Cosmos, Boys settle Duk dispute after non-payment allegations

Yasmani Duk Cosmos


Call it a misunderstanding.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sport Boys Warnes Vice President Clíver Rocha gathered the local media for a press conference, accusing the New York Cosmos of failing to payout their loan deal for star Bolivian striker, Yasmani Duk – and issuing an ultimatum on payment of their agreed $50,000 transfer.

“If they don’t deposit the money, Oriente Petrolero can also think we are trying to be clever, because we have not received any money either,” Rocha said. “We don’t want to think that they are [trying to get one over].

“We will wait to see what happens. We don’t know why they needed this type of pressure [a press conference] to open dialogue.”

While a damning accusation, there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Speaking to Duk’s agent, Rodrigo Osorio, EoS has learned that the New York Cosmos did not back out of their obligation to pay for the transfer of his striker. Instead, simple ignorance pushed Sport Boys to make a public declaration that never should have been made in the first place.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Osorio said. “[Duk] is the first player that they are sending on transfer. [Sport Boys] didn’t have a clear understanding of the transfer market. They thought they would receive their money on February 1st, but the player just left Bolivia on the 18th. He didn’t have a visa and couldn’t travel, and also had to pass his medical.

“Here they wanted their money on February 1st. That is why they said the Cosmos were late on their payment. It wasn’t a month — it was three or four days.”

According to Osorio, Sport Boys’ public outcry was met with a quick response from the Cosmos; a payment in full for the loanee. “Now, everything is back to normal,” Osorio said.

Duk has been training with the club, taking part in the team’s 1-0 loss to San Jose Earthquakes last week. He is back in camp this week and will travel with the Cosmos for their Florida training camp.

When contacted by EoS, the Cosmos issued a statement on the entire situation.

“This particular loan agreement has proved to be a lengthy and complex process. The club has open lines of communication with Duk’s representatives and the club has adhered to the terms of the agreement which were agreed by all parties.”

Sport Boys Warnes and Orient Petrolero are expected to address the loan deal within the next day.

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  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    LOL! So the f.cosmos bounced another check. is anyone surprised? and by everyone i mean those who aren’t knob slobbers who love to support their local independent teams.

    hey, maybe all you fanboys can take up a collection at the next game at the lacrosse stadium to help pays the bills.

    • Luis

      You are obsessed with the Cosmos. I also wish i could **** in your yankee stadium mouth u plastic sh*t

      • Pele

        I am obsessed with the Cosmos too. I will guarantee payment to the players and the coaches. I now have lucrative endorsement deals thanks to my old team😉

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          better start doing more subway commercials.


      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        boo hoo hoo luis. f.cosmos are the biggest joke in sports. why dont you and the burro boys start a collection to help the f.cosmos pay the bills. puto


        • Dr. Freud

          Your fascination with the Cosmos is remarkable and disturbing. The time you spend writing about them could be better put to use finding a job, dieting, moving out of your mom’s basement or making friends. We at the Institute are very concerned about your long term mental health. Please do try to stay on your meds.