NASL Commish on League Parity, Playing Through International Breaks, More



NEW YORK CITY – Heading into the season, even putting Ottawa Fury FC in the dark horse category for the Soccer Bowl seemed like a stretch. Nonetheless, the club torched the competition and lost only once in their final 26 matches to claim the Fall Season title and earn a spot in the final.

Commissioner Bill Peterson acknowledges Ottawa’s long odds at the start of the year and highlights the incredible job the young club has done to instill a winning a philosophy.

“It wasn’t obvious that they would be [in the final],” said Peterson. “Teams coming into the league have had a hard time adjusting. For them to do it in their second year is a real tribute to Marc Dos Santos and the people he brought on board. You could always see it in his eyes. He was very focused. He was always going to do well and he did.”

The considerable difference between the big-budget Cosmos and the more modest Fury is also something that Peterson thinks emphasizes the strong level of competition in the NASL.

“It proves there are a lot of great coaches and players in the league. And you’ve gotta be careful with how you put your rosters together and how you motivate people to play. We’re in a very competitive league and a very good situation. To date, what you’re spending is not a competitive advantage or disadvantage yet.”

The short term evidence backs Peterson up. Despite doing their best to keep up with the Cosmos in terms of spending, Tampa Bay and Minnesota have missed the final for three straight years. At least one team from the bottom end of the payroll spectrum has made the final since the Cosmos entered in 2013.

At the Mercy of International Breaks

Sunday’s championship final falls right in the middle of an international break and that fact caused two important players to make tough decisions. Ottawa’s Julian De Guzman will miss the match to be with the Canadian national team, while New York’s Andres Flores made the difficult decision to decline El Salvador’s call up for World Cup Qualifiers. It’s a situation that Peterson is not happy with, but he chalks it up to the difficulties of playing in North America and says that they will continue to evaluate ways to avoid the conflict.

“The fact is it’s a Euro-centric calendar and we’re not in Europe, so we have to live with it and do the best we can. The decision is, do you play more Wednesday games or do you play later into the year and risk snow. There are a lot of factors that go into playing in North America, and at the time we were a little too concerned about adding Wednesday games or going deeper into the year. So we decided we would play it this way and see what happens. It doesn’t mean we’ll do it again.”

Getting the Word Out on the Soccer Bowl

Garnering publicity in a crowded sports landscape is tall task when dealing with the “minor league” perception.

While the NASL is content with the switch in format in 2014 to allow the higher seed to host the championship match, the league is still trying to find right way to spread the word and market the final on such short notice.

“It’s still a challenge for us, as a young league, to get this event off in one week. That’s still something that we’re trying to figure out the best way to do, to help promote the game a little bit more. But overall we’re very happy [with the current hosting format]. We’re all about the game and the competition, They earned this, so they get to host this.”


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