No contact between Swans legend Britton, Red Bulls; MLS still an option

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Is Leon Britton coming to the New York Red Bulls?

For now, that seems an unlikely proposition.

Speaking with Britton’s agent, EoS has learned there has been “no contact” between the Red Bulls front office and Swansea’s veteran central midfielder. “From what I can tell, they are just rumors,” he said.

Britton was first connected with a Red Bull move through The Liberty Legion who reported a possible swap for the Swans legend in exchange for Matt Miazga.

The longtime Swans player has an interest in playing with the New York Red Bulls, but the likelihood of a trade deal seems farfetched. While New York would be giving up a star prospect in Miazga, Britton’s current salary, which would fall in the Designated Player range by MLS standards, would mean a mighty financial commitment from the Red Bulls in either transfer fees or salary. For the cash-strapped Red Bulls, that would not be an option, and it is unclear whether or not Swansea would take a chunk of that salary on.

Britton has made it known he would be “amenable” to a move Stateside, giving word to MLS of his availability, bolstered by the league’s new TAM initiative which allows clubs to pay down a players salary with up to $500k in allocation funds over a shortened period of time.

Thus far, the 32-year-old central midfielder has been in talks with two MLS clubs; one being expansion side Orlando City SC, and the other, an unnamed club whom continue to speak to the player’s representatives. An Orlando move is said to be moot as the Lions are looking to invest in other areas of their roster. Conversations continue with the other MLS club, but those discussions are far from finalized, and the shortened summer window makes for a difficult turnaround.

“We are well aware that it is a short window and there are some severe restrictions that could pertain to it,” his agent said, “but [an MLS move] would be of interest to Leon.”

While MLS continues to be an option, Britton is also looking at other possibilities, including opportunities in the Premiership and the Championship. His current Swans deal runs through 2017.

  • slowleftarm

    More than happy to have this guy join as long as Miazga going the other isn’t part of the deal. If you’re trying to sell the fanbase that building through the academy is the right way to do it (and not just the cheap way to do it) then flipping by far the best player the academy has produced to this point for a 32 year old player on the decline is not the way to go about things.

  • Miazga overrated.

    And he was just named to MLS best XI of the week.

    Kinda like selling a house and giving it a fresh coat of paint and new landscaping to cover up the fact that the house is just average.

    Miazga isn’t “Roy Miller Bad”, but he ain’t all that. However, he’s being promoted big time to raise his value. Smart move by MLS/NYRB, but I’ve watched every minute of this kid and he ain’t as good as the guy standing to his left.

    Seems like a nice kid, but pump up the value and trade him asap.

    • slowleftarm


  • ???

    why are the red bulls referred to as cash strapped? Is there an expose coming out on details about their financials? Are they in fact filing for bankruptcy? I’m tired of this idea that the team is somehow inferior because they don’t go out and get a high paid player that may or may not deliver. If this is your journalistic path to question red bulls management at every turn with unsupported superlatives then go for MLS! there is more there to write about. Begin with the collusion between mls and the Galaxy to create a rule to add another dp months after they said the league was facing financial trouble. Yet to see a journalist call mls out on this with a real fact checked piece the exposes the level of corruption that everyone else just tolerates or calls Byzantine.

    • slowleftarm

      Who said MLS is in financial trouble? The owners may have cried poverty during CBA negotiations but that’s because they didn’t want to raise the salary cap because, like all business owners, they like money and want to keep more of it for themselves.

      RBNY is cash-strapped but only because they refuse to spend any cash. Instead they’ll bring in marginal, but cheap, upgrades like Britton and pretend that’s it’s part of some master plan to build through the academy. That’s nonsense because you can build through the academy and bring in DPs.

      • Ulrich

        While RB is not “cash-strapped,” they have been operating in a deficit. According to Forbes, in 2013 RB was $6.3M in the RED. I read somewhere earlier this year that in 2014 they were approximately $10M in the RED because of huge player contracts and under-selling the arena for matches – I unfortunately can’t find that link and don’t intend to keep looking.

        Forbes just came out with their most valuble sports teams list this week, so it’s likely that the MLS equivalent list will be out shortly to mirror the link above. What will be interesting is to see where NYCFC lands on the list at this time next year (for 2015) considering the attendance figures and merchandise sales versus player salaries.

        • slowleftarm

          According to this link:

          Red Bull sold 5.6 billion cans of energy drink last year and it’s one of the biggest brands in the world. What this says to me is that it’s time for RB to get its wallet out and start bringing in some DPs and some depth for this paper thin roster.

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  • the notebook

    For now we Seattle,LA,nyc,Orlando and Houston are wasting some good dp money.
    The next will be LA2,Atlanta,Miami and Minnesota. These four will open their wallets for sure and that will make it 9 teams.
    Then we got Chicago,rb, that are being total dik to their fanbase.
    The other markets are not bad, or ugly,they just need to open their wallet. Not all Europe is beautiful and FUN.

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    According to Forbes NYRB sustained the largest operating losses of any team in MLS in 2012. Since then, have things gotten better or worse financially, who knows? But if you own a sports team in the NY market, you can’t run it like it’s in Kalamazoo, MI. If you want asses in the seats and those luxery suites filled up, you have to put a product on the field people want to see. And part of that is having players that are identifiable to fans and sponsers.

    • the notebook

      Exactly,is not rocket science,plus you gotta compete versus mlb,ncaa,nhl,nfl,night life,concerts.
      Get it right red bull soda.
      Question, how many of red bull fans are actual red bull fans, and not a transplant fan from metro.
      In these modern days, evil can be destroyed easily.hint.hint :-)
      There’s a reason why Atlanta was not able to select the Atlanta empire name,its being secured for the rebrand of red bull.

      • CosmosPetke

        Notey, when you take a lunch break on your newspaper route and talk over the peanut butter and jelly sandwich your mom made you with the other carriers, do you guys really believe all this crap conspiracy talk you say that never comes true? Metro is gone. Red Bull has more money then God and owns 5 clubs right now. You’re re-brand with a mythical owner coming in is not happening.

    • CosmosPetke

      I disagree Sammy. If you have season tickets the past 4 years like I have you know that we had Cahill and Henry and the crowds were the same. To your point, that should have meant sellouts every night. But attendance and sales are 2 different things. As long as they sell the tickets then that is a win from an organizational standpoint. The concessions are a bonus but not the driving force of revenue, which is TV. The price point pain for the Red Bulls is low compared to all our other sport options. Crap seats to the Jets will run you over $100, plus parking and concessions that make Red Bulls seem like Walmart pricing. So if I have a $20 Red Bull ticket and something came up, I’m not on suicide watch because I blew $20 that I needed for survival.

      Fans want to win and the economics of winning far outweighs a name for the sake of a name. If you’re a fan, you know we have needs. A 15th midfielder isn’t one of them, short term or long term. So think DP for a position we have a need for that can be long term (3 years on the pitch for us).

      • the notebook

        So are you a cosmos fan or red bull soda fan.
        I’m a cosmos fan, and the reason why I’m a cosmos fan is because my father taught me about American soccer, and now my father and I follow MLS with no actual team status because they are all fake teams.
        Also,dont compared nfl or big American sport to MLS,it has no relevance.
        The poin is red bull is a disgrace to MLS,garber will give them 5 years or less.
        So if your daughters husband buys her a beautiful mansion, but mistreats her and treats his friends better than her, what would you do.
        Does it remind u of red bull new york?

        • CosmosPetke

          OK, so you are in high school and live on Long Island. Your old man was a Cosmos fan back in the early 80s. You saying the MLS is irrelevant but you root for essentially a club team, both talent wise and economically. Your Red Bulls out in 5 years is based on what? Seriously dude, what college is going to accept you? You haven’t presented a single fact, complete conjecture (look that word up). Your hatered for Red Bull “soda” makes me think you might be one of those loser Metro/Red Bull Out complete morons (Facebook page has 139 likes, queers), and yet you say nothing about NYCFC or the $5 an hour a Cosmos player gets on Long Island. Mike Petke and Cosmos for Life!!

          • the notebook

            Funny person :-)
            This ain’t an english literature course on line.
            Stop drinking red.bull :-)

            • CosmosPetke

              I outed an RBO shill, you guys will never win, quit crying over Petke, no wonder you don’t get chicks. WAHH! Red Bulls mistreated me! What a queer.

    • Anonymous

      Sir, I think you sell the sports professionalism of the greater Kalamazoo area short. The K-Wings are a top notch organization.

  • Nobby Stiles

    Whatever Happened to RedBullOut. The RB must be cash strapped just look at the hack journo’s they pay not to criticize them. Anyone know the record for most Missed PK ‘s in a row???

    • CosmosPetke

      RedBullOut is going strong, we really made change. We bought a billboard that changed the world. Mike Petke is the coach again and Metro is back. Do you have a job?

  • bleeckerst

    Regardless of the owner of Red Bulls net wealth, which is on par with that of Roman Abramovich who owns Chelsea and has splashed hundreds of millions since he brought the club. There is no doubt they are managing the club into the ground.

    There are better players than some 32 year old Swansea hack CDM who is 4x as expensive and the same level of player as McCarty.

    Red Bull Arena Manager seats are 10k per season per seat. I would part with it for team with Henry and guys like Prince Boateng, Osvaldo, Robinho (signed on a free with a Chinese club today), Ibrahimovich, Fernando Torres, Drogba, good players some who have been linked to NYRB and others who have expressed desire to go there. But not this rubbish.

    Also the fast talking used car salesman petke who keeps commenting with quips and nothing valuable is a moron; it’s a fact Petke whilst a fan favourite was headed for the exit door when Henry started dictating tactics that made Petke irrelevant. It’s a fact that Red Bull are actively trying to sell the MLS club with NYCFC a near buyer before the went out on their own over a disagreement over the valuation placed on red bull arena. It is well known that should an offer of $250m be put in front of the Austians a deal would be done in 48 hours. They are actively trying to get out of F1 and there other clubs are fairly mediocre, the Brazilian outfit is in the second tier with attendances at 1000 people per game maximum. Dumbass

    • CosmosPetke

      You have about 10% facts in there, so well done. The rest you are just repeating hearsay from old OnceAMetro articles, but you’re reading which is more then everyone else here. I can sniff out a Metro shill too. The manager seats aren’t 10k a piece, I should know, that is where I sit.

      • bleeckerst

        I highly doubt a 10 year old Saturday Duane read employee would sit in a manager seat. I was offered to buy one going to club seats which compared to the offerings in Europe are not bad at 200 per pop, however you are incorrect in that a) you sit in a manager seat and b) they are not 10k per season which they are.

        10% fact:

        – Dietrich Mateschitz net wealth: 12.2 billion | Roman Abramovich net wealth 9.1 billion : source Forbes and Bloomberh
        – Fact Swansea player is a hack
        – Sports Illustrated was the source of the Red Bulls sale where the story broke back in October 2014.
        – Petke / Henry tactical partnership is well documented and it’s well known that when a player shows a team something a coach can not then the coach is surplus to requirements.

        Instead of throwing smart ass quips at people add constructive conversation to these posts dumbass.

        • CosmosPetke

          Bleeky, my name is Anthony, I sit in 3 and 4, on the 110 section side behind the visitors. Come see me. I paid $3k for each.

          – Dietrich Mateschitz net wealth: 12.2 billion | Roman Abramovich net wealth 9.1 billion : source Forbes and Bloomberh
          ****You didn’t say that in your original post, who cares, so what are you talking about?

          – Fact Swansea player is a hack
          ****Calling someone a “hack” is not a fact. You are such a loser, I hope you come see me becaue I will knock some sense into you. And I said we should never sign this guy in the first place so what are you talking about?

          – Sports Illustrated was the source of the Red Bulls sale where the story broke back in October 2014.
          ****They reported a rumor that doesn’t make it a fact. If I write on EOS that you have a girlfriend that doesn’t make it so. You are a physical mess and have no chick. If you do, bring that sloth when you come see me.

          – Petke / Henry tactical partnership is well documented and it’s well known that when a player shows a team something a coach can not then the coach is surplus to requirements.
          ****Petke didn’t do crap, it was Henry’s team. That is what these losers can’t get through their pathetic heads. I’ve stated that 100000000 times on this site, so again what are you talking about?

          Also, stealing my lines about age and job placement is getting tired. I’m smart, you’re dumb. Let’s compare where we went to school or where you work? Right? Case closed. It took you 2 days to build your comeback. How pathetic.

          • the notebook

            Wow, I don’t like you but you did school him.

          • bleeckerst

            Anyone who says I’m smart you’re dumb is infact a dumbass.

            3&4 in 110 is the club seating, not the managers seats in 109 behind the home bench with the access to the 1935 lounge not the regular lounge off to the the right when you come through the lifts at the VIP entrance. So you don’t sit in the manager seats.

            They reported a rumour that was later confirmed by fact by Mancherster City brass that they had opened discussions of buying NYRB before they went on to purchase a franchise license as it was a cheaper option rather than the breakdown over the valuation gap on red bull stadium.

            Britton is a hack, he has never scored a goal in the EPL over 3 seasons, is 5’5 and a complete ball hog, loses the ball through foolish give away and errors. Yet this guy could be offered a DP package? Get outta here, yet Drogba could be at the Chicago Fire if the latest rumours are anything to be believed.

            Trying to compare where I went to school and where I work is plain immaturity, whatever measure of success you use, mine will be ahead of yours as I’m secure in that I don’t need to compare it knowing whatever measure it will blow you out of the water.

            And if I didn’t like the game attendance and wanted to risk the stadium ban, I would come down and lay you out. I’d also sleep with your wife, but it’s almost a certainty you’re not married. Ohh and my girl, just for the record, you beat off too in your wildest dreams.

            I do agree on your comments on Petke, and would prefer him over Marshe as he is just a really nice guy.

            • CosmosPetke

              Forget your girlfriend, you know where I sit. Bring your old man because your Dad is just as much of a failure as you and your Dad is a pathetic loser like you, poor, no college. You feel strong then come for a visit.

              • bleeckerst

                What a ridiculous comment.

                You remind me of a scorned ex girlfriend, I’ll come for a visit and squash you with my wallet and staple my degree to your forehead (closest you’ll ever get to one… Dumbass)

  • El CB

    The only two things you need to know about RBNY present “business plan” is (a) the RB company owners are billionaires and (b) they have made a conscious decision not to spend the money needed to provide RBNY fans with an entertaining quality team. Attendance is in fact down and clearly interest in the team is down. This cheapness either reflects a lack of interest in the franchise- other than using the team and the Arena as more billboards for their energy drink, the value of which is conveniently ignored in determining RBNY’s “losses” which meager in comparison to the some $4 billion RB company is worth — or just plain greed. Indeed the seeds of this disrespect for RBNY fans were not just planted- if RBNY does not sign a DP this summer–and that clearly appears to be ownership’s intent– it will mark the fourth straight year that a new DP has not been signed. For a club located in the biggest sports market in th US, this is a disgrace. It’s also a disgrace that RBNY has effectively ceded soccer dominance to NYCFC, whose fan base is clearly substantially larger than that of RBNY. Thus far this year NYCFC’s average attendance is about 10k a game higher than that of RBNY. While improbable at this point, RBNY fans and season ticket holders like myself can only hope the team is sold to a person or group whose goal is to provide the fans with the highest quality and entertaining team possible given the financial restraints imposed by MLS. Certainly present RB ownership have no such goal.

    • NittanyMetros

      I’m going to have to pull a CosmosPetke on you. 4 years no DP, means 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. Tim Cahill was signed in 2012. During that time, aside from 2015, we had Henry and Cahill. What more did we need? Think in terms of personnel. This sign a DP because that entertains you is so Metro. I thought Metro wanted to win.

      Also this Metro give me an owner who cares is ridic. Nobody likes to lose money, that is business sense, not greed. This OWS mentality that rich people should be punished for success is oh so Metro. But getting back to your suggestion that some guy or other group come in and “care” about the team by signing a DP just because is not sound either. Like your millionaire friend who supported that sign. If he thought it was such a good deal to make a fortune and show he cares he would have ponied up the $250 mil already.

      And if you hate it so much, why do you go? Soccer dominance is in the standings and silverware so let’s revisit that at the end of the season.

      • bleeckerst

        The fastest way to loose money on an investment is be half pregnant.

        Football is a business and DPs in the MLS are a small part. Beckham and co are not starting up in Miami with a a completely private funded stadium to loose money.

        RB in Austria doesn’t need to care about the team to make money and using the blue print of modern football which Man City and PSG have done to the absolute extreme with oil riches, can be done on a relatively modest budget. Build the clubs facilities, market the team effectively, upgrade the stadium, sign top talent and increase academy spending.

        the red bulls have one of the best if not the best stadium in the MLS and need to develop the all amenities around it to compete with Yankee Stadium which is a standard of New York Sport. When NYCFC move to a permanent home and if it’s in a location akin to that of Red Bull Arena attendance will drop.

        However DPs are key for shirt sales and merchandise which is key. Look at the extreme example of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid made back his transfer fee from global shirt sales in the first year. I would bet that if you took the shirt sales from Henry only shirts from last year you wouldn’t even get close to the total sales of shirts for this year even if it was doubled.

        Developing the facilities to attract the top talent and market the team to increase its awareness can be done but not on budget cuts. Superstars like Ronaldinho, Drogba may not be the best for the team, but like Pirlo across town they attract fans and if you can service the stadium amenities making it easier and more attractive to get there you increase ticket sales.

        • NittanyMetros

          I did not disagree on DPs, what I said is signing a DP because whatever is just horrible and a stupid suggestion that El CB made.

          Plus the greatest revenue driver is not ticket sales or merchandise, it is TV. Like when people say I wasn’t at the game, but I saw it on TV and saw a lot of empty seats. That means $$$ for MLS. Your Nielsen rating contribution is worth ten-fold more then your $10 ticket.

      • slowleftarm

        What more did we need? Did you see this team defend the last few years? How about spending some coin on DP defender (who isn’t Marquez)? Cheapness.

        Soccer dominance is in the standings and spending like you care about winning has worked pretty well for Galazy hasn’t it?

        • NittanyMetros

          He was refering to years past. not this year. We had Olave and Segaya and Holgersson, etc. Yes, now we need CB or any top notch defender.

  • El CB

    Correction to my previous post- this will be third (not fourth) straight year that RBNY has not signed a new DP.

  • RB is just a distraction. Galaxy are starting to surge with their stacked lineup and the west in general looks pretty formidable. It’ll be just another year for us in a few short months,a little run here and there to talk about and then…nothing. Writing is on the wall so early that all this is truly just a waste of time.