Three’s Company: Szetela, Senna, Moffat give Gio Options


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UNIONDALE, NY — The New York Cosmos may be just one game into the 2015 season, but head coach Gio Savarese already has a dilemma on his hands; one that he welcomes with open arms.

As was the case throughout much of the 2013 and 2014 campaigns, Savarese elected to once again deploy Danny Szetela and Marcos Senna as his central midfield pairing. In years past, players like Joseph Nane and Dane Murphy had seen some minutes in the middle of the park, but Savarese has always returned to his trusted tandem.

But this season, a fresh face has been added to the mix.

The addition of MLS veteran Adam Moffat has provided the Cosmos with another trusted option to plug into the heart of the midfield. While he did not earn the start in the season opener, Moffat remains patient as he awaits his chance to shine.

“[Gio] hasn’t said particularly [what I’ll be doing],” Moffat said. “We just work in training every day and we’ll see what happens. I know I bring something a little bit different in the midfield. We’ll just see how games go. It’s always good to have different options in there. The three of us in there are a little bit different in the way we play.”

Entering the match in the 83rd minute, Moffat did not have much time to make his mark, yet his impact on the match was plain to see. Just minutes after his introduction, a clever diagonal ball found Sebastian Guenzatti near the six yard box all alone, but a fine save denied the Scotsman his first assist in a Cosmos uniform.

“He showed when he came into the game [against Ft. Lauderdale] that he made a big difference,” Savarese told Empire of Soccer. “He settled the game, he controlled the game defensively, he created situations up front. He’s not just a player that will come in to the game to do that, he can do it from the beginning as well. That’s the good thing about teams that have depth and quality.”

While each of the three is a viable option to start, the trio offers a varied skill set that Savarese may choose to mix and match on any given matchday. Perhaps the most versatile of the three, Szetela has proven to be invaluable for the Cosmos over the years.

“It depends on who we’re playing,” Szetela stated. “At times there will be games where I sit back a little more and at times there will be games where I get to go forward a little more. At the end of the day, it depends on how we’re feeling as a group and what we feel is going to be best for the team to win the game.”

In contrast to Szetela’s box-to-box nature, Moffat offers a more defensive role that Savarese may lean on in certain matchups.

“I like to win the balls back,” Moffat said. “It’s a skill set I have that not as many people have. Getting into [the opposition’s] space and getting the ball back for the team is what I’m good at. I can play a long ball as well, similar to what Marcos can do. He can probably do it further than I.

“We all bring something different. Danny’s good at making those runs forward. Marcos is just so composed on the ball. It’s good to have different options.”

With a congested schedule and multiple competitions on the horizon, Savarese may have some tough decisions to make. But the added firepower is certainly a welcome addition to his squad.

“I have to say that we have three starters in Moffat, Szetela and Senna. Moffat is strong enough and good enough to be a starter. Sometimes we may play with all three of them. Sometimes we’re going to change it depending on how we feel in the game and how they feel. The good thing for coaches is to have the difficulty of making a decision because the three of them are doing very well.”

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