Red Bulls boss Jesse Marsch comments on “tricky” Tim Cahill situation


In the midst of a raucous town hall, New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch was asked for clarity on Tim Cahill’s situation with the club.

His answer was perhaps the most revealing response since Cahill’s departure became the talk of New York’s rumor mill.

“I’ve communicated with Tim in Australia in Asian Cup,” Marsch began, pointing towards live cameras in the room to measure his response.  “Tim is tricky. He is a great player, we all know that, but it is hard to know if he wants to be here or not.”

Cahill had a falling out with the Red Bulls last season.  His international obligations tore him away from his club commitments as Australia participated in the World Cup and followed that with preparations for the Asian Cup tournament.  Issues came to a head late in the year as the Australian talisman found himself riding pine as the Red Bulls propelled themselves into the playoffs.

Rumors of his departure surfaced almost instantaneously, leaving the Red Bulls to ponder a future without their star Designated Player.  With new leadership at the club comes new expectations, and Marsch was clear in his message — in order for Cahill to return, his club commitments must be met in full.

“If he is here, he has to be part of the team like it’s in his heart. It can’t be because there is a big paycheck,” he told the fans.  “We want guys that want to be here and … we need 28 guys that feel the exact same way.”

  • Good point by Marsch admits the machine gun fire

  • eltigreferoz

    Part of me wanted to believe it was re-courting Cahill that led Ali Curtis to fire Petke. I’m still not entirely convinced otherwise, but…well, if I was Cahill, I’d run as far away from this team as possible.

  • Good point by Marsch admist the machine gun fire

  • dvlvFormerRBfan

    Marsch talking to Cahill is good. Whether it’s going to mean anything is the big question. Marsch is the least culpable in this ugly mess. Based on the town hall article, he’s the only one being honest with the fans. My anger and resistance to his employer will not be directed at him.

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