only get 5,000 (allegedly) in freakin’ brooklyn! And what was there cleared out at halftime. i was having lunch with a high up nasl official and he told me the league was sorry they ever let that mess of a franchise in. they cant wait for the cosblos to fold. its only a matter of time.

                • Smith

                  Actually, I go see both the Red Bulls and Cosmos ’cause I love soccer.

                  Crowd wasn’t bad in Brooklyn. I stuck it out but, my, it was cold.

                  Red Bulls draw ok, but the #s are often inflated. The game against Colorado had a small crowd and it was not particularly enthusiastic.

                  NYCFC’s crowds will thin out if they keep losing. The excitement will disappear with the newness.

  • Paul

    Brooklyn. Ick.

    • Smith

      What’s wrong with Brooklyn?

      You got some place better?

  • HydraHamster

    That’s wonderful news. Hopefully the NY Cosmos will be in Coney Island. Brooklyn will have a professional team and a semi-pro team (Brooklyn Italians) if this works out.

  • David D

    If they move to Brooklyn will they be called the Brooklyn Cosmos? Maybe they can get Brooklyn Brewery as another sponsor with their logo on the jerseys. That would look cool.

  • David D

    somebody beat me too it: check out this jersey design:

    • Kevin

      That’s an awesome Jersey. Now we just need to get an actual stadium

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