Kreis responds to Yankee concerns over stadium turnover, field conditions

NYCFC Kreis coaching

Star New York Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira held nothing back when asked about his feelings regarding soccer being played on Yankee Stadium grounds.

“It’ll definitely cause an issue, but it’s nothing that we can control, so we can’t worry about it,” Teixeira told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s terrible for a field.”

He wasn’t alone in his concern. Outfielder Garret Jones said it may “chew up the grass a bit,” while infielder Brendan Ryan worried that his entire approach to the game would be compromised as a result of New York City FC’s presence.

“You want to limit the amount of bounces, really,” Ryan said. “So I’m going to fall on the side of erring aggressively—much, much more so than staying back and trying to read some hop that’s unpredictable. I’m going to be selling out to go get that ball, and I’m going to err on that side much more.”

Certainly, those aren’t the most welcoming comments from New York City FC’s cross-sport siblings, but they are a harsh reality of the current Yankee Stadium landscape.  NYCFC is set to call Yankee Stadium home this season.  EOS has learned that arrangement will be of the year-to-year variety, with the Yankees analyzing the viability and impact of fielding two pro sports teams for future stadium usage.

At this point, Yankee and NYCFC brass have settled on protocol for field conversion, which officials say will not involve the replacement of the pitcher’s mound.  Most importantly, they claim the field will not impact either soccer nor baseball in any adverse way.

With that understanding in place, NYCFC Head Coach Jason Kreis was left to wonder what all the hubbub was about.

“My reaction [to the WSJ report] is one of non-understanding to be frank with you because I have never played baseball at that level,” Kreis said Wednesday afternoon. “I don’t know what it means for the grass to be a certain way in baseball.  I certainly know what it means to want the grass to be a certain way in soccer.  We want the field to be as pristine as we can.  Natural grass surface with a tightly mowed grass can be one of the most enjoyable surfaces to play on.

“We want the same thing for our surface, but for me to try to understand or comprehend someones comments who plays the sport at a high level is not my place, if that makes sense.”

While field conditions will be on the mind of Yankee brass and the media, Kreis chooses to focus on what he can control — starting with the very first match of the season this Sunday.

“It’s going to be one of those moments you have to look around and say this is a once in a lifetime experience and I need to enjoy that,” Kreis noted.

“Having said that, if you can [appreciate it] for three to five seconds, then realize you are here for a job, that we can all really enjoy — if we can walk away with three points in our pocket.”

  • Ulrich

    SMH….. Baseball players already making excuses for potential errors they may or may not make when fielding the ball….

  • The Nose Knows

    Not really, they got asked a question and gave a response. I don’t see where they are making excuses, nothing that was said is untrue.

  • Ulrich

    Actually yes they are. To say your “entire approach is going to be compromised” which will force them to change the way they play by “selling out to get the ball” implies they are going to take chances they are not known to typically take, which will make them more susceptible to committing errors if the strategy doesn’t work.

    • The Nose Knows

      He was asked a question and gave an answer that is consistent with how a baseball player would play on a field that could be potentially compromised. So how is he giving excuses as opposed to explaining the reality of how he may have to play?

  • Donnie G

    What professional soccer team takes the field for their first match ever and likely has never practiced on it before – NYCFC does!! What a freaking joke.

  • Ulrich is a Douche

    The first time a Yankee player gets hurt because he steps in a divot on the field, created by NYCFC game from the nite before, the **** is going to hit the fan.

    • Ulrich

      Classy….. learn to read and you’ll know that there aren’t any baseball games the day after a NYCFC match. And the EOS article above cherry-picked statements from the WSJ article – not all Yankees players are concerned, one outfielder, Gardner, said the real problem is when the entire field has to be replaced as opposed to select divots in the grass, and concerts are his real concern, not soccer matches.

      • RealTalk

        Are you shocked that EoS cherry-picked the statements that aligned with their narrative?