Charleston End NYRB II 12 Game Unbeaten Streak



New York Red Bull II lost their first game since May 1st ending a 12-game unbeaten streak against the Charleston Battery 3-2 at Red Bull Training Facility on Saturday afternoon.

The game, defined by the 90 degree plus temperature at game time, was very physical and saw the elements playing a major role in the outcome. Multiple water breaks and late injuries extended the game by an additional ten plus minutes.

The first half started slowly for New York Red Bull II as Charleston grabbed an early lead on the counterattack. Maikel Chang scored his second goal of the season. New York responded with a positive spell of possession but few strong chances at goal. Anatole Abang had numerous opportunities but his finishing left something to be desired. Charleston continued to absorb the pressure until the counterattack struck again as Obrian Woodbine garnered his second assist when Romario Williams scored his eighth goal of the season.

Chaos ensued in the second half as New York’s first substitute Stefano Bonomo scored on an empty net thanks to a fantastic pass from Florian Valot in the 51st minute. The lead disappeared just four minutes later as Kevin O’Toole scored his first professional goal in the 55th minute when his cross bounced in the box and curled into the net.

New York seemed primed to at least take a point from the game but Cuban international Heviel Cordoves came into the game and helped Charleston retake the lead in the 66th minute. His second goal of the season came on the counterattack yet again. From their New York continued to press but couldn’t find the combination to equalize the game.

New York’s loss ends their unbeaten streak but won’t hurt their standings in the Eastern Conference. Louisville City FC also lost their first in 17 games to FC Cincinnati. NYRB II continues their season next Saturday against the Richmond Kickers but will need to do it without Stefano Bonomo who received a straight red card late in the game for his physical play.


New York Red Bull II: Meara; O’Toole (’82 Simpara), Long Schmoll, Najem; Adams (’70 Williams), Metzger, Bezecourt (’52 Bonomo); Valot(’73 Plewa), Abang, Flemmings (’56 Allen)

Charleston Battery: Tambakis; Griffith (’88 Lasso), Meuller, Ferguson, Woodbine; Chang, Prince, Hackshaw, Adjetey (’45 Marini); Guerra (70′ Tsonis), Williams (’64 Cordoves)


‘9 (Charleston Battery) Maikel Chang (2) assisted by Obrian Woodbine (3)
’29 (Charleston Battery) Romario Williams (8) assisted by Obrian Woodbine (4)
’51 (NYRB II) Stefano Bonomo (4) assisted by Florian Valot (3)
’55 (NYRB II) Kevin O’Toole (1) unassisted
’66 (Charleston Battery) Heviel Cordoves (2) assisted by Maikel Chang (2)


’90 RED CARD (NYRB II) Stefano Bonomo

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