Duty Calls: Miazga to miss significant time with Red Bulls


HANOVER, N.J. – The U.S. Men’s U-23 team is preparing for their Olympic qualifiers. The New York Red Bulls have their eyes set on the Supporters’ Shield and an MLS Cup run.

In between the ambitions of both teams lies Matt Miazga.

The stud 20-year-old centerback has been a vital part of the Red Bulls impressive season. However, he will be gone for some time — much to the behest of head coach Jesse Marsch.

“We wish that US Soccer would have shown more flexibility. They didn’t, which meant that we had to make a decision on whether to let him go or not,” Marsch told reporters on Wednesday. “We decided to let him go because we felt, again, that this was an important experience for him and that we knew he was excited about the opportunity as well.

“Not easy to lose him but we’re healthier now at that spot so we’re a little bit deeper.”

Olympic qualifiers begin October 1st in Kansas City against Canada. They continue on the 3rd against Cuba and end on the 6th against the Panama Olympic team.

The Red Bulls play Orlando this Friday at Red Bull Arena. For the remaining five matches, Miazga will miss home fixtures against Columbus Crew SC and Montreal Impact before returning for a road encounter against Toronto FC.

Of course it is worth noting: if the U-23 team makes it into the knockout rounds, the Final will land on the 13th; one day prior to the aforementioned Toronto match.

New York have no shortage of options to replace their star centerback. Karl Ouimette has filled in admirably in past matches. However, it is a healthy Ronald Zubar who will likely take the starting role in his absence.


  • Sergio

    the MLS and USA soccer really need to figure this out. Everywhere else in the world there are international breaks built in to help offset National Team Requirements. You never see teams in Europe lose key players during the stretch sun of the season for International duty of any kind.

    • DanGerman

      To be fair this is an U-23 Tourney most euro clubs aren’t losing starters to the Olympics, also Red Bulls should have made the appropriate signings for cover but this team isn’t about spending money it seems.

      • JD

        Miazga wasn’t even supposed to start for the team this year. He was the cover for Zubar and DP. Now, Zubar is the backup. Plus, a adequate depth back in Ouimette. That is two serviceable backups. So please tell me how the team didn’t find appropriate cover.

        • DanGerman

          Zubar has been hurt and unreliable and Perrinelle is a walking red card. Ouimette is also probably going to the Olympic Tourney so no they don’t have adequate cover.

          • JD

            Zubar is healthy again, so he IS cover. How many red cards has DP had? Hardly a red magnet. Ouimette may be gone but that is why you carry four CBs – for cover.

            • Fernando

              I believe DP leads the league in yellow cars. He’s also been suspended at least once for yellow accumulation, and a second time for hitting that bum from NYCFC. Funny thing is he was one yellow card away from getting suspended a second time for yellow card accumulation when that happened against NYCFC. The dude is a solid player, but he’s basically guaranteed a yellow card almost every game. It’s ridiculous.

              • Anonymous

                But not a red, that is my point.

          • I’m not sure but i think you bring guys up from Redbulls II USL team

        • BleedingRed

          Roy Miller, though better as a wingback, can also serve as a centerback like he does for Costa Rica. You’re right, there are more than enough options.

  • slowleftarm

    Will Ouimette be gone too? Not sure if he’s eligible for Canada’s U-23s but maybe on full national team duty?

  • Andrew Bissonette

    Isn’t playing the most important part of the regular season also a big learning opportunity for Miazga as well? Honestly, its probably just as big of a learning experience as playing in the Olympic Qualifying tournament.

  • William


    • YAWNNNNNNN our nation’s future, developed at the top division’s top team this season.

      • Anonymous

        The Red Bulls are strongest right now in the East, but that doesn’t put them on top of the MLS. The West is more competitive and the unbalanced MLS schedule makes the Supporter’s Shield a poor measure of a team’s objective quality in the league.

  • William

    top division are u kidding me guy ?

    • DanGerman

      Well in the United States MLS IS the top division. Now top team, that’s debatable. They’re good but I’d say the 3 top teams in the western conference are better.

      • William

        their fans are low class drunken losers

  • Gerald

    The 1st 2 games are not part of the FIFA window so no club is required to release players as it’s not on the FIFA calendar. As Marsch said Miazga was excited to go so they chose to let him leave