Chanot: Rapids rout eased NYCFC debut



Maxime Chanot landed in New York on Thursday, trained Friday and played Saturday — not an ideal way for him to make his New York City FC debut.

Not that he was too concerned about it.

“I’ve been a professional for ten years, you know?” Chanot said. “I don’t want to disrespect anybody but I know how to play. I was really happy to play my first minutes here and I want to say thank you to New York City for giving me confidence and I will try to give back the best that I can.”

Chanot had a tidy debut coming on at the start of the second half after Jefferson Mena suffered an apparent hamstring injury. He had two interceptions, two clearances, a recovery and completed 28 of 29 passes, according to Opta. Afterwards he said he enjoyed NYCFC’s style of play.

“I like this way of playing where we pass and everything’s good,” Chanot said. “I’m really happy to be here and I’m sure I can improve myself and try to improve the whole of the team also.”

Chanot only had one training session with the team before Saturday. Due to suspensions and injuries, he was included in the team for Saturday’s match but was not expected to play the 45 minutes he eventually played. He said since The Pigeons’ advantages let him play in a more relaxed atmosphere.

“The team introduced me really well, the coach also” Chanot said. “I know Fred Brillant and played with him a few years ago so it was easier to play with players like they’ve got in New York City.”

With Brillant sitting next to him, Chanot explained how Patrick Vieira’s reputation as a player-turned-coach attracted him to the club. Though Vieira was suspended and thus, unable to instruct him, Chanot said assistant coach Cristian Lattenzio told him to play his natural game. And Brillant’s presence certainly helped him do so.

“I know how he plays and also it was easier to speak since French is my natural language,” Chanot said. “While I say Fred, there were other players who did well today. There are quality players so it’s always easier to come into a team like that.”

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  • MTF

    I hate NYC and even I don’t wish a nickname like ‘Pigeons’ on them! You’d think their fans would want them to take hold in the city and start to get better media coverage. A name like The Pigeons is a quick way to turn people off.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      better media coverage? like all those articles in the times, post, daily news and newsday? unlike that minor league team in nassau county?


  • MTF

    How about ‘Sewer Rats’?

    • Eric

      you are scum !!!!

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    Let’s ask Larry – What animal do you want to be called besides sheep?

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      I’m called “one of about 27000 average attendance per match who follows nyc only major league team and one of millions in the metro area couldnt give a **** about minor league soccer on long island” roflmao!!!


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