Chicago Fire sell Shaun Maloney to Hull City


The Chicago Fire have sold Shaun Maloney to Hull City just seven months after buying him as a designated player.

Maloney, 33, was quite simply a failure with the Fire. His role with the team too often overlapped with that of the much-younger Harry Shipp, a fact which only served to highlight Maloney’s struggles. The Scottish playmaker had just three goals and two assists in 14 games this season, production that paled in comparison to that of his younger counterpart.

Maloney is part of a troubling trend in Chicago, where their DP¬†signings have almost never lived up to the hype. Since Cuauhtemoc Blanco left after the 2009 season, no Fire DP has played more than 30 games for the club. In that same span, they have reached the playoffs just once, and are not on course to do so this year. Fans have chafed at ownership’s apparent unwillingness to spend money on players of a higher profile.

It’s not all bad news for the Fire. Reportedly, they’ve managed to sell Maloney for a larger transfer fee than the one they paid to Wigan in January.

The departure of Maloney leaves the Fire with two designated players on their roster. David Accam was also purchased this past offseason, while Gilberto joined the club with Kennedy Igboananike’s contract being bought down this summer. Accam and Igboananike have had moderate success in Chicago, to their credit, but they aren’t exactly tearing up the league.

  • serge

    I was hoping for an actual analysis of Maloney’s performance here in the states. I personally was happy to see him fail with the Fire and in the MLS. Not because I dislike the guy. He seems a nice enough fellow. But rather because the era of offering DP contracts to Scottish League players and Championship league players and fringe EPL players should be over. A thirty something player who has played most of his career in a relatively mediocre league like the Scottish league or the rock em sock em robots league that is the Championship is not DP material. The MLS should focus on more players such as Dos Santos, Giovinco, possibly Chicharito, Balotelli or homegrowns like Zusi, and possibly Balotelli and for older still impact players like Villa, Keane, Henry, and possibly next year, Ibrahimovic. Not a Shaun Maloney or players of his ilk. Or truly good home growns (We need to keep Lleget and Zardes stateside.

    • slowleftarm

      Agree although Balotelli need to show he’s grown up before I’d be interested. Dude is talented but a huge headache.

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    Agree entirely about Shaun Maloney and spending DP money on guys that arent really star caliber players. But keep Balotelli far away from MLS. A total head case with zero work rate.

  • hulkster

    Also agree , this player is probably worth 400 – 600 grand the most . for any team in the USA , to be a success, they should invest more on the youth players , and debut them at before the age of 20 . Nothing against players in their 30’s , but i would rather have players like senna, Gerrard, Keane, who are older but continue to give 100 % all the time… The structure of soccer here is still a bit disorganized , but in the future, these leagues here will become successful …

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