Eric Cantona sues New York Cosmos over breach of contract


When Paul Kemsley sought to resurrect the New York Cosmos back in 2011, he enlisted some big names to be attached to the club.

None bigger than Eric Cantona.

Now the former Manchester United legend, who once donned the colors of the Cosmos in a giant billboard display in Times Square, is suing the current ownership group for an alleged breach of contract.

According to the Associated Press, Cantona alleges the Cosmos “never delivered on promises to pay him and provide a share of equity in the club.” Cantona, who was originally hired as the club’s “Director of Soccer,” is suing for $1 million in lost wages and a 4% equity that he alleges owed due to an “unjust” dismissal.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday at a Manhattan district court.

The Cosmos privately terminated Cantona after an incident on March of 2014 where the Frenchman was arrested at a London pub for assaulting a paparazzi.

“I had a fight with a paparazzi whom I considered too intrusive,” Cantona told RL Radio shortly after the incident. “I spent three, four hours at the police station and I returned to Paris as planned. So they were bothering me, but I’m used to that.”

Clearly, Cantona did not believe the incident serious enough for dismissal.

EOS reached out to the New York Cosmos for comment on the report. William Primps, the New York Cosmos legal counsel, issued the following statement.

“Following his arrest in March 2014, the New York Cosmos terminated Mr. Cantona’s contract. We have not reviewed the complaint so we have no further comment at this time.”



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  • The Chrysler Building

    His departure at the Cosmos was always a bit off. He was quietly demoted from director of soccer to “international ambassador” a year before his altercation in London.

    A couple days after the incident, he was quoted as saying he didn’t know if he was still with the club: But no word about the fight with the photographer.

    Then when they did drop him, it was as you say “quietly”. Guess we’re learning the real reason now.

  • Chepe pedos

    Would have kept cantona as a ambassador or marketing ” director of soccer ” …. The Paul kemsley era, did a great job promoting the cosmos , better than their marketing staff today …. I think cantona is right , just my opinion ..

  • Shia LaBeouf

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea…

  • jimbo

    he technically almost ruined the Cosmos reboot by doing nothing for the club and only benefiting for himself. he’s a fool. Beside..he was know for being an ass to the public no surprise here

    • Alan Smithee

      Nothing? What about all that hard work… um… wait a sec… yeah, I’ve got nothing. But remember that time he kung-fu kicked the Palace supporter?

    • Jim

      The original Cosmos reboot was “ruined” by doing a lot of marketing and then only playing 1 glamour friendly overseas. Nothing doing on this side of the Pond (ya know, where they play).

  • Andrew Bissonette

    This guy is in for a rude awakening if he thinks they can’t fire him for that pub fight. In the US its very easy for them to terminate him. All they have to do is cite that this incident would’ve made it harmful to the club’s image for them to keep him as the Director of Soccer. He is not going to win anything off of this.

    • Ulrich

      It all depends on how his contract was written.

      • Andrew Bissonette

        Unless his contract says he can never be fired, he won’t be winning this.

        • Ulrich

          There are many possible clauses in contracts that can either allow for dismissal or prohibit dismissal based on circumstances. Perhaps you are privy to the paperwork, but if not then you’re simply spewing conjecture. Cantona may win, or the Cosmos may win, but it will take a thorough reading of the contract to understand the “protections” afforded to each party. And unless Cantona likes wasting money on fool’s errands, his legal team has some sort of substantial footing to present to the court, otherwise why waste time/money 2 years down the road ?!? He may also be looking for a settlement, but the way to that is through filing court papers.

  • Full 90

    Bad press is always good press right, this should make news in England.

  • Anthony

    The fact he wont win is irrelevant, he is bringing suit to encourage a settlement, it costs money to defend litigation.

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