Burnley put former New York Red Bull Dane Richards on loan market

(Image, MLSSoccer.com)

(Image, MLSSoccer.com)

Europe hasn’t been kind to Dane Richards.

Since officially transferring to Championship side Burnley this January, the Jamaican international has made all of two appearances with the club; one in the FA Cup and one during regular season play. He has seen a laughable 67 minutes of action in that time. In one of those matches, Richards came in as a 14th minute substitute only to be subbed out by the 59th.

Part of the problem has been adapting to the league itself, but working under a new boss hasn’t helped matters either. Richards was brought into the team thanks to a pre-contract agreement with then boss Eddie Howe. When he arrived in Burney, Sean Dyche was firmly behind the wheel.

Now, it has gotten to the point where neither he nor his club are satisfied with his standing. Thanks to that, Richards has become a moveable commodity as the hours tick away for Thursday’s Loan Deadline Day.

“Dane’s an interesting one,” Dyche tells the Burnley Express. “We didn’t know anything about him when he came in. I didn’t even know he was coming in until after I got here.

“We tried to get him up to speed but it took time,” he continued. “We gave him a look at it in a game and I didn’t think he was ready, so he came away from it.

“He has trained hard and worked hard … I do think the wide players have been the most changed players. I just don’t think he is as ready as the others.”

Asked whether those shortcomings would mean a loan, Dyche acknowledged it could. “Possibly. The Championship is an unforgiving league at times and it’s a tough one to just step into and do well immediately.”

While that may be a possibility, Dyche also said he did not “expect” any loan deals by today’s 5pm deadline.