Cosmos continue speaking to Raul over future role with the club



Spanish legend Raul was supposed to take the reigns of the New York Cosmos youth academy upon the end of his playing contract.

That didn’t happen.

However, Raul has consistently said he plans on staying in New York City, leaving a window open for some sort of involvement with the Cosmos.

According to team Sporting Director and Head Coach Giovanni Savarese, those conversations have begun, and the early response has been positive.

“Nothing confirmed, but we have progressed in the possibility for him to be linked with the club, stay with the club in a role where he can advise the youth and still stay on as an ambassador,” Savarese said. “It is something we are still discussing.”

Both parties took a break in talks shortly after the team won this years NASL Championship. As the Cosmos and Raul took a step back from the negotiating table, the Cosmos board of directors has been busy discussing their approach to the situation.

Their conclusion? Both the Cosmos and Raul want to work some kind of deal out.

What that will be is anyone’s guess. However, Savarese is encouraged by the nascent talks and hopes the relationship lives on.

“Nothing else to confirm, but we are in a better situation than we were a few weeks ago in order to materialize that possibility,” he said.

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  • Peter from Family guy

    As big name players like Raul realized cosmos are stuck in D2, cosmos will look bad and eventually sink.
    It’s sad to say this because I want to see cosmos in MLS but hopefully the front office realize what they are doing.

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  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    but but but raul is going to run the world famous f.cosmos academy!!!!

    primo talent from all over the world are going to beat a path to nassau county to join the f.cosmos academy run by raul!!!!

    oh thats right, there is no academy. and ther wont be, because the f.cosmos are broke and cant afford one. why doyou think raul wants not part of this farce. wake up

    • Don

      You are a good stooge, Larry. You will be rewarded by the Don Almighty when we pass onto the next world.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        I’ll put in a good word for you.

        • The Don

          I am the Lord They Don. You shall have no other Don before me.

          You should believe in one Don, the Don almighty, maker of MLS, all rules seen and unseen.

          And you shall believe in Sunil, the only begotten Son of the Don, who will sit at my right hand and judge all player acquistions.

          Go spread the word, my simplest child.

  • George

    they have to somehow get into the MLS. They need to negotiate a deal. MLS likes to own all kit rights etc and the Cosmos is a world famous brand, but by staying in the NASL and playing on that terrible pitch, they have no shot. They have to pay that fee and get in.

    • Cosmo

      Cosmos need to open their eyes and just buy red bull.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      the f.cosmos had their chance and told mls to f off. they didn’t want to play by mls rules. world famous brand? no way man. that died back in the 80’s.

      only delusional f. cosmos fanboys think that brand is worth anything nowadays. y’all dont have to take my word for it. 3000 people per game avg attendence, ignored by the media and ignored by nyc sports fans proves im right.

  • Ryan B

    Saw this coming a mile away. Dude was only playing for the Cosmos so he could get one last big pay check before retiring. Can’t believe people actually thought he’d stay around. Look forward to see what the next player the Comsos will waste millions on.

    • OpenCupFan

      How much did the Cosmos pay him?

      • 5 Boroughs SC

        Nobody knows, because NASL does not reveal salaries.

      • Ryan B

        Rumor was 5 mil.

        • OpenCupFan

          Where was the rumor from? Never heard anything myself – could be 5 mil, but u remember the source?

          • Justin

            Raul’s salary was the same as their average attendance. $4500-5000

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