BWP ‘Loves Nothing Better’ Than Poking ‘Hostile’ NYCFC Fans



BRONX – Bradley Wright-Phillips loves playing against New York City FC. And it shows.

Since the inaugural derby matches in 2015, Wright-Phillips has scored a total of six goals over four matches all-time between NYCFC and the New York Red Bulls.

On Saturday, he earned himself a brace within five minutes at the end of the first half. Both goals were scored right in front of the NYCFC supporter’s section.

That gave Wright-Phillips the opportunity to stoke the flames of rivalry. While NYCFC keeper Josh Saunders fished the second ball out of his net, BWP went right up to the City supporters, arms spread in defiance, making sure they knew who scored.

“I love nothing better than that,” Wright-Phillips said. “When you’re on the pitch, fans can talk a lot of rubbish. If I’m lucky enough to score, I let them know.

“I like them – a credit to their fans. They make it hostile. It’s always fun like that,” he continued. “When you go to somewhere and it’s not really too hostile, you don’t feel like you’re playing away. Today it definitely did.”

Earlier in the week, Wright-Phillips insisted that, while the rivalry between NYCFC and the Red Bulls was growing, New York’s biggest rival was still DC United.

After Saturday’s derby match, the striker wasn’t so sure.

“I won’t lie to you. When you come out at Yankee Stadium, there’s a different kind of feeling I have in my stomach. There’s a little bit of nerves in there,” he admitted. “So maybe it’s starting to be feel a bit more like a rivalry.”

Derby matches have a special place in the hearts and minds of footballers and supporters alike. In Europe, the word ‘derby’ recalls the Manchester clashes in England, the Milan wars in Italy and the Revierderby in Germany. In the US, Cascadia immediately jumps into the mind’s eye. When NYCFC was announced as a team, Major League Soccer was clearly trying to bring a taste of the derby rivalry to New York, and hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.

If the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium is any indicator, the Hudson River Derby is quickly growing into that. And like Bradley Wright-Phillips, many fans are waking up feeling just a bit more hate for their New York rivals.

  • troy

    He’s a great striker and when he scores goals like he did against NYCFC on Saturday, he can taunt those newbies all he wants.

  • jerry

    Complete and total domination.
    Still can’t believe 7-0.
    Team Glam has work to do.