BWP Brace Helps Red Bulls Cruise Past DC United



HARRISON N.J. – If ever there were a statement game, this was it.

Bradley Wright-Phillips scored two goals as the New York Red Bulls dominated their rivals DC United 3-0, pulling within two points of first place in the Eastern Conference. Lloyd Sam opened the scoring in the first, setting the tone for an impressive Red Bulls performance in front of 22,645 fans in Harrison.

New York dominated from start to finish, with DC only having seemingly momentary spells of possession. The Red Bulls now controls much of its own destiny in the East with three games in hand on DC United.

“Overall it was a very good performance,” said head coach Jesse Marsch after the game. “We set the tone from the very start and we played at a pace that was very fast. Our goal is to try to always make the game fast and see if we can overwhelm teams. I think in many ways we were able to accomplish that.”

The game bore a similar resemblance to New York’s US Open Cup clash against the Philadelphia Union early in the first half. Red Bull enjoyed solid possession and threatened with crosses into the box but couldn’t find the killer strike to go ahead. Bill Hamid stood on his head in front of a jittery DC defense, stopping most shots that came his way or narrowly seeming them pass the goal post.

That changed in the 33rd minute when Wright-Phillips found Lloyd Sam in the box. The Englishman slotted his opportunity past Hamid and put New York ahead 1-0.

The goal didn’t stop the onslaught as New York continued to pepper Hamid — with Sam nearly scoring again in the thirty-sixth minute.

The first of Bradley Wright-Phillips’ two goals came in the forty-second minute when Mike Grella’s cross was put into the top corner of the DC goal to cap off a brilliant team effort. DC limped into the locker room with head coach Ben Olsen fuming on the sideline and searching for answers.

“I feel that we are a very difficult team to play at Red Bull Arena,” said Bradley Wright-Phillips, the team’s leading goal-scorer. “Playing DC it makes it a bigger occasion and I think we showed up today.”

New York continued to dominate possession and chances at goal in the second half. Bill Hamid made an acrobatic save to keep the score reasonable early in the half. However, in the 64th minute, Wright-Phillips once again showed his goal-scoring ability, staying onside on a tight run and beating Bill Hamid with a hard shot. The team’s leading scorer came off in the seventy-fourth minute with a toe injury, but it doesn’t seem like something that will keep him out of action.

New York continues its surge up the standings, now only two points away from DC United in the Eastern Conference and four points from the LA Galaxy for the Supporters’ Shield. Next up for the Red Bulls — another clash with the Chicago Fire. This time the Fire will visit Red Bull Arena one week from Friday.

Scoring Summary:

NY – Lloyd Sam (7) ‘33
NY – Bradley Wright-Phillips (12) ‘42
NY – Bradley Wright-Phillips (13) ‘64

Game Misconducts:
DC- Steve Birnbaum (caution, foul) ‘8
DC – Connor Doyle (caution, foul) ‘65

New York Red Bulls: Luis Robles; Connor Lade, Damien Perrinelle, Kemar Lawrence (Sal Zizzo, 83’), Matt Miazga; Dax McCarty (Gonzalo Veron, 74’), Felipe, Lloyd Sam, Mike Grella, Sacha Kljestan; Bradley Wright-Phillips (Sean Davis, 74’)

DC United: Bill Hamid; Bobby Boswell, Sean Franklin, Steve Birnbaum, Taylor Kemp; Chris Pontius (Conor Doyle, 63’), Markus Halsti (Michael Farfan, 60’), Nick DeLeon, Perry Kitchen; Chris Rolfe, Alvaro Saborio (Jairo Arrieta, 76’)

Referee: Jair Marrufo
Referee’s Assistants: Eric Boria, Felisha Mariscal
4th Official: Juan Guzman

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  • Metro SC’

    • DP55 for MVP

      Of the 6 games that Damien Perrinelle didn’t play in, Miazga was the CB for NYRB in 4 losses, 1 draw and 1 win w/out Perrinelle.

      Conversely, Perrinelle has only 1 loss w/out Miazga in the match, and that was a respectable 1:2 in Seattle.

      Damien Perrinelle deserves a LOT more credit than he gets and more than Miazga. Perrinelle deserves to be in the team MVP conversation as he’s anchored a B4 that has allowed the least amount of goals allowed in the East, by far. And of the East low 28 GA for NYRB, 13 of the goals were in games that Perrinelle didn’t play in (and Miazga did). One step further: w/ Perrinelle on the pitch, NYRB has allowed 15 goals in his 18 games. DP’s GA is 0.8!!! Perrinelle’s play has been incredible.

      In 2014 NYRB goals allowed per game was 1.5 and they went to the East finals. This year Perrinelle has anchored them to a league best 1.1 goals allowed per game (again, 12 of the 28 were with DP out). On the offensive side, goals for in 2014 was 1.6/gm and this year is 1.5/gm, a slight declined under Jesse. That’s why I believe Perrinelle is the biggest difference and should be Best XI for MLS by season’s end.

      The biggest difference has not been the offense, or the coaching or new player signings, it’s the evolution of DP55 who was brought to us by Andy Roxburgh.

      • Slowleftarm

        Still with the anti-miazga posts?

  • US Soccer

    I was there! The Arena was electric! The Red Bulls manhandled DC! We are ready for the Galaxy! Bring it on!

    • RedBallz

      Even with two sellouts against NYCFC, the Red Bulls are down 2% for average attendance for the year. Doing so well this year…..only to slowly lose fans…..classic.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t say we lost fans of RBNY. I’ll attribute that 2% to the fans who were only there to see Henry play.

        • RedBallz

          Okay…so the 2% were only there to watch Henry play….what about the two sellouts for NYCFC? Only fans against NYCFC? So the team is doing well and there’s no more interest in the team? They have a top notch stadium….that although in Jersey….is generally as convenient to get to from NYC as most arenas in the area. Where are the fans? This team has absolutely failed to capture any growth in the fan base. The front office should be ashamed of themselves.

          • WilliamsburgHipster

            Seems like RedBallys butt is still sore from Petke. Always comes to this site to complain. Get a life.

            • RedBallz

              Says the troll? What life do you have except to troll NYCFC fans? Why are you here? They have articles for the NYCFC fans you know? Go troll them…..or try leaving your mom’s basement for a change.

              • Larry is s Simple Man

                You know, I was thinking of painting my ballz red for the next NYCFC post game named dance party! You guys with me on this?

                • RedBallz

                  You should have no trouble finding plenty of RedBull fans willing to help you in many ways with your balls.

                  • Slowleftarm

                    We are all impressed with the hordes of soccer newbies and skinheads at the baseball stadium but don’t you have to talk about the game in the field at some point?

                    • RedBallz

                      Okay. The grittiness and the hard play of the RB’s means you can take advantage of weak teams like NYCFC that have old men that can’t physically hold up….and teams like DC that have no ability to pressure your defense and keep possession for long periods. But against many of teams in the West….you will get absolutely creamed. Ironic since red bulls taste like tears.

                    • slowleftarm

                      So what “Redballz” meant to say is: “my **** team obviously can’t beat RBNY and it looks like DC can’t but I sure hope someone can!”

        • Anonymous

          This is incorrect info. Get your facts straight. Attendance is up.

          • RedBallz

            Not according to a link someone else posted. I think I’ll go with that since we all know you can’t fill your stadium.

      • Don’t forget

        Thousands of STHs asked for their money back in January and was told to shove it. Those 5,000 people are being counted as TICKETS SOLD for games that they are NOT showing up to.

        Translation: many of those 5,000 will not be duped next season and will not renew for 2016 meaning more of a drop in ‘reported’ attendance.

        • Anonymous

          If you really think 5,000 people are sitting home, eating the cost of their STH because of Petke, you’re delusional. They’re either going or they’re selling their tickets. Those seats aren’t empty.

          Barring a total collapse or terrible playoff showing, STHs will probably go up after this year with the positive performance outweighing the ghost of Petke. Time (and winning) heals all wounds. If people really are still mad about Petke, they’ll be replaced by new fans, attracted by the team and their attractive play.

          • Facts

            1 – Attendance is down.
            2 – You have a hate-Petke fetish.

            • Smith

              2014 attendance was 19,052 avg

              2015 though Aug 23 was 19,607.

          • Smith

            I was there last night, Terrific crowd.

            Here’s the MLS attendance figures through last week.


            Red Bulls are #12. Could be better, still respectable. Better than some other legacy team like RIPs team, DC United, who are dead last.

    • RedBallz

      I will laugh even harder at your collapse against LA than the destruction of NYCFC. At least they realized halfway through that they were going to get killed. You still believe. All those hopes and dreams crushed yet again…..should be fun.

  • Alexi?

    Lalas actually said Sasha was the best player on the field. He played well, good distribution, poor shooting, but good overall. But how the hell can Lalas not mention BWP as playing the best? BWP was throwing his body all over. 2g/1a… Hey Alexi, BWP was Man of the Match!

    I wonder what was going on in Lalas’ mind when he said NY & LA (the two teams he screwed up with as GM) are now the best in the East & West.

    I did take exception to Alexi’s comment that NYRB finally has a plan with Jesse/Ali. It’s not like they took over a struggling team. NYRB did finish in the East Finals and won the Supporters Shield in the 2 years prior to Jesse/Ali. But I kept telling myself (It’s only Alexi… It’s only Alexi… It’s only Alexi… )

    Seriously, I do hope it’s a NY/LA MLS Cup. Should be great. Kudos, NYRB… they beat the snot outta 1st place DC and looked like world beaters. BUT… temper that with a bad loss to lowly Chicago just a few days ago.

  • #redbullshout


    Playing great?

    Nice crowds?


  • US Soccer

    Yeah I think Lexi was a little off. BWP was the man last night!

  • US Soccer

    New York United

  • RedBallz

    Hey everyone, its me again. I’m mad because Red Bulls didn’t ask me before they fired Petke. My saviour was going to be NYCFC to show them. You know, kind of like that loser Colombine wimp that you beat the **** out of in school, likes the pretty girl, girl doesn’t know he exists. Yeah. That’s me. Anywho, my NYCFC jealously trap isn’t working becasue they are not playing well at all. Red Bulls beat the first place team last night so I will find 1,000 excuses to say that doesn’t count. I’m just mad about Mike Petke. I love him. Stop giving me a hard time. It’s not like I have anything else going on so back off.

    • RedBallz

      I’m the perfect Red Bull fan. I watch the games but spend no money on them and never attend a game… know…a red bull fan. Hey! Maybe they can make the playoffs and then choke a dick again this year! Yay! The battle to get annihilated by the Galaxy is on!

      • RedBallz

        Weak. I destroyed you on that one. 1 to nothing. See you again tomorrow.

        • RedBallz

          Tomorrow? I’ll see you tonight when your mom is gurgling on my dick. Don’t break my concentration on your way down to the basement though.

          • RedBallz

            I originated the basement joke for you Petke losers. Petke got fired. Red Bulls won’t sell. You are a loser. What do you do for a living? You can’t even afford the $10 for parking and when and if you ever went to RBA you bring your own food like a cheap heeb. How embarassing.

  • Rip

    Attendance means everything. Forget the standings.
    I’m obsessed with the avg attendance per game yet it’s never in the papers. Forget RB wiping out NY 3 times. It’s all about attendance. Forget my team is a bunch of losers, quitters,nobodies and has beens. It’s all about attendance. We’ve got Twitter followers and Facebook likes. Forget about 7th place, or is it 8th? Anyway it’s all about attendance! I’m so hip! I’m so ironic! I’m ready for Dallas! A loss? Who cares. It’s all about attendance! In January when I think back on the season I’ll repeat again…’s all about attendance.

    • Rip

      Haha…..Trolling me on the Red Bull articles doesn’t work as well because I don’t read them as much. Yes….all we have as NYCFC fans is attendance so I’ll keep repeating it. Besides… seems to get your goat. And I’m never hip…but always ironic. Oh…’re 12th in attendance. :)

  • RedBallz

    Can someone link me to the attendance standings? Strange that it’s not prominent on the front page.

    • RedBallz

      I know….it makes RedBulls fans cry because they’re all alone.

      • Rip

        Man city lite- 8th place. Swept badly by RB. Team falling apart. Old and boring.
        NY- about to finish first in East. Young and exciting.
        Yup – I would definitely focus on attendance if I was a boy city fan. That’s all you got. My condolences, really.
        If you need a hug let me know.

      • slowleftarm

        Yes, our stadium was only 85% or so full this weekend. How will we RBNY fans console ourselves? I guess by dominating DC, being near the top of the East and SS standings, and by looking back on 5 wins and a draw in 6 games against our two main rivals this season. That should help us feel better about a few empty seats. Besides I’d rather have some seats empty than have them filled by the raw chicken eating ladies of Battle Lion 49.

    • Rip
  • maso

    what was that dust-up between Marsch and the DC United Coach at the end of the game?

  • Slowleftarm

    Typical nyc soccer weekend. RBNY win, NYYFC lose and no one showed up in Hempstead so we don’t know what happened down in he minors.

    • Tony

      That is starting to look like a pattern,no? NYCFC just looks old and awful,Cosmos are quickly fading away and RB is looking pretty solid at the right time of year. The whole NASL idea is quickly losing relevancy. I predict in the not so distant future it will morph into the second div of MLS or disappear. It cannot sustain itself in the long run at the rate its going. MLS is really taking off and leaving it in its wake.As lame as the MLS is IMO, that is the reality of the situation.