Red Bulls’ Lloyd Sam: Cosmos ‘Better Than Us In Every Way’


New York Red Bull midfielder Lloyd Sam says what he feels, and he certainly didn’t mince words after losing to the New York Cosmos 3-0 at Shuart Stadium.

“They deserve the win,” Sam said. “They were better than us in every way. There was no real reason. They deserved it. They played well. What more can I say?”

Sam, widely considered this year’s midfield engine, was stymied on the flank, put up against Spanish veteran Ayoze down the right hand side. The English winger had trouble shaking his assignment, forcing the Red Bulls into an unenviable long-ball game that eventually played into the Cosmos hands.

“With the lineup we picked, it looked like we were focusing to win it,” Sam observed. “One of the strongest lineups we could pick, maybe without [Luis] Robles.

“There wasn’t any excuses. There wasn’t a difference in ambition. You watched the game. They caught the ball up front, they were sharp, did everything in the back and I would say we tried but they were just better than us.”

Sam insists that the NASL side didn’t catch the Red Bulls sleeping either. “They didn’t surprise me at all,” he said. “We were talking this week and I was saying this would be harder than the New England game. Obviously, on turf, it is always difficult.

“You know this was going to be like a World Cup game for them and besides that, we knew they would come out and we were intending to match that and they were better than us today. That is all it is.”

Despite his praise for the NASL champions, Sam did wonder aloud just how the outcome would be effected if the team’s met on a different venue.

“It would be interesting to play them at Red Bull Arena,” he said. “It would be a very different game.

“When they bring us here on a difficult pitch, windy and all that, it’s always going to be tougher. Naturally, it’s like a World Cup game for them. They want to be in a situation we are. It’s tough. It’s always tough. I would like to play them at home to have a better opinion [on how they stack up to MLS teams].”

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  • cosmojo

    Build Belmont and RBNY can come back and see how we are on full grass. Cosmos aren’t just building a stadium but building but a team and organization and along the way a fan base. As good as this team and front office is they are just beginning. See you in Philly. Nice seeing you at game dave keep up the great coverage.

    • Anonymous

      Except I’d be shocked if they win the Belmont bid. I doubt the State will go with their 25,000 seat stadium / mixed use bid. Too much risk of it winding up a white elephant. Even with great Fall attendance, they’ll be lucky to average 6,000 a game. ‘Build it and they will come’ is a pipe dream. I was at the USOC match…in actuality there were probably 7,500 in attendance, and 10-15% were Red Bulls fans. They made a huge marketing push…not exactly wowing the decision makers. If this fails, what’s plan B? I am a loyal Red Bulls fan from Long Island, but I’d like to see the Cosmos get a Nassau stadium and join MLS for a real rivalry.

      • Anonymous

        Im not sure where you got that 7500 number from but I was at the game as well and the only section that wasn’t filled was the corner section next to the five points. I thought the number they announced was pretty accurate

        • The real Stan

          2nd that

  • Dan in New York

    I was at the game and Sam was the only one on the Red Bulls hustling. I’m a Red Bulls fan but I’d love to see Cosmos kick the Union’s donkey butts!

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