New York City F.C.: A Year One Timeline


One year ago today, New York City F.C. was born.

The joint Manchester City/New York Yankees venture united two of the most powerful sporting entities in the world under the MLS umbrella.

At the time, it was a shocking move. Those following the developments of a second New York franchise had eyes affixed to a league venture aimed at securing a parcel of land within Flushing Meadow Park to attract potential owners to the endeavor.

In a blink of an eye, that all changed. In its stead came a powerful ownership group that forced MLS to rethink it’s posture. Flush with money, City brought the infrastructure and bankroll to make anything possible. The Yankees, meanwhile, offered an invaluable and respected local sporting partner that could potentially crack the long-sought-after New York City media market.

For MLS, the union was everything they hoped to have for this aspiring venture.

While most expected a big splash from the club in year one, NYC FC has instead featured a slow and steady approach to growth.

Here are some of the highlights from their first year of operations: