Red Bulls, Arsenal set to face off in first ever “New York Cup”


HARRISON, N.J. – Friendly matches always struggle to produce competitive action.

A cup can add to the incentive.

The New York Red Bulls held a press conference at Saturday’s venue, Red Bull Arena, revealing the match to be the very first “New York Cup” competition.

“It’s going to be a great night,” head coach Mike Petke said. “It’s phenomenal for the club, the organization, for the players, the league as a whole to have a club like Arsenal, one of the best clubs in history, in the world, coming here and playing against us.

“We are very excited about it and are looking forward to it.”

The New York Cup will include a trophy presentation to the winner, adding to the narrative surrounding this match. Of course, this is Arsenal’s first trip to New York and both teams have a shared stake in one legendary player — Thierry Henry.

“For me, it’s going to be weird, but it’s like being in training,” Henry downplayed. “I trained with them offseason. The thing I am happy about is for the U.S. fans to be able to see Arsenal and also some of the kids in our squad to be able to play against them. Some of the guys were not here yet when we played Arsenal at the Emirates so I think it will be a great thing for them to play against a team that has the quality of Arsenal Football Club.”

Petke made sure to emphasize that Henry would not play a full 90 minutes. It is more likely that the star completes around 60 minutes; perhaps slightly more. While a showcase match, the Red Bulls maintain their focus on league competition, which continues with a midweek fixture against Real Salt Lake in Utah.

“It’s a glamor thing for the league and the fans and I hope they enjoy it,” Petke explained. “Saturday night is fun. Saturday nite is exciting. Wednesday night is important.”

For Henry — who admits this match holds less meaning to him than his previous encounter against Arsenal at the Emirates Cup — this match serves as an opportunity for his younger teammates to face quality opposition in an environment, he hopes, will live up to the billing.

“Hopefully the stadium will be full, and not having a go, but it would be a first for us right?” Henry said. “It would be unbelievable if people come and support us too — not only Arsenal.”

  • BillManning

    The “New York Cup”?

    New Jersey Red Bulls vs a team from England = Not New York at all.

    So if the Harrison, New Jersey Red Bulls lose to Arsenal, as they likely will, then they also lose the fictitious New York Cup? What does that even mean? They can’t beat teams from New York (e.g. Cosmos) and less teams from around the world in order to proclaim themselves as kings of another state? What a farce.

    As far as anyone knows, the New Jersey Red Bulls pay New Jersey taxes, not New York; therefore they represent the lesser and not the latter. They can go ahead and call it the Landfill Cup – it’s going to end up in the garbage anyway.

    Like Mike Petke said before, friendlies and USOC “mean nothing” – to him. Unless he thinks this is the World Cup or Superbowl for Red Bull New Jersey. Hmmm… the irony.

    Go Arsenal. Fly your Emirate-selves all over the red BULL.

    • Newbold

      An utterly stupid comment all round. Shut up and just enjoy the game.

      • BillManning

        No, you shut up and only speak when you have something of intellect to contribute, or when someone cares to give you time to. Troglodyte!

        Enjoy your Landfill Cup.

        • Newbold

          Anger management issues or just large chip on the shoulder? Cosmos fan perhaps?

          • BillManning

            Is that what girls sarcastically say when they walk away from you at first glance? Pssshh… you jest. Let’s keep it real. Cosmos 3 – 0 Red Bulls. Loud and clear. Energy drink fan perhaps?

            Most true Metro Stars/Red Bulls fans that I know of have dismissed this farce. It’s not that Red Bulls are playing Arsenal. It’s not that they are competing for a friendly trophy. In fact, me and many others were in support of it and them.
            It’s the level of ridiculousness and embarrassment that the organization goes which knows no bounds by choosing such a self-glorifying title.

            There is only one reason they would name it the “New York Cup” and it is to disrespect other clubs that actually play in New York.

            Whatever it is, it certainly does not represent New York state.

            • Newbold

              No little girls watch the plastic Cosmos on a plastic pitch at a school playing field.

              Anyway most American sports competitions are ridiculous so I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape by the NY Cup. I mean AllStar games are pretty dumb, and the so-called World Series is supposedly played by the World Champions?? Get over it dude.

              • BillManning

                You have no real come back and all you can do to try to steer topic is talk about little girls? Sounds like someone is looking into the mirror. Suck it up, big girls don’t cry.

                You are calling a friendly, in this case the fictitious “New York Cup” which is played between a team from another country vs a team from New Jersey, an American Sports Competition. How confusingly intertwined you get. I pity you.

                Then you foolishly compare an All-Star game (for any league sport) to this “New York Cup”, which is unanalogous solely on premise. One actually is representative of their title, the other is not. How extremely absurd you get. Landfill Cup would better suit it.

                And finally you bring up a league championship, with an important history that I am not going to dissect here, and juxtapose it to a “meaningless” friendly and place them in the same breath – calling them ridiculous. You most certainly are ridiculous.

                Had Arsenal invited the New Jersey Red Bulls to play a friendly in London, England and created a trophy called the London Cup to crown the winner, every club (over 40 of them) in London including all their supporters from around the world would be outraged and disgusted. To their credit, Arsenal would never do that to their counterparts or vice versa because they have class. Arsenal has the Emirates Cup.

                Red Bulls are not even from New York state and they already lost to a legitimate team from here, 3 – 0.

                Case closed: June 14th, 2014

                • Newbold

                  Get over it mate. The Red Bulls played Arsenal in London and won the Emirates Cup, named after an Arab airline. I think you need to get out more.

                  • BillManning

                    The more you speak, the more ignorant you sound. Better to stop when your face is laying flat on the ground and there is no way for you to stand.

                    The name Emirates for the Emirates Cup is used as a sponsorship for the event, not to define what the event is, which is an invitational friendly (tournament). Moron!

                    Emirates is the main sponsor of Arsenal and their stadium. They don’t call their tournament the London Cup. It is not used to proclaim the champion of London. Unlike what Red Bulls were masquerading.

                    Red Bulls could have called their friendly something to the effect of the “Red Bull Invitational Cup” or similar. But since they never won a league championship of any kind, they needed to feel like they could win something even as ridiculous as the “New York Cup” which they rightly never earned and lost to the Cosmos 1 month ago. What’s next the “United States Soccer Cup”? Spare us your lopsided mentality!

                    Either way, no one respects what they did or acknowledge their farce. There organization is a laughing stock.

                    • Newbold

                      The Emirates Cup and the ‘International Champions Cup’ are equally pointless. Who fucking cares??

                      So bitter about the Red Bulls. Cosmos will dissolve in the next 2 years when they realize they can never build a stadium and will become the laughing stock of US soccer.

      • “Shut up and enjoy the game”… Is that you, Don Garber?

        • Newbold

          I enjoyed the game. Did you?

  • it would be nice to have an actual ‘New York Cup’ with teams like Cosmos, Red Bull, NYCFC, and even teams like Brooklyn Italians. maybe someday the leagues can put their differences aside and do a NY based competition.

    • BillManning

      Well said!

  • JOhn

    Henry said it would be nice if the stadium was full for the game. It would be if the owners let you buy a ticket to the game without having to buy at least 4 more games (originally you had to buy season tix). They opened up seats first to season tx holders, then to Arsenal Supporters, then the general public. But when you tried to get them, they told you you had to get season tix also. Stupid, stupid move. They had a chance to get a lot of new people into their stadium and showcase it. And for the guy complaining the New York Cup is being played by a Jersey team, get real. The Jets and Giants have been in NJ since 1976. Deal with it.

    • BillManning

      First, unlike the Red Bulls, both the New York Jets and the New York Giants originally played in New York state.
      Second, neither one plays a team out-of-state or from another country and calls it the New York Cup or Bowl to disrespect the other, especially after already losing to the other local team.
      There is a big difference!

      New Jersey Red Bulls = No New York class.

      • Newbold

        You have no class. Bitter.

        • BillManning

          Throwing a tantrum I see. Grow up.

  • Red Bull already lost the “New York Cup”, 3-0 to the NY Cosmos.

    But I’m guessing most RB and Arsenal fans see this as stupid as the rest of us.

    • Newbold

      Of course the NY Cup is stupid. When when you have some retard trash talking about the Landfill Cup and the defunct idea that they should be the NJ Red Bulls, someone needs to place the rock down on this creep.

      • BillManning

        “Of course the NY Cup is stupid.”

        That is the only intelligent statement you’ve made thus far from all your rambling.

        When a team like the New Jersey Red Bulls loses to a team in New York state like the Cosmos or whomever and then goes around creating a fictitious trophy like the “New York Cup” to insult and attempt to negate what already transpired you will always get adequate response. Ignoramus!

        • Newbold

          You are delusional. Do you see demons? Or you must have a Cosmos ‘Napoleon’ complex…

          • Newbold

            Could be a Massapequa/Strong Island thing.