Chelsea boss Hiddink, Red Bull Global boss confirm Miazga Transfer



After months of speculation and swirling rumors, it looks like Matt Miazga is finally set to join Chelsea.

A German report quotes Red Bull Global soccer boss Oliver Mintzlaff confirming that the young Clifton, New Jersey product is in fact on his way to the Premier League. That was followed by a confirmation from current Chelsea boss Guss Hiddink on Friday.

“He is a promising player,” Hiddink told reporters on Friday. “We’re not rushing but he will be one of the squad members for the future. [He is a] young guy, stepping up to the national team. You can see what players are capable of in training.”

According to several reports, New York will receive a $5 million transfer fee, which will include $650k in MLS allocation money. That allocation cash will prove useful as sporting director Ali Curtis will need to find a replacement for Miazga, who anchored the Red Bulls defense with his outstanding play last season.

Dovetailing with Hiddink’s comment, Sports Illustrated reports Miazga will spend the remaining four months of the EPL season being evaluated by Chelsea, and will not be loaned back to the Red Bulls for the 2016 season.

Miazga is on the final year of his contract with the Red Bulls.


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  • ???

    We are not rushing to put him on the bench!!!

  • Anonymous

    Geez, he’s gone! Can we give it a rest??? Please EOS, stop pushing this story already. He didn’t want to be a NYRB, he left, we’ve moved on and he will ride the pine at Stamford Bridge. I’d rather hear about Kenny Cooper on trial or the progress of Mael Corboz.

    I LOVE EOS, but tired of the Miazga stories. He’s becoming the Kardasians of soccer. I’d rather see stories about the NPSL!

    I’ve seen NPSL games and I’ve seen a few better players than MM (not a lot, but a few) in the NPSL. I’m not saying NPSL is better than MLS. Of course not, but I saw Brandon Allen play for Clarkstown v Electric City last summer and it was great soccer. Not just for NPSL, but great soccer in general.

    Just a suggestion for fresh stories for EOS: there are two NPSL conferences (Atlantic & Keystone) right in our backyard. I’d rather hear about them then what an ex-Red Bull like Miazga had for breakfast today.


    • slowleftarm

      A guy who RBNY developed, and one of their best players last season, was just sold to one of the biggest teams in the world and you think it should be ignored so we can read more about a scrub like Kenny Cooper trying to latch on with the team in pre-season?

      There are better players in NPSL than Miazga? LOL. This guy must be a Hempstead fan. They’re the only ones this deluded.

    • Miazga is a huge story and is a whisper from confirmation. Rest assured that train will be parking at the station shortly there after.

      Also, check out McKenzie’s profile on Duvall. Also has a Cooper story coming. We are #MeisQueMiazga ;)

      • Anonymous

        I agree Dave. The story is a big one for Miazga, NYRB & MLS. IMHO, in one sense, it’s huge, but in another, it feels over-hyped. When Jozy & Howard left Metro for Europe, they were so talented and deserved of everything that came their way. Miazga is good, but not as good as advertised. He’s not a Jozy or Howard… not even a Tim Ream (and it seems we heard less about Ream than Miazga)

        I’m just looking forward to the day when this story is old news. The kid rejected the opportunity to be the first player in MLS history to go from homegrown to DP.

        • Anonymous

          p.s.: how about the occasional story about the NPSL? FC Copa (right here in Metuchen) was awarded a franchise on Friday and along with the Jersey Blues, should make for an exciting spring-summer soccer season in the local Keystone Conference (NJ,NY,PA).

          Miazga played for the Baby Bulls which started in the NPSL. If we’re going to talk about the kid’s success, why not talk about the roots?

          With NYRB putting focus on local youth, should the press follow suit? Not saying that EOS doesn’t, but I’m just a hardcore EOS fan who is hoping for a great Division 1-3 coverage to expand to Division 4.

          Thanks and keep up the great coverage.

    • Congrats…you elicited a response from the RB shill

  • Luke

    yeah, this is a great story of MLS developed talent and for the Red Bulls.

    what a deal! MLS/Red Bulls got $5mil for a guy who wanted to leave for free at the end of this season anyway, and hopefully he will be loaned out to get some playing time next year and develop further, way to go for US Soccer all around!!!…

    • Rip

      Agreed. Not a RB fan, but this seems like it’s a good win for all parties.

  • Anon

    Typical for this farm team. No one good under 28 plays for more than a season there.

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