Red Bulls announce creation of USL Pro team

As reported by EOS earlier this month, the New York Red Bulls have officially announced the creation of a stand-alone USL Pro team.

“We are proud about this important moment in the history of our organization,” said Sporting Director Ali Curtis in a club statement. “This platform will integrate coaches, players and staff at all levels from the Academy, USL PRO and First Team as we are excited to start competing at the USL PRO level this season.

“We are extremely committed to excellence as a club, investing in all areas of player development and providing a pathway such that our sporting operations have a more efficient opportunity to align tactically, technically and philosophically.”

As of now, the USL Pro side is both nameless and homeless.  The team will announce both the club moniker and their home grounds at a later date.  As we reported some time ago, both Red Bull Arena and Columbia University’s Bakers Field are up for contention to host the team.  They will, however, train out of Hanover, New Jersey where the first team and academy congregate.

“This is a great opportunity for us as a club to provide our younger players with a professional environment to compete in and develop into legitimate first team players,” said head coach Jesse Marsch. “Our commitment to youth development is very important to us and the addition of a USL PRO team strengthens that.”

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  • I would argue that the team is not nameless. A few of us got together on Twitter yesterday and decided that the USL Pro team’s name is New York Red Bulls Limited Edition Sugar-Free.

  • Stevie

    Congratulations to the Red Bulls for accomplishing what half the league has already accomplished. Much luck to “those that shall not be named”

  • Smith

    Would it have been better if they DIDN’T DO IT?

    I know we are all angry at ownership, but, really, it’s a good thing here.

  • slowleftarm

    Don’t quit your day job.

  • Alphonse Diablo

    NYRB already have a team in the NPSL. So they basically moved from Division 4 to Division 3 on the USS pyramid. Earth-shattering news, Ali Curtis! You’re still a hump.

  • Udo

    Call them Metro FC. Would the supporters appreciate that? Or is that an empty gesture?

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