Carlos Slim Spokesman Denies Billionaire has Interest in Cosmos

Carlos Slim


EoS reported yesterday on the rumored interest of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim in taking some type of ownership stake of the New York Cosmos. However, a denial of the possible link surfaced today from a source with close connection to Slim.

Newsday reporter Jim Baumbauch reached out to Arturo Elias Ayub, a board member of Slim’s conglomerate Grupo Carso and CEO of Telemex Foundation. Ayub, who is also Slim’s son-in-law, only used two words in his response on Twitter, but they were nonetheless emphatic.

Ayub’s denial is another drop in what has been a roller coaster offseason for the Cosmos and their supporters. The prospect of Slim rescuing the team was a welcome lifeline to grasp after it had placed most of the front office on furlough and failed to pay players on time this month.

The blunt refutation from a figure so high up in Slim’s camp only casts more uncertainty on what the future holds for the Cosmos. After only four years of the reboot era, the Cosmos are in need of a new strategy and new investment.

Cosmos CEO Seamus O’Brien stated earlier in the week that the team was waiting on a decision on the which direction the NASL would take in this week’s Board of Governors meetings before they would make any announcements of their own.