City’s Hart praises field at Yankee Stadium though not “ideal” for NYCFC


Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart praised the pitch at Yankee Stadium following his team’s 5-3 victory over Chelsea.

“Amazing. they have done wonders,” he said. “We’ve come out here before two years ago and played on a few pitches that were stitched together and I think they did a great job. Same in St. Louis as well.”

It is no secret that the coming 20th MLS franchise, New York City F.C., is heavily considering “The House That Ruth Built” as it’s temporary home. Yankee Stadium and the Mets’ Citi Field are amongst the prime contenders for NYCFC’s temporary grounds come 2015.

Still, while fine for a one-off match, Hart feels the best solution would be securing their own, proper home.

“I think ideally you want your own stadium, your own home,” he said. “I think it’s good to keep this place a national baseball stadium; it’s first and foremost what it is. (NYCFC) are looking to build a stadium and we can move on from there.”

Saturday’s Chelsea v. Manchester City encounter is the first soccer match played at Yankee Stadium since the announcement of the NYCFC deal. Nearly 40,000 fans were in attendance; an encouraging sign for the prospective owners – even if they swayed heavily to the side of Chelsea throughout the encounter.

Regardless of rooting interests, Hart and his teammates were impressed by the atmosphere in their two game U.S. mini tour.

“It’s great,” Hart said. “We publicized it really well. The boys have got involved with a lot of level things in New York and it can only be positive.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” he continued. “Enjoyed it as much as we can. The season’s finished, and the boys perform when it comes to games which makes it even better.”

To Hart, the experience also displayed the vibrant possibilities of an MLS club in New York City. “It’s really exciting, something all us boys like coming to the U.S. MLS is growing and growing and growing and Manchester City, we are growing as well so we can grow together,” he said.

As to the possibility of someday playing in the U.S. himself, Hart said he was more than happy in the Premiership.

“Never say never but hopefully the league will grow, the side will grow and we can go from there.”

(Image Credit: New York Yankees)

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    That field was terrible for baseball the width and length of the field was unnacceptable, one long boot forward and the ball is in the opposition goal area.