Cosmos cancel Colombia vs. Mexico legends match


There has been a change in plans.

Late Monday afternoon, the New York Cosmos announced the cancellation of their scheduled Colombia vs. Mexico Legends match; the second half of the club’s Hispanic Heritage Night doubleheader at Shuart Stadium on Sept. 22nd.

“Unfortunately, the promoter breached our agreement and the event has been canceled.” said Cosmos Chief Operating Officer Erik Stover in a club statement.

As a result of the cancellation, the Cosmos’ game against Fury FC will return to its previously scheduled 7:30 p.m. ET start.

The proposed Legends match promised to pit Colombian soccer stars Carlos Valderramo, Tino Asprilla, Adolfo “El Tren” Valencia and a host of Colombian greats against Mexican legends Jared Borgetti, Jorge Campos and Luis Hernandez, amongst others.

The Cosmos have offered full refunds to all who have purchased tickets to the event.

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  • John

    There was no interest, they could not sell any tickets.

  • 5 Boroughs SC

    Interesting to see how the Cosmos fanboys will spin this. Lol.

    • Oosmos Fan Boy

      It was kind of a dumb idea to start with.

      Who wants to see a game like this?

      I don’t and I’m the aforementioned fan boy.

      • Cosmo Fan Boy2

        this was a stupid idea. I asked the Cosmos to pay me and all my cousins to go to the game. I have a lot of cousins. We could have filled at least one section. And our price was cheap too. just ten bucks and free hot dogs. We like hot dogs.

  • Never a good thing when you have to cancel something you promoted, but I hate these kinds of things. Personally, I’m glad.

    • Anonymous

      ^ This…

  • Cosmos love

    Cosmos need to get out of nasl and join usl.
    If cosmos leave nasl,nasl is over.

  • Ali is my man

    I’ve often wondered what planet are the Cosmos and Eric Stover on?

    Going nowhere fast.

  • RedBallz

    That had all the makings of a Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme. How much were the tickets? $3?

    • Resguard

      I don’t think you understand what a ponzi scheme is…

  • REAL OpenCupFans know nasl teams are bad

    can the cos-shmos actually get any of their “worldwide” fans out to anything in long island, maybe they need to give away more bobbleheads?…

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