Cosmos Notes: Senna out with visa concerns, Szetela, Ayoze re-sign


Indy Eleven has proven to be one of the most problematic opponents for the New York Cosmos over the past three seasons.

If they hope to get their first win against the club, they will have to do so without Marcos Senna.

The Cosmos will be without Senna this weekend. According to a Cosmos spokesperson, the Spanish international is renewing his visa — a process that requires him to go to Brazil and sort out his paperwork. It is a process he has done annually while with the club.

While the process has gone on a bit longer than the Cosmos had hoped, they expect Senna to be back in the fold next week for their home encounter against the Fort Lauderdale Strikers.


The New York Cosmos locked down two fan favorites this week, re-signing Ayoze and Clifton native Danny Szetela to new contracts.

Ayoze, 29, has been a fixture as the club’s left fullback, featuring in 43 matches while registering two goals and six assists with the club.

“Ever since he arrived in New York, Ayoze has brought quality and versatility to our back line,” head coach Giovanni Savarese said. “He has great attacking instincts and is also very capable defensively.”

Szetela, 28, has featured in 47 matches, partnering alongside Marcos Senna for most of his Cosmos tenure. Szetela has four goals and two assists to his ledger, and like Ayoze, was part of the Cosmos 2013 Soccer Bowl championship.

“Danny has been an important player for this team from day one and we’re delighted that he’ll be staying on,” said Savarese. “He’s got a lot of match experience and attributes that are key to the way we play and he’s a player that keeps getting better every year.”

Per club policy, terms of the deals were not disclosed.


Raul and Danny Szetela took several PSG players for a tour of New York City this week. Here are some pictures of the Cosmos players playing tour guide:

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  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    Visa concerns? that must be f.cosmos speak for washed up

    • The Realist

      Don’t you ever get tired of talking about the Cosmos?

      • Len

        He secretly admires them thats why he never stops talking about them,right zensum?

        • zensum


          The attempt to relaunch Cosmos has largely been a failure…it’s reached that point that I seldom get to where I start to feel a little sorry for a hated local team…in this case the nasl cosmos…

          The final nail could well be attendance in the fall season…nasl did them no favors…multiple Sunday afternoon games along with a Wednesday and even a Tuesday night game likely means bad announced and more than a couple of those embarrassing actuals in the hundreds affairs…hard to see how any stadium plan moves forward with those optics…

          No…our competition is in the Bronx…they’ll own this town at least through 2016 IMHO…but we’re building something solid under the dGP / Ali C / Jesse regime…I like where we are for the long haul…

          • Anonymous

            It’s odd though

            They have the ability to make money outside the US and all that, but then they come back home to a really unimpressive Hempstead crowd.

            When they crap out do they sell it off for parts, or do they become a traveling prizefighter?

    • Anthony

      Luke Rodgers

    • Cosmos Fan

      I thought washed up was spelled Juninho?

    • trollleftarm

      You should write jokes for Trump. You have a million. And some, I assume, are funny.

  • slowleftarm

    His visa was probably held up when he said he was coming to the US to play for the Cosmos. They said “yeah right buddy, that team folded 30 years ago.”

    • trollleftarm

      Then he said Red Bulls and they said “everybody knows the NY MLS team is NYC FC”.