Red Bulls one point from East crown; can clinch Shield Sunday



The New York Red Bulls are at the cusp of history.

With one point against Toronto FC on Wednesday, New York can officially clinch the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Even if DC run the table and tie the Red Bulls for wins on the season, New York still holds the second tiebreaker by a large margin (goal differential, +16 to DC’s -1).

Moreover, if results fall their way, Sunday’s final home match of the season against the Philadelphia Union will award the franchise their second Supporters’ Shield trophy in three seasons.

What will have to happen for Sunday to become a Shield celebration?

While a point against Toronto FC will be enough to clinch the East, the Red Bulls will need three points to put themselves in position for a Shield victory at Red Bull Arena. They will also need the Vancouver Whitecaps to beat FC Dallas on that same night.

If those results hold, a win against Philadelphia at Red Bull Arena this weekend is all New York would need to clinch the Shield, putting them at 60 pts. on the table and mathematically eliminating FC Dallas and the LA Galaxy.

In anticipation of the possible Shield victory, the Red Bulls are dubbing Sunday “Supporters’ Day,” offering player jersey giveaways, seat upgrade offers, discounts in their merchandise stores and will top off the evening with players signing balls and kicking them into the stands.

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    This ruins my dream that the team will fail, sell to Metromedia, Rename the club Metrostars, hire Mike Petke to coach and hire me to be in charge of bathing him in the post-game shower!


    • RedBallz

      Agreed, we need another billboard. Like all professional teams, they need to check with me first. Just the other day the Yankees called me, wanted to know how I felt about maybe a manager change. I said that’s right, you need to check with me and get my permission. I pay $10 to go to the Red Bulls, that entitles me for last line of approval of any decision.

  • Freddie Football

    If NY wins on Wednesday, and Dallas loses tonight and on Saturday, NY will take the field on Sunday with the Shield already in the bag.

    Not likely (on Dallas’ part), but possible.

    • slowleftarm

      Even if Dallas gets a draw on Wednesday, two RBNY wins will clinch it.

  • ElMetrofan

    What’s Klinsmann pic got to do with any this?

  • William

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    • slowleftarm

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              • REAL OpenCupFan Knows mls fans are Suckers

                Only Suckers use other people’s names to post – must be a #bushleaguemls fan
                20 years and ZERO player development – that’s why everyone knows mls fans are S.U.C.K.E.R.S.

            • BleedingRed

              You Hamptonites should put a stop on your botox binges. It’s leaking into your brains.

              • William

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  • Nat Mac

    Sunday was already being called “Supporters’ Day” in advance of the possibility of any clinching game because it’s the last home game of the season and, as they have done the last few seasons, that’s also fan appreciation day.

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  • Best pray for the irrelevant shield,cuz they ain’t goin nowhere in the playoffs with that defense.

    • Irrelevant Shield? Tsk tsk. You betray your quality.

      • William

        where’s the d ????

    • slowleftarm

      You guys seem to forget they were missing their best defender. Also, Lade has been ok but it would be nice to have Duvall back. Too bad he was injured by that hack minor league player.

  • As long as the league continues to perpetuate the absurd playoffs system which is currently in place,yes,the shield is irrelevant. Just another chachki to talk about.

    • slowleftarm

      If anything, having too many teams in the playoffs makes MLS Cup irrelevant because an average team (or worse) can just get hot and win it – i.e. 2010 Colorado.

      • Factoid boy

        that may be true too….as the cup half empty guy i reiterate once again….league sucks

        • slowleftarm

          Yeah bro we get it. MLS sucks, US Soccer sucks. Everything sucks. We should all get back to playing high school soccer because that’s the only we’ve heard you say doesn’t suck.

          • Factoid boy

            Actually its all just an extension of high school soccer,so yes, we should go back to it

  • Faline

    How about that great DP Veron?? Genius signing…him,Miazga,Zubar and the Daxter gonna bring us the cup!!! Woohoo!!