Red Bulls complete sweep of NYCFC with shutout win


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Each of the three chapters of the Hudson River Derby have featured new players for New York City FC and each of the three chapters have ended in defeat.

The New York Red Bulls completed a three-game sweep of their new-found rivals with a 2–0 win at Red Bull Arena Sunday night. Bradley Wright-Phillips scored the opening goal in the first half and Felipe sealed the win late in the match to stave off NYCFC in front of 25,219 fans in Harrison.

“This was a huge match,” Red Bulls boss Jesse Marsch said. “The energy leading up to the game was big. The energy around the stadium on the night was big. We knew it was going to be. We knew they were going to come with a lot, and they did. They threw a lot at us. They had a very good second half. We had some heavy legs and we hung in there. Luis [Robles] made some big saves. There is no doubt that this was special.”

The first half followed similar plot lines to other matches this season as NYCFC generated the game’s first two golden chances but failed to take the early lead. Frank Lampard had three chances to score in the first half including a one-on-one with Red Bulls goalkeeper Luis Robles in the third minute that he slipped wide of the far post. Lampard would badly miscue two other opportunities in the first half and fade from the match before being substituted in the 80th minute — and issue he chalks up to fitness.

“The injury is fine but I’ve only had a week’s training so I’m still trying to get my match fitness up,” Lampard said. “Hopefully my fitness becomes as good as possible and I’ll put those chances away.”

Mix Diskerud started out on the right side for NYCFC and almost scored in the eighth minute, volleying a diagonal ball from Angelino that Robles parried away. Diskerud said he welcomed the chance to play in a midfield that featured Lampard and Andrea Pirlo as starters for the first time but was frustrated with the team’s third straight loss to the Red Bulls.

“It sucks,” Diskerud said. “We want to win this game for this team and for the fans and for everybody around the club and it’s important for us and when we lose for the third time against this team, it doesn’t feel too good.”

After a hopeful start, the bad feelings began for NYCFC in the 21st minute with the all-too-familiar sight of a Jefferson Mena defensive mistake and a Bradley Wright-Phillips goal. After Diskerud was judged to have fouled Red Bulls defender Damien Perrinelle, a quick Red Bulls counter on the left wing led to a cross from Kemar Lawrence that Mena failed to intercept, allowing Wright-Phillips to easily slot the ball passed Josh Saunders.

NYCFC Head Coach Jason Kreis said Mena played well despite the mistake. Kreis added that referee Ismael Elfath’s decision to call the foul on Diskerud was ‘ridiculous’.

“From my point of view, he had a very poor night,” Kreis said.

NYCFC started the second half on the front foot but again, failed to finish on their chances with Robles easily stopping shots from David Villa and Thomas McNamara. McNamara said the team needed to execute better in the final third.

“We got into a few areas where maybe we should have done better with the final ball,” McNamara said. “That’s what I think it came down to today: execution.”

Felipe sealed the loss for NYCFC in the 85th minute with a shot that deflected off of center back Shay Facey and passed Saunders at the near post. Saunders said the defense played better as a whole against the Red Bulls compared to its previous two games in which it allowed six goals.

“I felt we limited their chances and if we keep working hard and keep our spacing better and get after it, it’ll get better,” Saunders said.

NYCFC have a quick turnaround until its next game on Thursday against DC United. With 11 matches remaining in the season, they are four points behind the Montreal Impact for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference though the Impact have two games in hand.

Kreis said that the team has a lot of positives to take away from this match and hopes that it will carry over for its next match against the Supporters Shield leaders.

“I still feel that this team is alive and with a chance,” Kreis said. “I believe that with that chance, we can make something of the opportunity.”

The Red Bulls, meanwhile, get set to host Toronto FC Saturday at Red Bull Arena, riding a five match unbeaten run and a solid second place finish in the East (10-6-6, 36 pts.).

  • CosmosPetke

    Schooled them. Marsch and Curtis and Red Bulls won.

  • Anonymous

    Looked like a very good game for portions of it. NYCFC clearly has lots of chemistry issues to work out all across the field. We have a lot of talented players, but they just aren’t fitting together as well as one would hope. I’m not a coach so I won’t pretend to know what exactly the issues are, but I’m really hoping they get solved sometime before next season.

    I think we saw glimpses of the potential NYCFC has while we were playing well. There was a lot of clever ball movement early on as well as some good opportunities. It’s a shame that they couldn’t sustain the pressure. Despite what some people might say, I don’t think age or stamina is the primary culprit either. It didn’t really seem like the team was gassed by the end of the game–at least not more than one would expect the average team to be. It felt more like a mental breakdown when they couldn’t break through while they were playing well.

    I won’t lie and say that I enjoyed the game. Despite the stretches of good play, as an NYCFC fan, it was pretty frustrating to see the team go down like that for the third time in a row–especially since I think the Red Bulls weren’t really on top of their game for much of the 90 minutes either. But that’s the way the game goes.

    It’s NYCFC’s first year and it’s pretty clear that it’s still a work very much in progress with a lot of questions that will need answering. Maybe some of it will just come with time. Everyone (including fans) seem to expect that with the three DP’s that we have, a playoff spot should have been a given, but when you have an entire team that has never played together and a starting 11 that has been in constant flux due to injuries, new signings, late arrivals, national team duties, and inconsistent performances, maybe it’s just too much to expect in too little time.

    I hope that we’ll continue to improve so that we can take the series next year. Then again, with the short DP contracts and the fact the two major pieces of our back four are loans, I’m not entirely sure we won’t find ourselves in the same position next year or the year after that. I look forward to seeing how CFG and the NYCFC management decide to deal with these issues in the coming months.

  • David Carlin Goat fucker

    ^lol^ talk about making a total 180! All this talk about ruling the league and winning this and winning that . You asses got handed to you by BOTH RedBull and the Cosmos! NY is blue? Your painting the City more
    Ike **** brown the way you’ve been playing. I wish you only misery , grief , and let downs for many many years to come! Hahaha

    • Anonymous

      Not sure if you’re pointing to my post there, but I never remember posting anything about ruling the league or anything of the sort. Maybe you’re thinking about someone else? At least I’m willing to admit to the faults of my team.

      Anyway, we’ll see you on the field next year. In the meantime, keep hugging that one Supporter’s Shield win as if winning an unbalanced season a single time in two decades is some sort of validation.

      And do enjoy your two new signings: You know, the washed up charity-case brother of the guy that couldn’t cut it in England and the no-named bench player from Argentina who initially didn’t even know that he was coming to New Jersey that you’re paying as a DP because your ownership is too cheap to attract a young player that has the talent to actually make the starting eleven where they play.

      Hey, look at that. Pointless **** talking is fun. Clearly, this site needs more of it.

      Please note that I never did verify whether you were a Red Bulls fan or a Cosmos fan. I will just assume you’re a Red Bulls fan because at least that would make you worth bantering with. There’s really no point bantering with a followers of a team of minor league nobodies who have delusions of grandeur based on a self-proclaimed association with a past that they hi-jacked from the team that they stole their name from. You know, because there’s still continuity after not existing for the better part of three decades… It’s all completely organic and not at all artificially manufactured.

      See? I even extended the **** talk to a third party, who will now engage in the dialogue to create a TRIALOGUE~! So meta…

      • Red Tube Bar

        Boy that loss did hurt pretty bad,huh?

      • I prefer seeing RBNY’s 60k wing make NYCFC’s old, fat 6 million mid look like a drunk toddler

  • Apart from everything about them, Lite is not at all laughable.

  • Red eye

    Let’s be honest the east is a mess and red bull have been playing together for 3 years right, just ask petke and Henry.
    In the east, the playoff teams are pretty much set, you got dc, Columbus,red bull, tfc, revolution and the last spot should be between Orlando and NYC but revolution might even get out.
    If Orlando and NYC get their sh!t right, they will be some scary teams in the playoffs.
    But the west is just more competitive and better, so if red bull think they wil win MLS cup, good luck. Galaxy look too good and sounders are missing like half the team, plus Vancouver and fc Dallas look better every month.

  • no name

    Manchester city USA, another loss . with pirlo, villa, lampard , they still are bad . bad coaching too

  • the realist

    Now that NYCFC has been swept by the Red Bulls and knocked out Open Cup by the Cosmos, they schedule a derby vs. The Brooklyn Italiams. If they lose that, they can take on some PAL squads till they win one.

  • NY is clearly red!

    Bravo to NYRB for the sweep. I feel bad for Jason Kreis because his top 4 didn’t show up. Mix is a mess, Lampard has NO heart, Pirlo was not good and David Villa couldn’t shoot straight. Saunders is their best player. City’s defense is one of the worst I’ve ever seen at any level.

    Nice work by the NYRB back4. Sahsa was not good and is becoming a whiny little priss. RBs wings and strikers looked good.

    Red Bull have become top 2 in a crappy East (which is right where they should be).

    I really hope the NY media takes notice and gives proper coverage to soccer and the 25,000+ sellout!!!! Coming off the heels of the women’s world cup (largest US TV soccer audience ever) and the 18,000+ for the Division 4 NPSL match on Chattanooga last night, American soccer proved it has arrived and it is diverse. If anyone disputes that, show me any Single A baseball game, or minor league basketball/hockey game that draws 18000.

    Hate Garner all you want but this NY RB-City-Cosmos thing is working out as planned.

    Soccer is the #2 sport in America and Red Bull are #1 in the NY/Nj area.

    • Rip

      Congrats on the win. They came out with more energy yet again than the boys in blue. I agree, Sasha is a whiny little priss, but Miazga is really getting better and better. Even when Villa was able to better him, he immediately recovered, and didn’t lose his cool. Refs better start taking better control of these matches though or someone’s going to get hurt next season.

      • Mama Miazga?

        Does the Miazga family troll this sight? Yes, he’s getting better, but the Miazga hype is getting bad. Must be his family members posting to promote their sonny-boy. The WHOLE B4 was good. Connor Lade had a GREAT GAME. Lawrence was all over place and Perrinelle is the anchor and heart. Give all credit as a unit and please stop selling us on the MM kool-aid.

        • slowleftarm

          I feel like some random enemy of Matt Miazga trolls this site. He’s 20 years old and has been solid for RBNY all year. He was a little shaky the first ten minutes or so yesterday (could say that about the whole team actually) but after that he was good.

          • Rip

            Seriously. I think Miazga slept with his mom or his sister or something.

        • Rip

          Yeesh. Maybe it’s because I’m not a Redbull fan and so I’m unaware of all this “hype” you are referring to. I just think it’s good for a young American to be getting better. We certainly will eventually need more defensive help on the USMNT. I never said anything extreme…just said he’s getting better. Lighten up Francis.

    • Matt Diggs

      Soccer is not the #2 sport in America, not even close. I wish it were, but is is clearly not. And the NYRB are the number 1 soccer team in the area but nowhere near the number 1 sports team in the NY Metro area. Get in line behind the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, and Rangers. Maybe they have the Islanders beat, maybe. And I am a Red Bulls Fan!!!

      • Rip

        Red Bulls are #1 in the area for league points. In attendance they are 12th in the league, behind Kansas City. NYCFC is third in the league.

        • slowleftarm

          I guess it’s a good thing the point of the game is to win games, not count the number of people watching at the baseball stadium. It’s one thing if you get 3k at the college lacrosse stadium like Hempstead Cosmos but while RBNY attendance is disappointing, I’ll take disappointing attendance over disappointing results.

  • the realist

    What Frank Lampard said:

    “The injury is fine but I’ve only had a week’s training so I’m still trying to get my match fitness up,” Lampard said. “Hopefully my fitness becomes as good as possible and I’ll put those chances away.”

    What Frank Lampard meant:

    “The injury is fine but I just don’t care about this team or league. I’m here for an easy check. I’m planning on eating and drinking my way through New York City, but ’ve only had a week’s training at competitive eating so I’m still trying to get my digestive fitness up,” Lampard said. “Hopefully my digestive fitness becomes as good as possible and I’ll put those pies away.”

  • serge

    What I don’t get, regarding Lampard, is why the hell did it take him two months to get here after the end of the EPL season? He was supposed to be an MLS player yet he f8ck$ off for two months while his new club is getting their asses handed to them by the Redbulls and all the other teams in the league? WTF? Pirlo was in the Champion’s League as a Starter and still managed to get here sooner and has already played two complete games. that despite the fact that he’s a smoker who guzzles wine and never trains.

  • george naj

    I hope the idiots don’t argue now that NY IS RED!

    and the cos-shmos people better not start either thinking they have one on NYCFC now either, when they have 18K fans and a stadium they can start talking…

  • larry’s a simpleton and loves. dance parties

    I was so bummed over the game that I cancelled my NYCFC post-game naked dance party.

    Now I’ve got a whole cupboard full of uneaten scooter pies.

    • Alan Smithee

      “and the cos-shmos people better not start either thinking they have one on NYCFC now either, when they have 18K fans and a stadium they can start talking…”

      But “We All Hate City”.

  • For Kreis-sakes!

    Jason, Mix did foul. Look at the attempted head butt by Mix at the very end. That’s what was called. And THAT had nothing to do with the goal. Your defender was megged on the clearance.

  • Limpard

    My calf ached so bad when that guy Grella megged me.

  • slowleftarm

    Kings of NY – 3
    Pretenders to the crown – 0

    Actually 4-0 if you count the cup game against the minor league team.

  • Limpard

    Ouch! That hurts! – my calf, isn’t the offseason coming soon?

  • Justin

    Where are all you NYCFC fans that were trashing the Red Bulls. Was this the refs fault, your coach’s fault, or do your designated players just not like playing outside of baseball fields. NYCFC wouldn’t make the playoffs in the NASL. The Red Bulls run this town and the fans of the New York City Failures Club should admit as such.

    • Brian

      Really? You do realize that money talks when it comes to football. NYC could simply re do their team for next season and be Alot more dangerous. Than again, I don’t support an energy drink team that has barely won one supporter shield in the last 2 decades.

      • Rea

        You will likely keep buying old Europeans & still stuck.

        And the ne

  • The Realist

    I meant to say:

    You will likely keep buying old Europeans & still stuck.

    And the newness will wear off

    And you will, in three years, have an old, slow team playing non-playoff soccer on a baseball field in front of small crowds.

    Maybe it’s time for Chance to fly in from Milwaukee to save the day or Nick Chavez to issue another idiotic CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!

    • Brian

      OMG, I’ve never seen this many people be so stupid. I’m pretty sure we will buy better players, but for our first year we got what we got. At least were not buying an unsuccessful brother, and a clueless Argentinian. God you red bull fans can’t admit that city will be the face of new York, and that the red bulls will be fazed out by NYC.

      • slowleftarm

        Wow the stupidity of Brian continuing to proclaim his team the future of NYC after another embarrassing loss to the Kings of NY is amazing but nor altogether surprising.

        Mocking Veron, who played five minutes, when his own team runs out DPs like Fat Frank and Old Man Pirlo. You guys are pretty hilarious. It’s also pretty obvious you discovered soccer existed a few months ago.

        • Smith

          It is amazing, isn’t it?

          I give him credit though for turning up today.

          The rest of New York Shitty FC’s fans are missing. They may have REALLY drank the kool-aid this time.

      • slowrightarm

        I’ll admit this.
        3 for 3
        9 pts.
        NY is Red.
        Season sweep.
        You’re in 8th place.
        Not too many innings left in the year. Better get going.
        Go ahead be the face of NY. Knock yourself out.
        You can’t beat us though.

  • Brian

    A quick rundown of what’s wrong with NYCFC: bad chemistry between players, consistent change of lineup making it hard of chemistry to be build.I don’t blame the players, I blame the coach for not keeping a regular lineup. Good luck red bulls, but I don’t see them bringing in people anyhow.

    • CosmosPetke

      You think 37 year olds will be the NYCFC future?