Celebrated Red Bulls podcast “Seeing Red!” goes daily!

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Mark Fishkin is a successful digital media professional who has worked with the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg over the past several years.

But that isn’t the part of Fishkin’s life that has earned him local fame.

Instead, Red Bull fans know him as the voice of Seeing Red! — the premier New York Red Bulls podcast. And now that he is between jobs, Fishkin is looking to take the success of Seeing Red! to the next level — and make it his living.

Fate has intervened, providing me with a perfect opportunity to make SR a full-time labor of love,” Fishkin tells EoS. “Given that the mainstream media continues to pass on regular coverage of the club, the time is right to serve the fans in the manner that they should be served. “

As of today, Seeing Red! is undergoing a major shift in operations. The weekly podcast is going daily — and Fishkin is seeking help from the fans to make it happen.

SRD expands on the wildly successful Seeing Red weekly podcast to a daily, subscriber-supported content source for Red Bulls news, opinion, and insight,” Fishkin said. “It will provide Red Bulls fans in the area and around the world fresh club content everyday, in audio, written, and video form.”

“SRD” has launched a patreon account, asking Red Bull fans to crowdfund his ambitious vision. “SRD will be at practice every day, and provide an insiders view of the club,” Fishkin explains. “We’ll look back at 22 years of club history, frame each opponent, and tell stories that Red Bulls fans crave.”

For fans worried about the weekly Seeing Red! podcast, there is no need to fret: Fishkin is keeping the show alive with his guest host, Joe Goldstein. SRD will expand on the Seeing Red experience, with the aim of giving Red Bull fans unprecedented coverage of the team.

“Personally, I hope that that fans see the value in the content I produce and subscribe,” he said. “Not to sound cliche, but for “pennies a day” fans can support someone who has shown dedication over seven plus seasons of covering the club”

To get involved, click this link!

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